Thursday, August 03, 2017


The next two days will be 'walk free' for me.
That will give my legs a chance to recover from three days of walks in a row.

Instead, I shall be dropping the kids off at school, then going into Hamilton to do the grocery shopping.

I'm not actually dreading it either!  Weird I know.
But, as we are really low on FOOD, I can't put it off any longer.  *smiles*

Once home, I shall put it away then get on with some sewing I think.

I'm working on Christmas gift bags next.  No more gift wrapping for me.  I can't thank whoever it was who suggested making bags enough!  No more dreading having to wrap all the presents.

Such a relief.  And over time, the expense of having to buy wrapping paper and cellotape will make up for the cost of the fabric.  I'm going to  have fun making them too.

I've got a bit of Christmas fabric already... but might check out what's new in the shops too.

 ABOVE:  So, I've got 6 Christmas fabrics, some more suited to little bags.  
It would be nice to get some more bright and cheerful ones too.

ABOVE:  I thought this Kiwiana fabric would make a nice bag too.  Maybe some of my 'Kiddie' fabrics would suit being Christmas bags too?  Hmmm.... must check that stash out too.

Right, I'm off to get the day started... catch ya later.


2.00 pm:   And... groceries are bought, and even put away.
Had some lunch then popped over and properly met a young mum just across the road from me, she's doing the Urban Challenge walks too.  Only she's a nutter and does them at 5 am in the morning!

She's a nice nutter though! lol

She's got one little boy, who's almost 3.  He reminds me of Griffin, very tall and solid for his age, but when he opens his mouth you just know he's still only little.

So basically, I've been out all day.
Therefore, I'm staying home tonight, and going to WW tomorrow, to the midday meeting.

That way I can even stay for the meeting, and see what I think of that group.  Though from past experiences, not many people actually stay for a meeting at midday, usually they weigh and go.  Time will tell eh?

It's a lovely day today!  Sunshine, and if you are out of the wind, it's lovely and warm!  Very crisp in the wind.

I should be doing some housework, but I reckon the kids can help me when they get home.  Griffin's pretty good with the vacum, and Brylee can clean the family bathroom.  
Gotta teach them how to keep house eh.  *smiles*

Next... dinner.  At least we have options now!

Tonight we actually had left over beef stew made into pies.  Twas yum.

And that's it from me for the day... Coronation Street just started, so I'm off to watch it.


  1. Nice to have reusable bags, no trash! Hmm something to think about!

  2. Your thanks is greatfully received 😜👌
    I'm just waiting to see what you make and how many you do 😉

  3. Anytime griffin needs a break he can come do our vacuming. This carpet hates me. You turn around after putting cleaner away and there always some but of dirt or hair on the floor - today was glitter EVERYWHERE !!!

    1. Glitter is the pits! Keera came home with a painting covered in bloody glitter, it's STILL on the carpet in places.

    2. Oh God no!! Glitter is the worst, you find it weeks later in the weirdest of places 😠

  4. I love the fabric, and look forward to seeing the bags. Reading the 'Kiwiana' fabric is interesting, I know from previous posts that jandals are what we call flip-flops in the UK. What is hokey pokey, please? I'm assuming it's one sort of ice cream?

    1. Hokey pokey is honeycomb, made with sugar, golden syrup and baking soda. Hokey pokey ice cream is vanilla ice cream with small balls of solid hokey pokey flavoured toffee in it.

    2. Its the most divine ice cream absolutely my favourite. Its even tastier as I can only eat it three months per year. I have made a shopping bag of the Kiwiana fabric. Always easy to find and draws the odd comment even here in France. Helen in France

  5. I always come back to your blog to see your dinner choice!! I neeeeeed inspiration! I am so over what I usually cook, it's so hard to plan, shop, cook, eat, clean, repeat repeat repeat. It's driving me bloody nuts!


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