Monday, August 07, 2017


Today is gunna go like this:

- Up. Get kids to school.

- Pick up Stew's prescription and my lab forms. Get blood test done.

- Home.  Pack sewing shit up and go to Patchwork Group in Cambridge.

- Probably be bored shitless and come home by lunchtime.

-  Lunch.

- Have a nap.

Cos I'm tired.

If any thing changes... I will tell you.  After my nap.

Seriously. Can't do a better post than this for now!

Oh and just to throw it out there... what would ya think if I said we were going to be getting a new puppy in a couple of months?  And then another one some time after that... so we have a 'breeding pair'?  

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WHOOP WHOOP!  First time I've done my blood test 'on time' this year... AND for once when the lady said "Just a little prick now", I didn't flinch and it didn't hurt at all!
And I didn't get all stressed out over it, I was like cool as a cucumber.  Must be getting over my loathing of needles?

Rather happy about that.  

And now I'm off to patchwork.  This group is held in a big, bloody cold hall.  *sigh*.  I am going to leave this group soon, it's just not 'me'.  I don't get a happy feeling being there at all.  I've given it over a year now, hoping to feel like part of this group, but it's just not happening.

I'm going to stay with it until after the September Quilt show they put on here, as I'm helping in various ways, but after that, I'm gone.

Hmmm... it reads rather like a negative post!  But really, I'm actually quite happy today!  
Things are good.

12.13 pm:  And now home from Patchwork.
Now I feel suckful... cos I actually kinda enjoyed this morning.  I got there nice and early, got a table next to a power point so I could actually sew, and I turned on the heaters.

AND for once lots of ladies said 'Hello Chris' !  Shit, I hope they don't read this blog!  Imagine how awful it would be if they did.  *screwing me face up*

I feel bad.    But, time will tell how it goes, I have till the end of September to really make up my mind about staying or leaving.

I've got some lunch in the oven, a Chicken Schnitzel thingee.  Then, maybe not nap time!  I got a second wind and feel fine now.  Typical.

How often do ya make plans for the day, only to change them mid-way?  I do it all the time.

Very happy there's been NO negative comments about us getting a puppy (or 2).  Comment moderation is off again.

Would you believe I have made almost 4 Christmas Bags today!
I got two almost finished in Group today, and I got two totally finished here at home this afternoon/evening.

ABOVE: These are the two I got done here at home today.   They will be perfect for 'grown ups' Christmas bags... I can fit a bottle of wine and box of chocolates in them!  *smiles*.
Sure is going to make Christmas shopping easy... and NO WRAPPING PAPER ever again. 

So it's wind down time now... and bed in a couple of hours.


  1. Have a lovely day 😀

    Re the puppies, do you really want the extra work & stress, at least until next year when there is not a young child in the mix as well?

    1. There will only be ONE new puppy towards the end of this year.... and Keera will be 're-homed' over the summer holidays. LOL.... 're-homed'.. that makes it sound like she's a puppy too. But of course, not.

  2. You are still giving the Patchwork Group another couple of months so lets see if today was just an aberration or is it has improved, it is not like your decision is set in stone, if you start like it more then you can stay on :-)

  3. Maybe bloods this time went smoothly cause you weren't so stressed ? Isn't that murph us law the group will come round to you I'm sure how could they not...

  4. Awww puppies.... :-) Are you thinking of getting the same sort of dogs? Don't worry about the patchwork ladies reading your blog, you didn't say anything negative about them, just that the group wasn't right for you... but now, maybe it is! Glad your day is looking up

  5. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Busy times ahead with 3 dogs, but puppies are so cute. I will look forward to the photos.

    1. Puppies will be at least 2 years away!

  6. My only comment regarding another puppy (or two) is perhaps do some very intensive training from a young age? This will help with barking and biting.

  7. I know what u mean in regard bad vibes from patch work group. I go to a card group and every month I come home and say I'm not going again then by the time the next month comes I think oh I'll give it another go and it's the same lol. Shane I enjoy the space to work in.

  8. Any puppy brought into your home will have a wonderful life. I can tell you love all your kids (the two legged and the four legged ones). Hope that you make a decision you are happy with about the patchwork group. We all have different styles, and sometimes we need to move on.

  9. Glad the blood test went well for you

  10. Looks like a super busy weekend. Geeez Christmas prep already! Good for you. The gift bags are a lovely idea. Keep well.

  11. Great job on the bags, so cute! I had a book club like that. It was a "Christian" book club where they talked about all the people at church :/


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