Friday, February 09, 2018


I've talked to quite a few ladies lately about my fear of the dentist.
And clearly I am not alone, heaps of them are deathly afraid as well.

Back when I was a kid, going to the dental clinic meant PAIN... lots of pain.  They didn't give you injections for fillings back then, so it was an horrendous experience.

And I swear those dental nurses were hell bent on filling every tooth in my mouth!  

So, that's why I'm petrified of going today.

BUT.... I am sure once I'm there, and sedated, I will be OK.  It's just the fear of going that is doing my head in.

I can't wait to be rid of this toothache too! That's going to be bloody awesome... and I can finally stop stressing out!

I have been eating non stop from stress!  I'm a total emotional eater.  Grrrrr.  

Please let today go well... I will be back MUCH LATER, and let you know how it went, how I am feeling.



Dear Mrs Christina Harvey

Re : Brylee Harvey 13DV

This letter is to inform you that Brylee has been awarded a New World Cambridge BRONZE Award (as at the end of 2017) through our Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) Merit Certificate system.

Our PB4L Merit Certificate system is a long term reward scheme where students are acknowledged for showing significant or sustained respect, responsibility and/or achievement in and around the classroom. Acknowledgement can be given by any teacher through Faculty Merit Certificates and when a student has received five of these, they are presented with a Dean's Award for consistently displaying our school's expectations. When a student has received three Dean's Award, such as in Brylee's case, they are then presented with a BRONZE Award. It is worth noting that it takes five Merit Certificates for a student to be acknowledged with a Dean's Award so to achieve a BRONZE Award Brylee has received at least 15 Merit Certificates!

Along with this letter acknowledging Brylee's achievement, she will also be presented with a certificate and a reward. The reward has been kindly provided by one of our sponsors, New World Cambridge, and as such we ask you to support them in return.

The school wishes to take this opportunity to once again thank Brylee for her positive contribution to Cambridge High School and we encourage her to aim for a SILVER award, the next level of achievement in this rewards scheme. Students are acknowledged with a SILVER award once they have received another three Dean's Awards.

Yours sincerely,

Mr M Kuijpers
Assistant Principal

9.30 am: Not feeling too sick right now! Stomach is churning, but I feel kinda calm? Bet that changes soon...

10.36 am: And the fear is really kicking in now... I actually feel like throwing up.

God let this be OVER soon... I am beside myself with DREAD.

IT' DONE. I'm all numb... but OK!

The worst part was the anticipation... closely followed by the sedative injection! That bastard hurt like hell! And stung like mad.

But, once he started putting injections in my mouth I couldn't feel a thing!

Everything went well after that, even though I had patches of the shakes and discomfort from my lips being squished!

I am thinking I will have bruised lips later.

But on a whole, I am very relieved. It wasn't anywhere near as horrific as I thought it would be.

Everyone knew that eh? Wish I had.

I think from now on I will go a bit more regularly so the fear does not grow to such an extreme every again.

Brylee has a 'free' period this afternoon, so she just got home. Stew has gone back to work.

So, I have company while the sedation wears off, as I'm supposed to have.

All good. Stew is doing dinner tonight.

I'm off for a nap. Sweet dreams for a change I hope. *smiles*

SLEPT. LIKE. A. LOG.   And woke feeling fairly good.  Sore on one side, but let's wait and see if it settles down.
The dentist did say he was not sure if he could 'save' my back left tooth... but he would try.

If it doesn't stop hurting or gets worse, I will need another root canal!
But he won't charge me for the IV sedation if I do.  So, fingers crossed the tooth settles down.

Stew did franks on buns for dinner, nice and SOFT to eat.
We are now looking forward to a relaxing evening.  I'm going to try and finish the donkey wall hanging in time for Sunday's market.

Sunday it's supposed to be pissing down with rain!  Just my luck.


  1. I am in your group and had the same experience. I only get work done when I am sedated. Hugs. Hope all goes well and the toothache is gone forever.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your Photography class last night. Any news on your camera? Good Luck for today. I'm sure once you are sedated it will be all plain sailing. Yes I remember those dental nurses and then the dentist back then filling every tooth in our heads and I'm sure it was for practice!!

  3. The dentist is so much better than yesteryear! And it sounds like these folks know your fear and are treating it seriously.

