Friday, February 02, 2018


This morning I am meeting up with about a dozen of the Fat Bottomed Girls for morning tea.
I hope it will be a nice meeting, even though most of us are still reeling from the very sad news about one of our members.  Can't really get it off one's mind... it's just so bloody sad.

But, I will try... cos sad as it is, life goes on for everyone.  

My bloody teeth, particularly one tooth, is getting sorer by the day.  Nagging ache, giving me a headache.  I've had to resort to taking painkillers, something I hate doing.

I knew someone who would pop 2 panadol at the slightest niggle, and then 4 and so on, until they simply did not work for her any more.  I vowed I would never get to that point.

So, I only take them when I'm in constant pain.
I'm in constant pain now.  Dammit.

Last night, before Coronation Street, I started working on my next Wall Hanging:

ABOVE:  I have to do all the applique' and details ... so this is just the start.  I think she's going to be adorable.  It always amazes me how simply stitching around everything makes it POP so much!

I will work on her after lunch.

My other 'job' today is to repair some holes in the walls, I moved a dog gate from down in our bedroom and brought it up into the hallway beside the garage door.  Now the dogs can't get down into any of the bedrooms.

I will show you what Coco has done to Brylee's bed later!

Oh I plan on painting the dog gate too.  

So, a bit on today.  Thank goodness.  Yesterday was shit, no firm plans meant I wandered around a bit lost!


Nearly time to leave for morning tea... but I thought I would show you what Coco has done to Brylee's bed first:

ABOVE:  Yep, I'm not that happy.  That was a really lovely duvet cover.  Utterly ruined.  Not gunna happen again and again.  Just keep the dogs out of the bedrooms.  Simple.

HEY PENNY:  Nice photo of you on Stuff today!  Lovely article, proud of you and your ethics.

2.00 pm:  Morning tea was lovely.  A smaller group than expected, but still a nice number to chat with.

Afterwards I came home and have put filler in the wall's holes and then got to work on the wall hanging... still haven't got any stitching done cos I added some flowers on the side instead of hearts.  For a change.

 It's stinking hot again, and of course ... the humidity is mega high after all the rain!  I wish I could crawl into the fridge!

End of the day:  and I got the cow wall hanging finished late tonight.  Will post a photo tomorrow... everyone here loves it.


  1. Hope you all can enjoy morning tea. Sorry for your friends bad news. Cute cow.

  2. I think meeting for a morning tea will do you all the world of good in light of the news about one of your number. It will give you all comfort & strength :-)

  3. Yes, I saw Penny today as well! About your tooth, can you find out if you can get an earlier appointment? Or perhaps ask them the best pain relief in the meantime.

  4. If you weren't so organised & tidy you could do what Siobhan did on Monday & clean out the freezer - she said it was lovely snd cool standing in front of it haha. No doubt your is already nice & tidy and there are no unidentified frozen goods (last nights frozen surprise turned out to be devilled sausages once defrosted).

  5. I'm glad you got together with the girls. Always easier to cope with friends around. Hugs xoxo

  6. Yes a meeting of the FBG girls will be heart warming for all and strengthen the bonds. Hope the painful teeth dont kerp you awake tried whole raw cloves on site? Acts as a painkiller

  7. Sorry to hear you tooth is paining you and the bad news about your friend. Coco certainly ruined the cover. Hope you have a good weekend.


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