Thursday, August 17, 2017


I know it's easily 8-10 weeks away yet, but I am in 'getting prepared' mode for our new puppy.

Yesterday I spent some time sorting out where/how to set up a puppy area in the garage, as a safe place to put him/her at bedtime, and when we are out and about.

ABOVE: There's Keera trying it out.  It has to be set up in such a way that Coco can still get outside, and we can still get to the areas of the garage we use too.  I think I've got it sorted perfectly.
Puppy will have plenty of room in there.

Another few days and I should get a phone call from Cuba's owner to let me know the puppies are here ... fingers crossed all goes well for her.

Now, back to today.
I've got a walk scheduled for 9.15 this morning.  I'm not leading this one, so I can relax and just enjoy it.
NOT that I don't enjoy leading walks too, but there is a little bit of added pressure to make sure it goes smoothly for everyone.

I'm definitely not feeling 100% today, my throat is still sore, my head is still foggy and so on, but I will take a good dollop of medication before heading out.  I'm hoping it doesn't rain, that might not help the head cold and throat.

But, it's only an hour or so, and then I can come home and jump into a good hot shower.  

After my walk, I will probably muck around in my sewing room(s).  I am going to move things around AGAIN... I'm finding it far too hot in my sewing work room... so am going to swap rooms with Brylee.  She is on the 'cold' side of the house, which will suit me better.

I will do as much as I can today and tomorrow, and leave the major moving to the guys on the weekend.

ABOVE:  How bloody typical that I have to move the contents of THREE rooms just because I can't stand the heat!   Grrrrr... I blame menopause for my misery.  
I don't have to move things out of the sewing 'work room' wardrobe though, so one less job.

Ok, time to get moving.... gotta get the kids off to school in an hour or so, then head straight to my walk meeting place.


7.27 am and I've decided it would be silly of me to go walking when I feel so bad. So it's going to be another stay at home day for me.
Rather that than make myself sicker.

So glad I stayed home.  Russell called in for morning tea, so I got to spend some time with him.  
He caught me moving furniture!  Nothing he's not see before, lol.

Once he left, I got back to moving a few things in the bedrooms.

It's now 1.45 pm and all that's left to move is Brylee's bed into her 'new' room, then I can put my sewing desk and two trestle tables into the new work room and it's done!  Well, apart from titivating.  There's always some of that to do!

I took one double door shelving unit out of the 2nd sewing room and put it in the garage, yaaa.  More storage in there now, and less clutter in the 2nd sewing room.

Keera has heaps of space too...  poor kid, this will be her 3rd 'bedroom' since she moved here!
It's just what her Grandma DOES.  Ask any of my kids.  I move shit ALL. THE. TIME.  

WOW.  Like just... wow.  I am an unfit parent/person by the sound of it.  My mouth got me in trouble.. I dared to refer to MYSELF as a 'bitch' at school yesterday... yep, it just slipped out... now there's obviously been a big conflab and I've been waylaid on my way into school today to be spoken to by the principal! 

Seems my language and behaviour???  has been noted and is not acceptable at THEIR  SCHOOL.

Seems Keera has been using 'innapropriate' language at school too. 

And get this, Keera's  feelings are being damaged by my language and behaviour too ... BY THEIR ACCOUNT.  Hmmmm... I wonder who 'talked' to our child and elicited all this 'information' ???  *sigh*

AND EXCUSE ME, but this child has not been in our care EXCLUSIVELY over the course of her life.  I/we are not the only people who have had an influence on her language and behaviour!  Just saying.

Yes I can and do use 'bad' words like, every five bloody minutes I'm sure!  But one thing I know for sure, Keera is loved, cared for and not ABUSED in any way/shape or form.

I am so tempted to never take her back there.

Seriously trying not to cry right now.  I'm totally offended and upset.

So, after talking this over with Stew and Steve, I have drafted a letter to give to Keera's teacher and Principal tomorrow.
It outlines how I felt about being blindsided and given no warning that I was about to be spoken to in such a manner.

