Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Well... after having a walk three days in a row, it's time for a rest.

And that is totally what I am going to do today.

What else can I yabber on about?

Not much!

'REST' will entail doing some housework and then some sewing.
I have totally finished 6 Christmas bags now, so will make a start on a few more today.  

I'm really enjoying making them.

The ladies at my Hamilton Patchwork group think the bags are lovely, and an excellent idea too.  Nice to get positive feedback from fellow sewers.  

Our new puppy is due to be born in about 6 more days!!!!!  I'm kinda excited, but not really looking forward to the 'puppy' phase to come!  Potty training... *sigh*

Right, I'm off to get the kids sorted and then to school, so I can come home and be a lazy tart.  *smiles*


I've woken up with the most horribly sore throat and a snotty nose.  Great.  I do believe I will be spending the morning (at least) in bed.  Hopefully I can get over it fast, there is no way I want to have a big halt to my walking schedule!

2.15 PM:  And my day has been blissfully lazy!  I told you I was feeling yuk, well some pain killers and a nap later and I'm feeling much better.

I can't believe how fast the day has gone, even while doing nothing!    In half an hour I am out to pick up kids from schools, then home to prepare dinner.

I'm just doing something easy with mince tonight, still not sure what though.

I spent a bit of time in the garage, working out where to put a puppy pen area, for when we get our puppy.  I think I've got it sussed out.

Also spent some time thinking about names.  As I don't know if I will be choosing a girl or boy puppy, I need to think of two names.

My mind really can't come up with much yet!
Forrest  and Tinker is it so far!  *sigh*
I suppose I will have to 'consult' with the family too.  

Right, enough mindless blitherings... I'm getting off the couch and moving.

The mince went back in the fridge and we had fish 'n' chips!  I just did not feel like cooking afterall.  All good, I didn't feel guilty at all.

The final of Master Chef is on tonight... 2.5 hours long!  Exciting!
Time to sign off.


  1. Chris just in regards to your shin splints I mentioned in a comment a while ago about taking Vitamin D (Bone & Muscle Health). Take a couple of them every day and you will find after a 1-3 weeks you will be pain free.It was recommended by my doctor years ago and I was pain free in 2 weeks and if I stop taking it the pain comes back down the track. Happy pain free walking.

    1. AS I'm heading to the supermarket for something for my throat, I will get some of that too then. Thanks Michelle. I get so many ideas given to me, it's hard to keep track of them!

    2. Its worth a go and wont hurt you :O)

    3. Maybe take some Magnesium supplements as well. I had Siobhan on them because she was getting sore bones during sports, made a heap of difference. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I am doing mince tonight too Enchiladas, I'm lazy and use a kit but it makes eight so leftovers are great for hubby to take to work and reheat.

  3. I had mince bean mix in lettuce cups with carrot n cheese etc yummy.... Yes the last thing you want is a halt to walking. Dose up drugs tonight early to bed rest recover.

  4. Ahhhh fish and mouth is watering....

  5. What the sh*t kind of spider is that in you're sign off picture, it's a bit yukky looking lol


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