Sunday, August 06, 2017


We had visitors last night.  We had semi-expected them.
Mike and Joyce came up from Palmerston North to visit her brother and his partner in Hamilton.  Josh and his partner just had their first baby, a wee boy.
So Joyce, her parents and Mike came up for the weekend to see the baby.

We went in and picked them up after dinner last night so they could spend some time with us too.

 ABOVE:  He still has the bushy beard and long hair! 

 ABOVE:  Keera took ages to stop being shy and actually go near them!  Then she came right and was just fine, yabbering away and showing off.

ABOVE:  It was wonderful to see them, it doesn't happen often enough.

Now... on to more mundane things:

We had a feijoa tree down by the clothesline, and it was a right shit there.  The washing got stuck in it often.

So after much nagging asking, Stew finally moved it yesterday afternoon.

 ABOVE:  See, couldn't really use the right hand end of the lines.  But now ...  I can.  It's nice and tidy too.

 ABOVE:  We (oops!, I mean Stew), moved it to the front end of the section, where all the other fruit trees are.  Now I have an 'orchard'.... lol.  With any luck it won't die.

 ABOVE:  Brylee showing off the 2nd Christmas Bag.  Same as the last one, but with lilac trim.
Such a nice bag.

 ABOVE: This is the colourway for the 3rd bag.  It's 'in progress' right now.

Today I've got the FBG's Urban Challenge Get Together this afternoon.  We are having raffles and spot prizes, and so on, so I expect an enjoyable afternoon.  Stew is going to take me and pick me up later, that way I can imbibe in a wee drink or two if inclined.  

Not being a wine drinker, that may not happen though.   We will see.  

Catch ya later.


5.50 pm: !!!!!   Seems this is the weekend for visitors.
This morning we had my Aunty Ethel and Uncle Frank visit us from Auckland.  They are in the process of selling houses and moving to the Central North Island (Kinloc), and needed Stew to do some legal eagle stuff for them.  Hence their visit.

It was lovely to catch up with them and hear all their news, and all about their new home.

They left just before I had to leave for my Fat Bottomed Girls lunch/afternoon event.

The Mid Challenge Get together was AWESOME.
I had a wonderful time.  Lovely company.  Lots of laughs.
And I even got a prize, which I totally did not expect to get!

I got a prize for showing commitment and dedication for joining late, but catching up with all the walks, and actually finishing before quite a lot of ladies who started weeks before me.

That was really nice, but as I said, totally unexpected.

There was a gift table of all sorts of things, and we got to choose whatever we wanted.  I chose this as my 'prize':

ABOVE:  A lovely heart, which shall be going on a wall somewhere.  *smiles*

After the event, a smaller group of us girls went to Onyx in town for a coffee and chat, which was neat.

See... I'm really getting to know people here in our new 'home' town.  I LOVE that.

Home now, and I must say I'm freezing! The venue where our event was held was bloody I am all wrapped up in my blankie now... it's so nice and warm!  Doubt I shall be moving for a while!

Warmed up... and really happy.  It's been an awesome day.

Time to sign off.

34.41 kms this week


  1. Anonymous7:57 AM

    They are lot bigger than I thought with Brylee holding it - the more I see them the more I like!!!
    So glad you had a great time with Mike and Joyce - great photos - have fun today!

  2. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Hay Mike and J'baby, hay Miss 5 miss you xx #jailbird xx

  3. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Sounds like you will need a weekend to get over your weekend! Michelle from Oz

  4. How cool! So great that you are getting to know people and make friends 😘

  5. So neat visitors and visiting new places and people lovely. Lovely prize too ohhhh kinloch lovely place

  6. We're about to move and I'm inspired and comforted by the friends you've made. It shows that you just need to get out there and do it. Well done .. so impressed.

    And I can't get over how much Mike looks like Stew.

  7. How cool you got a prize! Mike is so tall next to you! That bag looks huge with Brylee holding it.

  8. Well done on your prize. I love the Southern Hemisphere theme of your Xmas fabric.


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