Friday, August 18, 2017


I'm in a massive funk.  
Yesterday really upset me and now I just feel like staying home and hiding.

Funny how it's blown my self esteem to smithereens.

But of course, I can't stay home.  I've got to take the kids to school.

School.  Yep.  I will be going into Keera's school, handing my letter to her teacher then getting out of there as fast as I can.

God help them if they ambush me again this afternoon!  

For a start, I am NEVER giving them the chance to have a go at me again.  I'm saying NOTHING to anyone.

Unless I want to, and even then I shall be watching my potty mouth!

So... after taking the kids to school, I shall be coming home.

I have heaps to do ... mostly housework.

And as I've not had a walk in a few days thanks to my sore throat and cold, I will be getting on the treadmill and exercycle for some exercise.

I'm not game to go on a scheduled walk as I still don't feel well.  At least at home I can stop if I don't feel well enough to carry on.

I'm not going into Hamilton today either, I will skip Weight Watchers this week.  I just don't feel like going anywhere right now.


So I dropped the big kids off at school, then drove to Keera's school.  Then sat in the car until the last possible minute, then took her to her classroom.  I walked in, handed her teacher my letter, said goodbye to Keera and left.

THEN I shook like a leaf!  I'm utter rubbish at confrontation... can't handle it at all.
Give me emails/letters any day!

I hardly slept at all last night, so stressed out over this.  And my cold feels 10 times worse today, it feels like it's gone onto my chest now.  I'm starting to cough, and it hurts.
Dammit.  I so don't want to get really sick.

I spent a couple of hours in bed with the electric blanket on... didn't really help AT ALL.
But it made me realise no matter what I do today, I'm going to feel like crap.

So I got in the car, drove to Hamilton and weighed in at Weight Watchers.  I got there early so I wasn't around the babies who come to the meeting with their mums.

I lost .600 grams.  EXACTLY what I needed to get to 10% lost since I started here in Cambridge.  It's taken way longer than I ever anticipated, but hey!  I am slowly getting there... one hundred grams at a time if necessary.

ABOVE: This is the new 10% key ring.  Kinda pretty.  I shall put it away with my other one.
And now work on the next 10%.
I can do it... slow and steady.

I've just had some chicken soup, not because it's the 'traditional' I'M SICK FOOD, but because it was exactly what I felt like.
It's now warming up me belly nicely.

2 hours till I pick up Keera.  Still DREADING it.  But maybe the storm has blown over?  I can only hope so.  My letter was my 'Right of Reply'.  I hope they see that for what it is and leave it now.

And NO, I couldn't reply to the Principal yesterday as I was ambushed, blindsided and in shock.

Thank goodness! No one came near me at school, and the teacher sent Keera out to me as soon as she saw me.  So no drama today.

Home now and just chilling out... my head is pounding... it just won't go away!  Brylee will be cooking tonight.

The family had lamb rissoles and spaghetti/baked beans, typical 'Silly Bugger' Friday night dinner.
I managed a rissole.

My head is still pounding so I doubt I will be out of bed for much longer.  No way I'm staying up late to watch Coronation Street tonight!


  1. Chris, you did nothing wrong, don't let the bastards get you down. I would try very hard not to arc up because they will love it. This awful feeling will pass, take care xxx

  2. I can understand how you feel Chris, I would be pissed off of anyone spoke to me like That, especially if they don't know anything about me. I think you are one amazing woman for everything you do and everything you are. Rest while you're sick then when you're better get out there and show yourself and hold your head up high! People who treat us like that dont have the skills to be in that profession remember we love you no matter what. I was lucky to see Henry yesterday and have sent that panel up to you. Haven't been able to do photocopying yet. Get well soon my friend. Big big hugs

  3. Keep your chin up - it's a horrible experience but you'll overcome this as you've overcome other trials; you're a great mum and you and your family know that. I think the school needs to review their procedures, the way this has happened sounds completely unacceptable and I hope your letter will bring a suitable response.

  4. Chris, as so many others have said, you have done nothing wrong. Lordy, you get worse language than that on the telly! Sanctimonious pricks. I know what you mean about confrontation - even when we're in the right it's still horrible.
    Hopefully your letter will get them to calm down and realise they went off half-cocked. If not I'm sure Steve and Stew will put them in their place. Stay strong xx

  5. Aw Chris that totally sucks. I don't do conflict either and being pulled aside like a naughty child like that would totally destroy me! How rude of them. I'm quite sure Keera's not the only child exposed to bad language at that school! Totally wrong wrong wrong!

    Sending love xx

  6. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Proud of you for standing up to them. You did the right thing with the letter and took the high road to not create a scene. Sending a hug all the way from California!

  7. As a teacher I am so CRANKY at that Principal!
    Email him a copy of the letter and make sure you mention the magic words: FORMAL COMPLAINT.

    1. The letter was to HIM and Keera's teacher.

  8. Have a hot bath pop Vicks on the soles of your feet a back rub curl up rest come back stronger... I had one instance where my son was questioned without me I MADE IT QUITE clear in letter email an personal visit to school under no circumstances was my sin to be sidelined without me as his parent being present THEY LEARNT REAL. Quick don't miss with mumma bear.

  9. I am sure you will feel better after a good nights sleep and a sleep in tomorrow morning (I am sure Brylee would be happy to entertain Keera for a couple of hours).

  10. Hope your feeling better in the morning.

  11. I am sure your letter will be seen as a responsible parent taking the correct route while the teacher was way out of order.. try not to worry, you did the right thing.


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