Sunday, February 11, 2018


Ha ha... not so little piggy really!

I am ready... I think I have everything I need.  I'm taking some warm clothes just in case I get cold!

While it's been a stinkin' hot summer, today is wet and it might be cold just standing/sitting in the same place for the next 6 hours!

Stew is going to take me and my stuff down to my site, help me set up then go home again.
Later on he will bring Brylee down to give me a hand... I will be able to go on a toilet break if necessary then.

Can't have me standing there doing a little jig with me legs crossed, busting for a pee eh?  lol

I kinda hope I sell SOMETHING, even one little thing!  Otherwise I will probably feel a bit stink.  Though, this will be a 'get my product out there' exercise more than anything else really.

Fingers crossed it goes well... I might be able to update during the morning while I'm down there.... if I do it probably means I'm bored shitless!

OK... catch ya later.


I'M NOT BORED!  I'm having fun.

It's not raining.
I've made a couple of sales.
I've seen quite a few friends and neighbours.

It's fun!

ABOVE:  My stall ... it went well!
I don't think I'm going to make millions, but I certainly made more than I ever expected to!
It was so much fun... I saw lots of friends and neighbours.  My face is sore from smiling so much.

I even got lunch delivered to me by Robyn P, one of the Fat Bottomed Girls!  That was just lovely.

Stew popped in to check on me a couple of times too... so on a whole it was an enjoyable morning.  *smiles*

I'm gunna do it again for sure.

The rain held off till I got home too... so that was lucky.  I'm now having a late lunch, then at some point I will unpack the car.

The car is unpacked... and everything is ready to go for next month.  I just need to make more rabbits!  And I might even make some ducks!

I had a well earned nap this afternoon, I am NOT used to getting up and moving that early in the morning!

Stew made us a lovely dinner of beef rissoles and potato wedges for dinner.

Since then I've been in my sewing room, making a start on an important project.  Can't show and tell... for now.


  1. Good luck today Chris.

  2. Hi Chris,
    Your work is really beautiful and unique. I am sure you will sell lots of things. Thinking of you! Karen xo

  3. All the best for your market today Chris. Your craftwork is lovely so I'm sure you will have some sales.

  4. Fingers crossed it goes brilliantly. Wished I lived nearer, I'd definitely buy a wall hanging.

  5. Good luck 🍀🍀🍀

  6. Good luck!! I hope the weather holds up for you :-)

  7. Have a good time and yeay for sales well done xx

  8. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Positive vibes for a successful day. Your work is amazing. Do you print like a little business card type thing with your details on in case people want to take one for future orders etc?

  9. Fantastic! Glad you are having fun!! Christy x

  10. Ohhhhh yet how cool xx well done till on note stalls it is rainy but muggy

  11. Knew it would be a success for you,, and you had fun as a bonus!!

    Like the dentist with me/you and most of us the 1st plunge is the worst (thats the build up ) and after that,,

    its plain sailing. You have great family support there as well as friends who are kind so it all goes round...

    You craft work etc is well done, quirky,, colourful and fun

    so onwards and upwards from here from you all there at your place!!

  12. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Glad it went well and you had a great time

  13. Glad you had a great day and made sales as well.

  14. Great to hear it went well! YOu will have to set up an online store soon! :D

  15. Good to hear of your success at the markets. And rissoles sound lovely, but I thought yo were doing slow cooked pork? :)

    Every Sunday my lot demand a slow cooked shredded something. Usually it's pork or lamb but last night's was beef for a change. Yummy indeed.


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