Wednesday, August 09, 2017


Today I make a start on walking the other side of the river.
I'm two days behind some of the girls, who started on Monday.
But, I wanted my shins to have a good break.

The last time I had a few days 'off' it really helped them settle down.

So, I've got a walk today and tomorrow, then another one on Saturday.  I'm leading the one on Thursday, so have to make sure I'm 100% clued up on the route.

Once today's walk is done, I'm coming home to continue making the Christmas Bags.

I got a few new fabrics yesterday, two from Spotlight and one from Donna's Quilt Studio.

AS they are only bags, the fabric doesn't have to be super good quality, hence the Spotlight purchase.  Normally I don't use Spotlight 'patchwork' fabric any more.

I might have to take a trip over to Gordonton to see if Grandmother's Garden have any nice Christmas Fabrics too. 

There doesn't seem to be that much out there that's really bright and colourful!

 ABOVE:  This is one fabric that IS pretty and colourful.  Adding the bright green fabric at the top has helped cheer it up too.  
This bag is 75% done.  Once I add bright red drawstrings it will look lovely.

ABOVE:  These two new fabrics are much more ho-hum... but I am sure I can jazz them up a bit.  See what I mean about not being bright though?

Man if I was designing fabrics they would all be so bright and pretty!  lol

And that is all I have for now... catch ya later.


OMG another freezing, WET day for a walk!
But although (for once), I really didn't feel like going, I did.
We walked in steady rain, not torrential, but enough to get me soaked through by the time I got home.

At one point a car pulled up and some bloke jumped out, ran across the road and started taking photos of us!
He was from one of the local papers, and decided to just grab some photos of us 'doing our thing'!  I think he's taken photos before of earlier groups.

Anyway, that was rather funny, watching him run ahead to get a good shot of us walking. 

ABOVE:  Today's walking group, minus GWEN, she was behind the camera.  She leads heaps of our walks, and I often go on her's cos her pace suits me just fine.  

ABOVE:  I love cows, so it was especially nice to  pass these beauties on our walk today. 

After the walk I came straight home so I could get out of me wet clothes and warm up again.

My shins played up again today, but the pain was only about a 7/10, so I just walked on through it.

Next walk is tomorrow.  It's supposed to be raining then too. Yaaa.  *scowl*

I'm over the rain.

Once I'm warm I shall be sewing bags again.

Well I got some sewing done this afternoon.  Which was neat.  I am really enjoying the sewing right now.

There is now a lovely mince/bacon and tomato stew cooking for dinner. Accompanying it will be left over mashed spuds from last night and some mixed veges, fairly easy dinner then.

Just had a 'Grrrrr' conversation with Lacy.  More on that tomorrow.  I'm so not in the mood right now to go there.

Winding down for the day... it's been cold, wet and miserable... not nice at all.  I will be very happy to get into my bed tonight.


  1. Totally agree Chris I find sane with car stock and papers for my card making Christmas should be bright cheery not dull colours.

  2. Maybe you could start designing Christmas fabric then find someone to produce it for you, could be a good market for it.

    1. Hmmmmm..... I have no idea how one would go about that! But... worth thinking about.

  3. WTG on all the walking! Love that you have big groups going.


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