Wednesday, February 07, 2018


Yaaa... the day is mine.
Stew is back to work and the teenagers are back at school.

For a whole three days... then it's the weekend again!  This week is going fast.  OMG.  Friday is in three days.  Eeeeeek!

I am thinking of visiting my friend 'J' this morning... she's been home from the hospital for a few days, so I feel comfortable popping in to say 'Hi' now. edit:  J isn't up for visitors today, so I shall visit another day.

Then I am joining some girls for lunch at the Red Cherry, which is a cafe out on the main road between here and Hamilton.

I've driven past it a million times over the last 50 odd years and never stopped there! Time I did for sure.

Once home I will continue working on the next Donkey Wall Hanging... he's half way made already.

After he's done, I have a special sewing job to do.  I can't say or show what it is... but it will be taking up all my 'sewing' time for the foreseeable future.

And on that note... I'm outta here.


It is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for Dante and Keera today!
Apparently they were up, dressed and ready to GO by 7 am this morning!  
I hope they both have an awesome day.  

It is Dante's first day of school EVER, while it is Keera's first day at her new school.
The school have put them into the same classroom for now, so neither of them feels too alone.  They don't know anyone else of course, having just moved to the area.

I hope Bex sends me some photos!

As Bex said in a comment, after saying they were going to put both kids in the same class... when Bex got there today they split them up!
Keera wasn't happy at all, which is so upsetting.  
they had prepared her so well, making sure she knew they would be together.  Dante seemed OK when Bex left.

I am eagerly awaiting the outcome of their first day now.

ABOVE:  All ready for school... they look so cute!

All identifying stuff on their uniforms has been obliterated.  Just to protect Steve and Bex's privacy.

I just got home from a very lovely lunch with 5 other girls... so nice to be a part of this lovely town!

Before I do anything else, I'm going to set up my stall in the lounge, to make sure I know how it will look and fit in the space.

Well, the kids loved their first day of school.  Thank goodness. Dante told me he got an Apricot in his lunch and it was AMAZING... then he had nothing else to say to his Grandma and ran off.  Keera said she liked her teacher, but couldn't remember her name.  And that was all I got from her too!

The go swimming tomorrow, they will love that.

Lunch was really lovely.  Shit I can't believe I forgot to blog all day!

I've been busy ... sorting out the set up for my stall on Sunday, cooking dinner (Bacon and Chicken Rice Risotto) and just the usual stuff around the house.  

Playing with the dogs, doing some training with all three of them too.

That's coming along nicely. Denim can hear me whistle, and is responding and coming when I whistle now! Such a relief I have found a way to train her.

I'm using hand signals too, but I needed to find a way to get her attention first!

Right, it's now 9.30 pm and I'm signing off for the day.  It's been a busy one and I want to chill out now.


  1. Have a lovely relaxing day I have 2 very excited children wanting to go to school now haha. Pity they have another hour to wait. 😂😂 Im sure this will wear off in a couple of weeks. Xx

  2. Oh wow first day of school.hope they are excited

  3. How exciting for the kids. I'm glad they're in class together. It'll be lovely for them xx

  4. What a drop off experience haha. Keera not do happy I left her but Dante was fine. Sadly tho there in difrent classes as keera is a little older but they will settle down after a few days. Can't wait to pick them up and hear all about it. But also Gona love a bit of a break of all the noise. 😂😂

  5. How exciting for Keera & Dante, I hope they love their first day :-)

  6. Best wishes to all the kids for a great school year. Glad to hear you are enjoying the calm. Good luck with the Fair.

  7. The kiddos look so cute and happy :)

  8. Awww the kids are so cute. I hope they both had a great day and Keera settled in to her new class.

  9. Awwww cute first school day new school. Glad it went well, a just day for you nice..


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