  4. Thinking of you today. You will be fine ... anticipatory anxiety is the nasty bit. Your teeth will feel so much better once it is over - no more pain ☺

  5. You'll be fine, and you're going to feel so good when it's over. Congratulations to Brylee, what a great achievement - and what a credit to you and Stu for your parenting skills! You're quite right to be proud.

  6. It will all be over soon and you will feel sooooo much better.

    And well done Brylee. What a fabulous achievement.

  7. Well done Brylee! Such a wonderful achievement!!

  8. Well done Brylee. Definitely a Proud mother Moment.

  9. Well done Brylee. She is a credit to you and Stew.

  10. Congratulations Brylee - awesome work :-)

  11. Anonymous11:44 AM


    Soon you will be home again and it will all be over.....think of happy things...


  12. thinking of you today-- waaaaaah. But great news for Brylee: well done!!! Christy

  13. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Congratulations Brylee what a great achievement

  14. Take your mind of the dentist thinking how proud you are of Brylee. Congrats to Brylee and I'm sure the dentist will be fine. The most painful part will definitely be paying the bill!!!

  15. Wow! You got that letter about Brylee on the exact right day! Can't wait to hear about your dental experience. I have to take my frightened child in tomorrow. Third visit this week 1st was an exam and exrays. 2nd was filling two small cavities without novacaine. 3rd is tomorrows final visit with novacain. He is deathly afraid of needles.

  16. Thinking of you today Chris. Congrats Brylee - well done!

  17. So glad it went well for you in the end and well done Brylee! That's a pretty consistent ongoing effort, great job! Hope you sleep well tonight Chris xx

  18. Congratulations Brylee!! Such an awesome effort!! Proud Mumma (& Pappa) moment :-) :-) :-) Glad to hear the dentist went well!! Yay for no toothache!!!!!!

  19. Glad it went well. Hugs.

  20. Well done to Brylee and well done to you too!! YES go back more often, it's the only way to stop that anxiety. You will love that your teeth are all done now.

  21. So glad everything went well for you at the dentist and it was more the fear of the unknown than the actual procedure. Way to go Brylee, what an amazing reward for all her hard work. Have just finished digging out a foot of snow from our driveway, so enjoy your heat!!!lol

  22. Been away caught up today and Brylee fabulous award and it reflects on all of you as well. So neat,, Good on you ..

    I knew like me the anticipation is worse than the event, but dont worry we all do it in some degree ,

    Congrats for not backing out (lots do)!!
    Now its all good ,,so rest and relax and by tomorrow you will feel like you are walking on air!!!

  23. Anonymous3:49 PM

    What a great day! Congrats Brylee and congrats to you Chris for braving the dentist!! I also put it off and never go because of bad practices when I was young. So glad you made it through. Cheers to you both!
    ~Nicole in CA

  24. Congratulations Brylee and well done Chris, or should that be the other way around ?

  25. Were you asleep when they put the injections in your mouth? And more importantly - is your toothache gone?

    1. not asleep, just sedated to the point where I could relax and felt a bit befuddled in the brain! lol

    2. One tooth is still sore... have to wait and see if it settles down, if not it will need a root canal.

  26. Awesome job should be very proud of yourself!!! And you too Chris...what a brave sausage you are 😊

  27. I am soooo glad the fear was worse than the cure! That, literally, means that your fear is worse than the actual thing that you fear!

  28. Glad you are done at the dentist and it went well! Way to go Brylee! I know your mom and dad are so proud of you!!

  29. Great stuff and congratulations to Brylee.

  30. Wow well done Brylee awesome achievement. I am relieved to read the dentist went well at least you know now for any future work neefed5 it will be a doddle.

  31. I didn’t know you could get a root canal done in one visit to the Dentist

    1. I don't think it's the 'norm', but bearing in mind my outrageous fear, the dentist decided to do the whole lot in one go. I'm thankful!

  32. Glad to hear you survived. Hope the pain is gone for good.

  33. Whew I'm glad you are done with that! I hope that tooth is ok now. I had a horrendous experience with a root canal and don't like the dentist much after that. Would be nice if they could just knock you out and wake you up when it's finished lol.

  34. Good on you Chris. I'm glad that bits over for you. And Congratulations to Brylee. That is a very proud achievement.


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