Thursday, February 08, 2018


ABOVE:  I'm turning into a freakin' social butterfly!  Today I am going out to meet up with two of the Fat Bottom Girls for morning tea.
'J' is expecting her 2nd baby... a wee girl, in March.  Very exciting as her baby 'walked' the entire Urban Challenge last year... and this year she will do it again, only this time in a pram!  lol  

And 'R' is one of our most prolific walkers in the group, I swear she walked the entire 243 odd streets 3-4 times over!  

I am really enjoying meeting up with so many of the FBG's for things other than walking!  Edit: morning tea cancelled sadly. 'J' not well this morning. 

ABOVE: Yesterday I did a trial run of setting up my stall.  It took me a while, so I'm rather glad I did it.  Last thing I would have wanted was to have to try and nut it out on the day.

 ABOVE:  I made the little signs too...

ABOVE:  And these little hand outs too.  Just in case someone wants to order something.

I'm not expecting anything though... not even sales to be honest.  But if I do it every month, I might end up building up a reputation and sales will follow?

So, after morning tea I am coming home to get on with my special project.  It's going to take a while!  No photos sorry.

THEN tonight I have my first ever photography class at Snapshot in Hamilton!  I am really, really excited about it.  Tonight's class is called 'Get off AUTO'... and I really want to learn how to use my camera properly, using all the features it offers.

OK... OK... I will be using SNAPSHOTS camera obviously, not mine.  Cos mine is STILL at the Canon Service Center.  Grrrrrrrrrr!  Useless twats.  It's now been 3 and a half months since they first got my camera and lens for repair.

I might just email them later on today and ask what the hell is going on?  It's gone beyond a joke now.

And on that note, I'm outta here, I got to get me face on (yeah, and clothes) for morning tea!


I had a brain wave... happens occassionally... and I invited 'R' over for morning tea.  Just cos we were not meeting up with 'J' didn't mean we couldn't still meet up... so 'R' ended up coming over here for an early lunch.

We had a lovely time chatting away.
I showed her around the house, and was in the fabric room, and ended up showing her some of my left over cards.

And she suggested I put them on my stall.  What a brilliant idea, I never would have thought of it.


ABOVE:  I now have the last of my cards to sell on Sunday too.   If they do sell or at least seem popular, I might even make some more at some point.

I was told yesterday that it can get quite windy downtown, so I had to come up with a way to stop my wall hangings from being blown off the screen.

ABOVE:  in the end I strung a piece of elastic across the bottom of the wall hangings, that should keep them in place I hope.
All the mug rugs will be pinned onto the backing fabric of my stand, so they won't be going anywhere in a hurry.  *smiles*

I do believe I am now 100% ready for Sunday.  I got the float this morning, so that's taken care of too.

I also scrapped together the money for the bloody dentist ... I'm totally broke now!  OMG just as well I only go once every 25 years!

Next time I need to go I shall probably be in a rest home, and they can sort it out! 

***The dental bill is almost $2,000.   He gave me a couple of heavy discounts, of which I am truly grateful!
He's going to replace one old filling (it has a cavity under it) with a white filling ... which usually costs $800...  for only the price of an 'ordinary' filling!  How cool is that!

He's not charging me for something else too, but I can't remember what?  Saved another couple of hundred on that if I remember right.***

Right.  Camera class was awesome!  I learnt so much, and for almost 3 hours I forgot about my bloody teeth! And the dentist tomorrow.

I am dreading going to bed tonight... cos when I wake up ... it will be the day I go to the dentist.
PETRIFIED.  I wonder if I will even get any sleep tonight!


  1. I want the big red cow please.... on the wall! Lol your stall looks beautiful. Have you got your tiles too? The more people have to look ar the more they'll be tempted lol.

  2. Wow! Your stall looks incredible. I love those bright colours. You are very, very talented. Have a great day and best of luck for the market...I know you are going to sell heaps!

  3. Wow love the stall it looks amazing... got renas dentist appointment this morning too fix two teeth.

  4. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I don’t know about the dentist but it cost me $800 dollars for new glasses yesterday and the frames were cheap ones at $250

  5. wow, $2,000 sounds like a blimmin' bargain. Sydney prices are SO dear that many friends and family have gone to Bangkok or Phukett to get dental work. For real. The flights, food, accomm and dentistry for two people is cheaper than getting it done in Sydney usually. Christy

    1. I traveled from the US to Costa Rica for the same reason!

  6. If you continued to go annually for a clean with a hygienist you probably won't ever get another big bill. Think about it, it's so worth it to keep your teeth and having then scaled and cleaned stops the bleeding gums and gingivitis etc. Good luck - also good luck with your stall!!

  7. Anonymous10:43 PM

    I sometimes take an anti histamine if I know I am going to have trouble sleeping due to stress (like recent job loss). Just make sure that you don’t get the non drowsy ones.

  8. I still have a couple of your Kiwi cards that I won in your contest a few years ago. Treasure them!
    Reading this late, but fingers crossed for you at the dentist.

  9. Looks and sounds like you are ready for the fair. Good luck at the dentist.

  10. LOVE your stall setup. I do understand how expensive dental bills can be!! Have fun with your friends - I am glad you are getting out more and making at least SOME things all about you. :)

  11. Your dental experience triggered me to make appointments for my son and I! So , we are facing our fears along with you.

  12. The stall looks fantastic bright colourful remember your tiles too. It is so nice to read your social trips and visits so different from Auckland.


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