That was wrong.  I am entitled to appropriate notice and the chance to have a support person with me in this sort of instance at the very least.

Stew is absolutely furious and would love a chance to bring up all the aspects that were totally wrong with how they went about 'talking' to me today, but he is waiting to see if there is a response to my letter first.

It would be in their best interests to let it lie now!

So, bring on tomorrow!  I'm nervous, but I am not going to let them think they can accuse me of being a bad parent/person and get away with it.


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

  2. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Yes, good idea have a rest today, you don't want to give it to others anyway...I am impressed by the way you have been walking, I don't think I would have the energy for so many walks !


  3. Oh for Fucks sake!!! What sort of idiot people are at that school and worse still what uptight sanctimummy went crying to the principal cos a parent said a "naughty word". I have a few words for her & bitch is the least of them. So some pseudo psychology wannabe know it all asked Keera about her feelings? I suggest at 5 years old being hauled into the Principals office & grilled about her family was what was "hurting her feelings", poor kid was probably terrified.

    I suggest a sternly worded email to the school advising them that whilst you apologise for the slip up of using the "B" word in the hearing of the wee cherubs, you are quite confident that many of them have heard & probably said worse but you will attempt to contain yourself in their hearing. As for Keera's hurty feelings, firstly, her upbringing prior to living with you had been somewhat difficult and many of her habits and behaviours were formed during those first few years (and since they are so damn know it all about children neuroscience, they will know the brain forms the most in the first 3 years). Secondly, hauled into an office & grilled about her family and asked questions like the gestapo is more likely to have scared her & she would only be saying what she is hoping they want to hear to avoid being in trouble (see point one for previous upbringing). And if that does not satisfy them then you will happily remove Keera from their institution and enrol her where the staff & parents are not a bunch up uptight wankers.

    In conclusion, you are a bloody good parent & grandparent!!!

    1. Draft that email for me darling!

    2. Well said Tracy.

    3. I bloody well will!!! I do it quite often - never send them but are therapeutic 😀Hang in there lovely I am sure some other parent or caregiver will commit another crime, you know like last seasons Lululemon activewear or the lippy not matching the outfit or, God forbid not using organic, gluten free, dairy free, non caged snacks in the lunchbox.

    4. *snort* I put whatever the hell I like in her lunchbox! I bet that will be my next sin. Wait for it....

    5. Yes it will be! Been there, done that! These people think they own your kids. I get that there have to be basic safety rules (no flip flops on the playground, no punching) but they go super overboard on all the wrong things.

      It's odd you are in trouble for swearing b/c wasn't NZ founded by a bunch of sailors? They didn't 'zactly have pristine speech patterns don'cha know.

  4. Exactly what Tracy said!

  5. Anonymous6:03 PM

    100% agree with Tracy! My youngest is a Senior in High School now and there isn't enough money in the world for me to start over again in the crazy, uptight, judgemental school system. So easy for them to pass judgement from afar not knowing you saved that child from an unstable environment. They should be praising you for going OVER AND ABOVE for Keera and giving her a loving home and loving grandparents. I am fuming mad that happened to you.

    So you said a bad word! Good god I have a trucker mouth on the best day and my kids are just fine. You've raised smart, amazing children and grandchildren (love ya Lacy but dang you put your momma through the wringer ;) - Don't let some stick in the mud school get the best of you.

    I'd try and move her if I were you but I'm sure schools talk to each other and they might have your mug shot up in Principal offices all over town! BEWARE OF THIS GRANDPARENT: She cusses, sews, loves to garden and is always moving furniture! HIDE YOUR CHILDREN!

    You have to laugh at them or they'll roll right over you and after reading your blog for YEARS I know this much - nobody rolls over Chris!

    Walk in like you own the place with a smile on your face and DARE them to toss Keera out if they bother you again. That's a lawsuit you'd win in a heartbeat.

