Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Today I, along with about 10 other Fat Bottomed Girls were making a start on our community walks.

What that entailed was going to Rest Homes and taking our senior citizens on little walks.  Either walking, assisted walking, or pushing wheelchairs.

But because of Cyclone Gita's imminent arrival, it has had to be postponed until next week.

Also, my Special Project will not be given to it's recipient today either... timing isn't good today.

So, as a consequence, I have decided to go over to Rotorua with Stew.

He works there in the company office every Tuesday.  So, for the first time ever, I am going to tag along.

It means I will be out all day.  So, the kids will have to get themselves to school, and house/puppy sit in the afternoon.
I'm quite sure they can do that.

Dinner will be something quick and easy when we get home from Rotorua.


Toothache:  still there, but easing thank god.

It's Card Night tonight, at 'S's' house.  Not sure I will be going as we won't be home till 6.30 ish tonight, and cards is at 7.

Weather outside right now.... very heavy clouds.  Damp. Been raining overnight.  But not stormy ... yet.

Time to get the kids outta bed and working towards leaving for school in an hour.

Dogs are sorted, got food and water, so they should be OK for the day.

Shame I don't know anyone to visit in Rotorua today... it could be a long day on my own.  Let's see how it goes and if I will ever do it again!

Ok...so we got here at 9. I immediately went on the hunt for the fabric shop...

 ABOVE: Found it easily enough.  Very nice shop... spent ages having a good browse around.
Turned out one of the ladies who works there was in the exact same class as me 45 years ago at the Rotorua Polytech!  Didn't recognise her at all. She didn't remember me either... funny that. I think we've both changed 'a bit' !

ABOVE: I found a shop with the most Britto I've seen anywhere!  BUT...OMG so pricey!  Way over 'normal' prices.  Rotorua is a "tourist" town... and everywhere I went prices seemed to reflect that. Mostly gift shops were overpriced.

ABOVE: One thing I saw which was pretty cool... this bike rack/stand. 

Right... time to relax till lunchtime.
I could have visited 2 chicks over here... but I'm actually carless... so couldn't. Bummer.

6.40 pm: Finally home from Rotorua.  It was a nice day, but would have been nicer if I'd been able to get out and about a bit more.  The weather was a bit crappy and not having a car impacted what I could do.
Stupid company car isn't allowed to be driven by NON company people.  DUMB.  It's not like I crash OFTEN!

I didn't see any letterboxes or garage doors in town.  *sniff*

Next time I will organise it better, so my friend Gayle can come and get me, or Stew can drop me off at her place.  It would have been wonderful to see her and TEDDY!

Awww Teddy...we miss that little bugger.

I should be going to cards right now, but I'm just too tired.  Seriously, I'm getting about 5 hours of sleep a night nowdays, and this is broken by hot flushes too.  So, it compounds into a very, very tired me after a while.
Early night for me tonight for sure.

I got some hand stitching done on a UFO this afternoon and finished it.  It was that Xmas table runner with the holly leaves.  I will show you tomorrow.  I've got 3 or 4 coasters in the same vein to finish too.. might get them finished tomorrow too.

I'm gunna go now, I really can't think straight!


  1. Have a nice day Chris. Visit the quilt shops!

  2. I know about Cottage Flair and plan on going there. Are there others worth visiting?

    1. That's the only one I know but maybe others.

  3. Anonymous8:35 AM

    The Arts Village in town is worth a visit - I think you would enjoy it. Audrey

  4. Enjoy your day just relaxing, pottering around and having some time to yourself.

  5. Anonymous11:59 AM


    Call your friends, maybe they can pick you up?...you need to call the dentist and tell him you still have toothache..once the nerve is removed you should have no pain at all...I have (sadly) had many root canals and know this...if you still have pain it might even be another tooth....that has happened to me also..I have had so many I know every detail of the procedure..lol I told the dentist I may as well do my own...


  6. Oh bugger... you could have gone to visit my mum... not that you know each other!! Ha... hope it's not too wet for you

  7. What's up with that cyclone of yours? It even made the news here! I hope you and your loved ones stay safe and dry!

  8. We are not in the path of the storm here, so are perfectly safe. Further south it's a bit hairy (wet and wild), so time will tell how it goes for them.

  9. Sounds like you had a nice day.

  10. And if I had the day off you know I would have visited and we could have spent the day together.

  11. Do they have Uber and Lyft over there?


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