Wednesday, August 23, 2017


But.... I have stirred some shit this week!

On Sunday night I got a phone call from one of the senior, long time members of the Cambridge Patchwork Group, 'S'.

That would be the group that I am considering leaving, as I don't enjoy being there at all.

Anyway... the reason for the phone call was that 'S' wanted me to send out a group email ... to... GET THIS... ask the members to think about, and bring their ideas to group on Monday morning, about how we can attract and KEEP new members!

And also, 'S' wanted to suggest the group offered classes and short courses to members, and new members, to make the group more attractive to everyone.

MY RADAR WENT UP.... and ummm... here was the PERFECT opportunity for me to use my own personal experience to point out how it feels to be a new person to the group!

So I did just that, in a nice way of course, but not leaving out how I felt in any way.
I said it was awful walking into that hall and literally being ignored by everyone, getting a perfunctory 'Hello' from some ladies, and being totally ignored by others!

I pointed out that I am sure any new ladies who have joined lately, and NOT come back have left for the same reason I was contemplating leaving.  The group offered me NOTHING, certainly not friendship!

I did say I thought offering classes was an excellent idea and might help bring new members in, and retain them.

Well... my email was read by all... and I got a few personal replies back.  All were supportive, some were saying they had felt the exact same way and so on.

I couldn't go to the Monday meeting, being sick and all.  So I don't know what went on, but I've been told my email caused quite a stir.

I got a report back from the 'pseudo' boss lady on Monday night.
In it she thanked me for bringing how I felt as a new member to their attention, and what they were going to be doing to try and rectify how new ladies felt.

For a start:

- They are appointing 5 mediators, people who new and existing members can talk to with any problems or issues.

- They are instigating a 'Buddy' system. 

- They are going to re-arrange the table settings so everyone is together and there are not clicky groups of existing friends who always sit together, excluding everyone else.

- They will be offering one big class a term, learning a new technique or a quilt, and some smaller demonstrations during the term too.

- They are considering going on Fabric trips... which is right up my alley!

So how is that!  Talk about a massively POSITIVE outcome.  I couldn't be happier, not just for myself, but for any and all new members.

OH and they sent me a 'Get Well' Card yesterday too!   That might have been a bit cheesy, particularly when they had all signed it!  I feel a bit guilty that I've stirrred them all up.

Now, what is today?
I'm losing track of time/days... what I'm supposed to be doing.
Oh hold on... I'm sick.  NOT doing anything!

This is such a weird feeling, actually staying home and taking it easy!  I must be really sick.
My new fashion accessory is a bowl and towel.  Such a good look.  

Particularly outside the school classroom!

Yeah just kidding.  I only take the towel to school.

ha ha ha!

On a more serious note... at around 12.20 am I started coughing and vomiting, and COULD NOT STOP for over 20 minutes.
AND I was getting sharp pains in my chest and weirdly, at the sides of my chest,  up by my armpits!  It was so scary I almost panicked.
I found some asthma medication I had from a couple of years ago, so took a couple of puffs of that... it seemed to help a little.
I'm going to the Doctor today though.
I don't want that to happen again!


After dropping the kids at school, I went down to the Dr's, with the view that I'd make an appointment for later in the day.
Nope, they saw me right there and then!
I had an ECG taken... which showed my heart was just fine.
The pains were caused by muscle spasms from all the vomiting, which is what I thought they would be from.
My blood pressure is up ... but not too bad.
The Dr has given me anti-nausea medication, to help with the vomiting... so that's great!
I might be able to eat something and have it stay down now.

I've still got a long way to go before the coughing subsides knowing my luck, but it's not like I'm not used to that.  I just hope I FEEL better soon so I can get back to my walking group.

I'm now going to try having something to eat, then have a nap.  Last night I got NO SLEEP at all.  I feel very woozy.

Had a good lunch, followed by an hour's nap.  Still feel like crap, but oh well...  shit happens.

Kids are home, the family room is a tip, Keera's happy though.
Stew is doing takeaways tonight, I'm just not up to cooking tonight.  I can hardly keep awake!

We had KFC for dinner, and so far I've kept mine down!  I even think I'm coughing less tonight.

We've had a quiet evening, no point trying to do much really.  I was going to do a little sewing, but nah, no energy.


  1. Bloody hell Chris!!! Please if there is a next time please please call an ambulance or wake Stew up at get to an A & E. P.S Good work on the Patchwork group. 😘

    1. I was about to do both... but then I stopped vomiting and the pains went away.

  2. Yes, a doctor is called for.
    Take care

  3. Oh no you get the worst coughing fits 😢 I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Sorry to hear you aren't the flashest right now..feel better soon Chris. Hugs

  5. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Get thee to a doctor STAT!! Your symptoms need to be checked out.

  6. Shit Ma you sure no how to Freak people the f*ck out

  7. Just catching up on everything as not on my laptop as much these days.... great news about you getting a new puppy! So exciting! But bummer about being sick - there are some real nasty bugs around (I'm home with Rachel today who is sick) which are knocking people for 6 and some people have ended up having 2-3 weeks off work! Take care

  8. Glad you went to the Dr & it turned out to be nothing serious - this time!!

    It will be interesting to see if things change at Patchwork, good on you for speaking up, I guess a lot of groups do tend to get a bit stagnant & people who have been there for a while forget what it is like to be a newbie so injecting some life into it & having things in place to make sure any new members are made to feel welcome is fantastic - good on you for speaking up :-)

  9. So pleased you were able to resolve patchwork group..... Issues great. That's worrying those spasms and pains I do hope you get better and get some sleep..... Too.


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