    You rock and you're amazing!!!
    ~Nicole in CA

    1. Thank you and they can't toss Keera out of the school. They have NO GROUNDS to do that.

  6. Haven't commented for ages...I agree with Tracy and anon. And furthermore after 25yrs
    in the education system WHO was Keira's support person in this questioning/ grilling.
    She has rights at school as does every one else. When I retired 25 yrs ago my school was full of yummy mummies who complained at the drop of a hat. Come on principal have some compassion for a wee one who has had a tough start to life ...she knows she has a mummy who loves her and two grandparents who are raising her who love her as well as
    everyone else. The explanation you will get is "following protocol" Fuck protocol think

    1. Lorraine7:15 PM

      You took my same thought.I was under the understanding they couldn't question/interview a child without a parent/guardian being present.They are a pack of.Well I won't say it as it really made me mad when I read about the schools response.

      Southgirl x

  7. Bloody was dive years ago. And principal you will undo any good that's been don if you continue down this path. Take deep breaths and calm down. Your clever beat her at her own game. Get the script in your head ask for mediation for you and stew request the class teacher to be there and for part of it Keira also. Good Luck.
    I'll finish on a humorous note to cheer you up I hope. Many years ago I had a friend working in a high school...unfortunately he caught a girl smokeing...he had to send a note for an interview. Her language wasn't very good either/ and I don't mean English.
    Her two parents came to school...salt of the earth they were. Fags tucked up t/ shirts stubbies and thongs...into office listened to teacher and then said to daughter " gees
    Melissa what the fuck are you doing that for ? They were two parents who loved their daughter and were doing the best they new how. Beware the hovering principal who's out in playground before first bell.

  8. 5 years . I'm sick with shinglesIll blame all the stress the fucking yummy mummies caused.

  9. You your also entitled to know what was asked of and said to Keira. It would have been
    documented. Ask for a copy and don't accept it was just an informal chat business .
    Sadly you have ro start keeping records as well. Get a diary and write everything down. I'm
    not overreacting I've seen principals like this before and the staff room can be a pit of snakes. Keira deserves a better start to school than this. A softly softly quiet chat from classroom teacher. Bu no obviously someone with influence made a complaint and the ""issue""" has to be seen to be followed,up. Night

  10. That's shocking - no wonder you're upset. You've been a brilliant mum/nan to Keera.

    Some great advice above. I'll just add that my father swore like a trooper - we all grew up knowing those words but also knowing that they were only for adults to use and woe betide us if they slipped from our own childish lips! I don't think it did me any damage. I'm sure Keera knows which words are 'bad' and is probably using them for effect.

  11. Guy's school principal (and most of the teachers probably) aren't my biggest fans! Whenever I speak to the principal about the (ongoing -- 3 years and counting....) bullying of Guy he said "well that's your opinion" on whatever subject I might be mentioning at that moment. I *cannot* wait for this year to end and Guy will go to high school (yes, with it's own set of problems, perhaps) but at least he will have a chance to make some decent friends and hopefully enjoy his schooling. PS: Tracy: always love your comments here (and on my blog) xx :)

  12. OH my fucken god. Do they have any idea at all at that school any clue. You and stew and the kids in your immediate home abd Steve and Bex have been so much stability for that poor wee Muffit in her life of ups and downs. They call u an unstable influence oh for fuck sake. Oops. But REALLy.!!!

  13. Agree with all the above draft a letter, wait until monday Tuesday ask to see principal with Stew outlive your concerns and where Keera has come from, the many houses shifts aunties etc .... They will get it what a prize cock he has made of himself.....

  14. That's appalling Chris, I'm totally outraged on your behalf! I use bad words, a lot, and yes now and then William will slip out with one - usually if he's stubbed his toe or something.It does NOT make me a bad parent or a negelectful one or whatever else this school is implying about your care of Keera. It's obvious you love that little girl to bits and have done everything you can to ensure she's safe, well cared for and loved!

  15. Oh my word! If they only knew how much better off she is.


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