Saturday, February 10, 2018



Yep, today I will be spending a lot of time feeling so relieved that yesterday is behind me.

AND also, if I need more work on one of the troublesome teeth, I now know I CAN DO IT.

I don't think I will ever be that scared ever again. The dentist said I might still need a root canal on the top left tooth, time will tell. And if so, I refuse to freak out!

Sure, I will be anxious, but never that bad again I reckon!

I feel so much ... lighter today!  lol

Stew went to a meeting yesterday afternoon to speak (on behalf of the company he works for) and they gave him this:

ABOVE:  It's not that often companies give him a 'Thank You' gift, so when they do it's really appreciated.  That's some sort of alcoholic liqueur in the bottle, wonder if we will ever try it?  The beeswax candle will certainly find a place in the house.

I did a little bit of sewing on the donkey wall hanging yesterday, on and off...

ABOVE: All going well he should be ready for tomorrow's market. Flowers instead of hearts on this one.

Expecting rain today. I don't mind AT ALL... it is keeping the heat away. BRING ON WINTER THANK YOU. I'm over summer.

Right, I'm going to start my day. Washing (to be hung in garage), then sewing. Then go through my list and make sure I have everything sorted for Sunday's Market.


That feeling of relief?  TOTALLY GONE.

My left tooth is throbbing ...  and OMG don't get anything hot or cold on it, or even bite on it!
It's fucked.

First thing Monday I will have to ring and book a root canal for it.  I can't live like this!
This so painful!

I'm not too upset really, the dentist did warn us this might happen as the cavity was VERY deep, and he might end up having to do a root canal on it.  But I wish it hadn't happened.

If I had gone to a dentist MONTHS AGO this could possibly have been avoided.  My fault entirely.

Upside of today... everything is now ready for market tomorrow.  The donkey wall hanging is finished, and he's gorgeous!

ABOVE:  Just as nice as the first one.

5.05 pm:  we ended up going into Hamilton mid afternoon. I wanted to get a lightweight tarp to cover my stand in the event it's pissing down when I'm trying to set up.  My stuff should stay dry once it's under the shop's front roof, but getting it in and out of my car is another story.

So I've sorted that out.

Stew got some new shorts.  Brylee got more nail polish... like that girl needs any more!

Then we went over to Countdown (supermarket)...

 ABOVE:   I got some more pork and Whitlock's Pulled Pork sauce.  I shall put it in the slow cooker tomorrow morning.

Now, quiet time before dinner, which will be pork and apple sauce sausages, mashed potato, peas, broccoli and cauliflower ... all smothered in gravy no doubt.  lol

Dinner was lovely, but the sausages were way too dry.  Stew got them at the local Farmer's Market this morning.  Disappointed. He's going to get some different flavour next time.

I'm watching Coronation Street... then I'm off to bed.  Don't want to sleep in tomorrow!


  1. Do you have a little gazebo thingy? It's meant to rain so you'll need shelter tomorrow. Good luck - I think the wall hangings are cute.

    1. Where I am is under cover... so I should be ok.

  2. Bugger about your tooth. I hope you have some decent pain relief between now and then xxx

  3. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Does the dentist have an emergency after hours number ? maybe you could call...nothing worse than severe toothache...


    1. The dentist gave me his mobile number in case I needed to get in touch with him! I'm coping with the pain... by Monday I hope to have sorted out how the hell I'm going to pay for ANOTHER root canal! Then I can book it in. It's $1,000 I don't bloody have!

  4. I hope the sun comes out tomorrow and you have a very successful day. Your dinner sounds delicious.

  5. (This is not a judgement in any way) Your family eats a lot of pork!! I just find it amusing as we have it maybe once every three months. I just never think to buy it! Lots of chicken, beef and sometimes lamb here :-) Good luck with the markets tomorrow - I love all the wall hangings and hope they sell. They'd make great new baby gifts.

    1. I think our meat consumption would lead with Chicken, followed by pork, then beef and lamb. A little seafood, but not much. I don't really like beef, except in mince and sausages. Thanks for the good luck wishes.

  6. That donkey is darned gorgeous I do hope the weather is ok for tomorrow..... Pulled pork yummmmmmm. Bugger about the tooth pain relief a must now eh....


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