Thursday, August 24, 2017


Dare I even suggest it?
But... I think I am on the mend.

I did not cough and vomit much at all last night!
I still slept in the lounge, so I didn't disturb Stew... maybe tonight I can finally get back into my bed!

Because I am feeling just that little bit better, I am going to get a couple of jobs done around the house.  Our kitchen floor is in a diabolical state!  Totally ikk.  So that is top of my list.

After that I will be working on my Fat Bottomed Girls banner for my front window.
There's a FBG group coming past my home tomorrow... I want it done by then!

So, no big plans...  but some for a change.

And that is all I have for now.  


Well... I got the floors washed.  Then one of the girls from our walking group rang and said meet us for a coffee in quarter of an hour if you are up for it... so I jump in me car and head over to Cafe 9 in Leamington.

I get there, we all get our drinks, me a hot chocolate, and start to chat.

Next thing I know ... there's this red car going by and it kinda just diverts across the road away from us, jumps the curb, plows over a small tree, narrowly misses a lady sitting in her car in the car park, then crashes right into a BBQ table by the park!   I jump up, call 111 and head across the road to assist.

Luckily, the lone occupant of the car seems to be unhurt, but dazed and not quite 'with it'.
He's had some sort of medical event obviously.
He's comforted by others while I relay information to emergency services.

Upshot... he's off to hospital for tests... and my hot chocolate went cold.
By the time the police had finished talking to me, taking a statement etc, all the girls had left except 2 who stayed to actually say 'bye'!  lol

ABOVE:  If it wasn't for that BBQ table, he could easily have continued down that slope and ended up in the Waikato River!

I think I might just stay home a bit longer...

Coco is wigging me out! Now days she spends most of her time sleeping in the sunshine, where ever that may be.
But today... she won't leave my side!
Seriously, I'm doing some sewing, and every time I get up she follows me, lying down right at my feet.
I get up and down A LOT... and she is acting so weird?  Even standing at the ironing board, she's RIGHT THERE under my feet.

I hope she's OK, or I am!  They say dogs can sense things... now she's got me worried.  Or maybe she's just being super whimpy over something?

So, Coco came right when the kids got home from school...  silly dog.
It's been a normal sort of afternoon, did some sewing, cooked dinner, did some more sewing then settled down to watch Coronation Street.

Probably spending the night on the couch again, my cough kicked up a notch after dinner. So frustrating.


  1. YEAH for feeling better!

  2. What an eventful morning you've had Chris! Sorry to hear about that poor guy and his medical event. He was very lucky that the barbecue table blocked his entry into the river, and that you and the others were around to ensure that he got the help that he needed. I hope that he's going to be okay. You definitely deserve a good Samaritan award today :) Great to hear that you're feeling a little better today too!

  3. Strange about Coco dogs r sensitive to things we aren't aware off

  4. Lovely that the girls phoned to ask you for coffee even though it turned out to be so eventful. Hope the guy is ok. Shame that your chocolate went cold and the girls had left! Hope Coco is ok.

  5. Glad to hear you're on the mend DONT OVER DO IT... Miss bull in a china shop. Weird re Coco what an eventful day you've had.....

  6. Sorry to hear you've been sick. Good to know things are on the mend. Take care.


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