Friday, February 23, 2018


Well today my plans are up in the air.
I could be going into Hamilton to see a friend and if not, I will stay home and do some sewing.

I have 15 dog placemats half made.  I'd like to get some of them finished by the end of the day.

ABOVE:  I am going through this lot of fat quarters today too... this lot are kid and animal themed, there might be a few good ones in there to turn into coasters or placemats?  
Dunno, it's a while since I rummaged through my fat quarters.

I've got about 8 boxes full.  Perhaps I should check them all out!

The puppies are doing my head in.  They are 6 months old now, and STILL not house trained!
I let them into the house 2-3 times during the day, and one or both of them promptly does this:

 ABOVE: Massive piddles everywhere!  Grrrrr!  I don't know WHY these two girls are so naughty.
They have free access to outside for bathroom, yet they hold on and go on my bloody floor!

I just want them inside all the time, but can't do that till they are house trained!  

I rang the dentist yesterday... have not heard back from them.  I'm hoping, as someone said, it's just bruising and will settle down in the next few days?

I bloody hope so.  I really am getting worn down by the constant toothache.  And it's like, really stressful!

ANON FROM YESTERDAY: While I agree 90% with everything you said in your comment, I will not be publishing it.  Most people know how it is already.


12.59 pm:  Well I've been fairly busy today.
Going into Hamilton didn't happen, the person my friend and I were wanting to visit was not up to visitors today.

I might as well tell you... my FBG girlfriend 'J' is dreadfully ill... terminally ill.
My 'Special Project' is a quilt that I have made for her, to brighten up her bedroom.

The only trouble now is she is in hospital and not taking visitors right now.

BUT, she is expected home again in the next day or two, so hopefully we can deliver the quilt to her over the weekend.

The sooner the better really, I would like her to enjoy having it for as long as possible.

Onto my bloody tooth.  The Dentist got back to me bang on 9 am this morning.  There is the possibility the pain is due to an infection, so he's put me back on anitbiotics and pain killers.

This needed to be done as I am going away for a few days next week, and do not want it to flare up while I am away.  I will fill you in on my trip away later.

I went out and got the pills, and a few groceries too.  We have Steve, Bex and the kids here tomorrow, so needed to get a few things in.

As I pulled into my driveway and parked, I got to see this:

ABOVE:  He was rather cute, bouncing all over the place.  He wasn't even scared of the neighbour's dog, who was yapping at him!

LOL... I saw that 'cute little bunny' and immediately thought of RABBIT PIE!
But I ain't got a gun to shoot him with. Dammit.

So I've been sewing all afternoon, getting there with the placemats.  Lots of stitching involved.

Tonight instead of our usual 'silly bugger' dinner, I'm trying a little something 'new'.
I'm making spag bol mix then putting it on top of pizza bases.  Cheese on top.

Just a little different for a change.  So sick of our same old stuff.  We are going to brain storm some new dinner ideas this weekend.

Are you like us, and end up having the same meals over and over again?  

I want to bring some new things into our menus.  But not meals that take hours to make!  Or are damn expensive either.

Well dinner was ... average.  It was pretty much like having mince on toast!  Nice mince and nice 'toast', but still average.

I'm now ensconced in front of the telly, it's Doc Martin and Coronation Street tonight, two favourites of mine.


  1. Kids placemats are a great idea. I've made them for kids before as presents and they get well used.

  2. My wife is making doggie bandanas that say "Adopt ME" for a pet adoption agency here. I wish you were here 'cause she's having trouble wih her sewing machine.

  3. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Hi the tooth should be pain free now...once the nerve is removed you should get instant pain relief..he needs to take an xray and test the teeth around that could be another tooth...sometimes that happens...unless you have something different like Trigeminal neuralgia...which makes you think you have a poor mother had it and many people have teeth out and then find out it was not the teeth at all...I hope you get this sorted today..


  4. awww a little bunny!

  5. I guessed who the quilt was for. If she cannot have visitors can you get it to her family to pass onto her.

  6. Aw it's little Peter Rabbit!!

  7. how cute is that bunny looking over the fence??????? Oh and his fluffy white tail - adorbs!!! Christy

  8. I have been using the Jamie Oliver 5 ingredient & Chelsea Winter Eat & Scrumptious books for idea, lots of easy cheap recipes. The Jamie sausage carbonara is so popular we have it weekly. Chelsea's ragout from Eat also awesome.

  9. I made Meatzza the other day. A pizza with minced beef as a base. Look it up, it was yum!

  10. My dog used to wee in the house even after I scrubbed the carpet - they apparently can smell their wee and think it's where they should be going! It only stopped when I sprayed the absolute hell out of the carpet with disinfectant etc.

  11. I too thought about the FBG lady being the recipient of the quilt special and thoughtful. Have a lovely weekend.

  12. Baby sat my son's dong over the holidays and the damn thing still isn't trained. I worked hard with it now at 99% but she is a spiteful thing and can't be trusted. As for the quilt I thought that is what you were up to. A good friend of mine is seriously ill and I sponsored her for a quilt for her chemo. Have a look they do wonderful job. Hope you get that tooth sorted away. Good luck have a lovely weekend.


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