Monday, February 19, 2018


Well what can we expect this week?

How about some shitty weather?

Not nice COLD weather, oh no!

Tropical storm weather.  Let's just make it even wetter and hotter eh?

GITA is coming.  She is going to hit tonight/tomorrow, but luckily ???  not us directly.  She's expected to make landfall further south of us.

Poor buggers down south really don't need any more rain!

ABOVE:  It looks like we will get some rain, but not the bad stuff.  Unless Gita swings upwards.
Then we might get a bit more.

These tropical cyclones almost always weaken as they get to New Zealand, which is something to be thankful for.

Gita wrecked havoc in Tonga and the South Pacific  last week, killing two people and making hundreds homeless.

Today... DENTIST.  1st part of a root canal on my back left upper tooth.  That's happening at midday.  Until then, I shall be ... in the bathroom.
Or very near it.  Cos well... that's just how I roll.

The Special Project was finished last night. So thankful as it needs to get to it's recipient asap... probably Tuesday all going well.
Working on it has kept the fear and dread about today's dental visit at bay at least!  As much as is possible anyway.  *smiles*


1 pm:  to kill some time this morning, I made a label for the special project, then went down to the local Patchwork meeting and stitched it on in company.
Then came home to await Stew.  He arrived and duly took me to the dentist.
I didn't feel the utter terror like last time, but was certainly still scared.

Firas was wonderful... and 45 minutes later it was done.  It felt like only 5 - 10 minutes for me!  IV Sedation is wonderful!

So now I'm home, sipping Diet Coke through a straw so it doesn't dribble everywhere!

I will wait a while before having something to eat... just to make sure I don't bite myself!

So weird having a numb face.  I think last time I slept off the numbness?  Maybe I will do that again.

5.15 pm:  and I had about an hour long nap, and upon waking found that my mouth is very sore still.
I'm hoping that it's just because of the injections and so on, and it will settle down in a day to two.

I have a pretty horrible headache too, so think I will be taking it easy for the rest of the day.

I'm just so relieved it is all over.  Till next month, when the temporary filling will be replaced by the permanent one.

So for now, I can relax.

This week from now on is fairly easy going.
Tomorrow I have a FBG walk, but it's not quite our 'normal' walk.  More on that tomorrow.

I'm also hoping to deliver the special project to it's recipient... haven't heard yet if I can or not.  But ... it will be sometime this week.

I've been working on a little 'something' for next week.  It's coming together!  I will tell you more further on in the week.  I'm excited!

Ahhh Sandra!  Of course you know!  lol

Time to wind down for the day.  My mouth is feeling slightly better, taking some pain killers helped.


  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Well done on overcoming your fears and taking care of your all important teeth! I hope that you discovered that today's dentist is nothing like the terrifying ordeal of yore that us UK kids were put through. No wonder we all had PTSD.


  2. We are cruising the Pacific and thankfully Gita has passed below us to the east. I did think we'd be in for some crazy high waves but it's beautiful!! Great job on that special project and good luck at the dentist.. not long now and it will be all over :)

  3. Good luck Chris. You can do it xx

  4. Hooe the cyclone does not affect you there. Good luck at the dentist.

  5. Good luck with the dentist ... after last time, this is going to be so much easier.

  6. Good luck at the Dentist - just think how awesome it will be to have no pain :-)

  7. Happy to hear all went well at the dentist.

  8. Very proud of you!!! I think the more you go the easier (wish) it will be at the dentist.

  9. Hope NZ is spared a lot of the predicted Cyclone especially the South Island as well . They have had a fair Share with all the EQS etc, and still doing,, rebuilding lives and buildings..

    Amazing isn't it?? Us Kiwi ones,, and in and other places too,, bought up as wee ones with Dental drills etc and no pain relief etc,,, and we Carry on in later years to still fear the dentist.
    I am one that's for sure!!

    and yet now, there is so much done, so we don't go through that !!

    So happy you went again and are on the right track.

    NZ dental nurses did their best I guess,, back in the day , But we are known among some overseas dentists,(3 I know of) to have heaps more fillings than other kiddies our age had back in the day .

    Supportive husbands are great arent they? I have one here as well lol

  10. Oh oh oh I know what it is 😂

  11. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Hi I hope your mouth settles now...


  12. Your mouth has been really knocked about so a bit of soreness is expected, bear in mind you probably had your head at a weird angle, pushing and pulling etc which might account for the headache. I have even had a black eye after dental treatment on an upper tooth (caused by swelling, not because the dentist hit me!) Take it easy for a day or so, you might find taking arnica before and after treatment helps

  13. Arnica definitely not before treatment ... son just had 4 wisdom teeth arnica big no no. Hot an muggy here too. Can't wait to read and see the recipient of the surprise

  14. hope u have a restful night and tooth isnt too uncomfortable

  15. Hope the Tropical Cyclone causes no problems, and that your mouth gets better soon.
    Here's a link for you. An earth map that I think is very cool. You can see the cyclone.

  16. Glad to hear your dentist trip went well. Hopefully your tooth feels better. Good luck with the storm. Keep safe.

  17. I hope your mouth feels better today!


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