Sunday, February 25, 2018


This is probably one of the last photos of Keera with her two front, (top), baby teeth:

 ABOVE:  They are BOTH super wiggly. Steve tried to pull the left one out yesterday, but failed.  

ABOVE:  These two scrap A LOT. ... so it was lovely to see them so happy with each other yesterday. 

Today while enjoying the kid's visit, I shall be packing.

Tomorrow I am heading down south to Palmerston North for 5 days.  Just taking some time out from the norm, and getting to spend some time with our son Mike, and my girlfriends down there.

So, I shall be getting all me stuff together, ready to set out bright and early in the morning.

I'm quite excited!  It's been bloody ages since I was down there last.  This time I am going in my own car, so I can take my time, stop and start, visit family on the way down and so on.

Back to today... if I get the chance I hope to do some sewing too. 

Right... catch ya later.


3.00 pm:  And as I haven't updated today, can ya tell I've been otherwise occupied?
Having the family here is lovely... playing with kids/puppies/yakking... it takes up time!

 ABOVE:  Brylee has a girlfriend over, they are eating popcorn and watching movies.

 ABOVE:  Bex has been helping me in the sewing room... well she was until her brother and sister-in-law arrived. Now she's yakking her head off.

 ABOVE:  The rabbit came back.  Steve tried to give it a carrot, it ran off.  Then came back.  I think he lives in our agapantha patch.

 ABOVE:  We now live in a 'Gate House'.  Steve just made another gate so we can keep the garage door open for good ventilation, but the dogs can't wreck havoc inside.  Until the little girls are house trained, they have to stay in the garage.
All 3 dogs sleep in the garage.

But I have a 'thing' about closed doors! So, a gate works for me.

ABOVE:  All done except for the top stitching, which I will get done shortly.
I've already 'pre-sold' a few!

And silence prevails again.  Steve, Bex and kids just left after a really lovely visit.
Stew is watching cricket (no surprises there)... and I am about to go and pack my bag for tomorrow.

Time to sign off for the day.


  1. love the photos of all the lil ones the lil guys are lovely and Keera has beautiful eyes,, and to see them all together happy like that is so neat.
    All young ones have their "moments" and they seem to sort themselves out in the end.

    Neat that you can all get together like that.

    have a fabulous time away and hope you are still blogging on your travels .
    Lovely areas to be driving through and without a strict timetable I am sure your cameras will be on the flash lol

    Take care and travel safe . The ones at home will miss you while you are away but they all are a team there and will work in together

    Hope you can get to drop your lovely gift to your friend there before you go, or she can get it, and enjoy it somehow.

    Such a nice Gesture to have something personally made given as a gift..

  2. Love the pics, always love seeing the kids cuddle each other.

    Take care, travel safe and enjoy the time with your family and friends.

  3. DCR on tour! Have a great time xx

  4. Enjoy your trip. You'll love catching up with Mike and your friends.

  5. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Easter bunny has arrived early lol. Kids will love doing an easter egg hunt in your yard!

  6. I always like your pictures. And I like reading the comments you get. The Easter Bunny one made me laugh!
    I also noticed that at the beginning of your post you said you were going to go pack, and at the end you said you were going to pack. You must have a lot of packing to do!

  7. I'm catching up so now I know you were out visiting! How nice!


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