Wednesday, February 21, 2018


It just keeps on going...


One after the other in this family.

Today, it's Miss Emily's Birthday.


Cyclone Gita battered parts of New Zealand yesterday and overnight, lots of flooding and localised damage.  We were lucky and missed it pretty much.

Today I am going to just potter around my house, probably do a bit of sewing.

I finished this yesterday:

ABOVE:  This should have been finished ages ago, but I put it aside as something I could finish off at Patchwork Group... it only needed the binding stitched down.  I did it yesterday instead.
I've got 4 mug rugs to finish now... will do them today.

I am feeling excited to make a start on something new.   Something for my market stall.  Trying to decide if it will be a soft toy or a runner???

So, I will bugger off and make up my mind!


DOGSTARS AND LYNISE:  thanks for the suggestion of shopping bags.  Here's why I won't be making any:

1.  The market is already fairly saturated with shopping bag options.
2. What is available is usually around the $3 mark.
3. All of my fabrics are around $28 - $30 a metre.  I could probably, at a pinch, get three bags out of 1 metre, making each bag cost around $10.  So if I sold them for what people EXPECT to pay for a reusable shopping bag, I would be making a LOSS of $6 a bag, just on the fabric cost.

I have seen people selling fabric shopping bags in markets for around $4- $5, so I am presuming they did not buy good quality fabric, or are using re-cycled fabric from op shops and the like.  

Therefore, I won't be making shopping bags.  *smiles*

Pottering.  Getting bugger all done so far.  I've got the kitchen floor lined up for a wash.  

There is a lovely coolish breeze this morning... so all the doors and windows are open.  I can almost smell autumn!  Another month maybe?  Hopefully?

Last August we moved a feijoa tree from the back yard to the front 'orchard' area.  I was positive it had died.  It dropped 80% of it's leaves over the next few months, and every time I looked at it, there was NO growth at all.

ABOVE:  I was 100% sure it was dead.
Every time I checked it... I never saw a change.


ABOVE:  Everywhere I looked... new leaves!  Fruit buds!
I am so happy!  This tree has survived after all.

Yes!  What a good day.

I had a nap after lunch.  For 2 hours!!!
Man I must have needed that.

I feel WONDERFUL now ... and finally, FINALLY... my mouth feels NORMAL.  NO PAIN.
NO PAIN after months and months of constant nagging pain.

OMG I am so thankful I ended up having to go to the dentist!

I did a little sewing this afternoon:

 ABOVE:  I went through my 'stash' and found these delightful dogs. So, I'm making them into mug rugs/coasters.  I think.  More on that tomorrow.  I have a question for ya.

ABOVE:  I am 70% finished with these 4 mug Christmas mug rugs too.

So I didn't get as much done in the sewing room as I would have liked to, but having a sleep and totally recharging the batteries was probably a better option. *smiles*

Right, it's late.  I'm not actually tired but if I stay up too late... I will get tired tomorrow.  So, going... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Could you make reusable cloth bags for grocery shopping? Something super quick with your darling fabrics. ??? I was always looking for those! Fortunately, I gave my friend my serger (because I dont sew) and now she will make me whatever I want!!!! Bonus!

  2. About a month ago I was going to suggest making supermarket bags then completely forgot. I have the plain boring countdown ones and would definitely be a keen customer for something more unique.

  3. I understand about the bags. I have a friend (the same one I gave the serger to) that knits beautiful sweaters. People tell her they love the sweater, will you make me one if I pay you??? And she answers sure for $3000. That's $200 for specialty wool, and 100 hours of labor. Paid upfront. People don't ask anymore!!!! haha. I am happy your tree survived, it's always fun to see things start to grow!

  4. makes perfect sense, I wouldn't want to be doing anything for that type of price either.

  5. Emily says thanks grandma.

  6. Lovely dog mug rugs maybe some cat ones too... door stops? Those cool drawstring bags would be neat but costly i know.... i always reckon you wiuld make a great tutor (paid of course).

  7. I am happy to hear your dental success story. You inspired me to go, and I made an appointment for my son. He had three cavities and a great deal of anxiety, but it's all taken care of now.

  8. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Good your tooth pain is gone.....


  9. glad to hear you are feeling better!! If you find an Irish Wolfhound coasters I will happily pay!!!!! Christy xxxx

  10. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Make table runners. Everyone has a table!

  11. Glad to hear the tooth is finally feeling better. Happy Birthday to Emily.

  12. I took some bags to sell and only sold one but it was kind of shitty selling anyhow. I sold quite a few locally though.


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