Tuesday, August 22, 2017


At last night's Weight Watchers meeting, I won the 'Hamper' for the week.

We all take an item to add to the Hamper.  It can be fruit, vegetable, magazines, fresh produce like eggs and so on.

Then if we contribute to the hamper, we put our names in a jar and the 'winner' gets drawn at the end of the meeting.  

I got an amazing haul last night!

 ABOVE:  I might add, I had already put the one dozen home grown eggs in the fridge!  

ABOVE:  I forgot these photos from Sunday.  Keera really loves her Uncle and Aunty.... transitioning her to their care at the end of the year is going to be so easy!
She's already asking on an almost daily basis when is she going to live with her 'family'?

Today?  Not too sure.  But it will involve getting out of the house.  I want to get some new vege plants for the garden.  I'm thinking of putting in potatoes for this summer.
Lettuce?  Nah, they are a dime a dozen over summer.  I might do some tomatoes though, but NOT cherry tomatoes like last year.  It's a bit early for them yet though.

I spent the night in the lounge (again), finally getting to sleep just after 3 am.  So in all, I've had about 3 hours sleep.  This is NOT fun.  I'm over sleeping in a lounge chair!


Most frustratingly, I've not gone out after all.

After the school drop off, I came home and coughed, and coughed, and vomited, and coughed.... you get the drift... miserable.

I have managed to start a small, new project for the house... sort of.

It's a 'banner' to hang in the front window to cheer our Fat Bottomed Girls on when they are doing the section that passes our home.  Just something fun to do, and no stress involved.

I will show you when there's actually something to show, right now it's bits and bobs.

Wait for it.... Keera's teacher came out and spoke to me this afternoon. More when I get home.... on school run.

On the way home from school, I saw one of the Fat Bottomed Girls walking along the footpath, so I pulled over for a chat.  Ended up at her house being given cough remedy...that nearly killed me.  It's called 'Rocket Fuel'... OMG beyond STRONG.  Couldn't handle that shit.

But she did have some lovely lemon/honey drink from the supermarket, so I got that instead.

Now home... and on with my little story.

When I dropped Keera off at school this morning, just as she was about to enter the classroom she fell over on the concrete.  Luckily it was witnessed by others, cos I felt sure I would have got the blame otherwise.

Anyway, I was forced to enter the classroom to hand Keera over as she was crying.  The teacher took charge and I felt like I was 'dismissed'.

So, off I went home again. (I'm overly sensitive now of course)

We get to this afternoon.   I am sitting outside the classroom, all the other parents are INSIDE the classroom waiting for their little cherubs.

I don't feel welcome inside, and am not going to put myself in any situation likely to be construed as 'inappropriate' on school property.

Next thing I know, Keera and her teacher are at my side, Keera hugs and clings on to me... and her teacher sits on my other side.

I'm thinking... WHAT NOW???   She proceeds to tell me Keera has had her 5 week testing and she is being referred for further testing, as I have pointed out she is not picking up her words AT ALL.

All good.  Next thing I know, the teacher is starting to say how last week did not go as she had expected, and how sorry she was for how I was made to feel... and she hoped that we could re-establish a good working relationship for Keera's sake?  

Well.  I said yep, that's fine.  As long as we only discuss Keera and her schooling, as I was never going to be mortified like that again!

And with that I up and left.  I was about to damn well cry again if I had stayed a moment longer.

So, today was actually fairly positive.

I have been feeling like it was not worth continuing at that school for MY mental health.  Maybe it will get better now?

I have another 'thing' worth talking about... another controversy... but it can wait till tomorrow!  Let's just say... I am a bit of a shit stirrer... with a good motive though.

I tried going to 'bed' at around 10 pm.  You know .. actually in my bed, with blankets and a pillow... the whole shebang.
And all I did was cough, so pointless staying there and keeping Stew awake all night.
*sigh*, so it is back to the Lazy Boy armchair for me.

Much as I love our new lounge furniture, I am over sleeping in it!

But, that's where I am for the time being.

I heard from the Puppies human mother tonight... the surviving 5 pups are all doing well.  The mummy dog is still learning how to move around them, so is sitting on them a bit.  Luckily, her owners are with her 24/7 for the first two weeks of the pups lives... so all should be OK.
I can so remember how dreadfully tiring is was watching over puppies in those first couple of weeks, it's like having a new born of your own to look after!  And to think I want to do that again!   I must be nuts.  Or love puppies.

Lets go with loving puppies.  *smiles*


  1. And I got UP at 3:30 lol. What a great haul! Fun idea.

  2. Oh dear.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Good hamper. Hope u on the improve

  4. Ohhh coughing is the pits.. I do hope you start to improve soon..... Lovely photos pure joy in those faces.

  5. All this weight loss is great and all but it might be time to visit your doc again?

    1. I did actually entertain that idea today, then hung up cos I know there is nothing they can do for my cough/vomit scenario. I've had it so many times before, remember?

  6. I am glad the teacher actually fronted up and approached you :-).

    1. I suppose I am too.. to have an apology was nice.


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