Friday, August 04, 2017


Yesterday afternoon all I got done on my Christmas bags was sorting out fabrics and contrasting fabrics for each patterned fabric.  Seriously ... bugger all !

This morning I will cut out a few bags, then I will be heading into Hamilton for the Weight Watchers meeting and weigh in.

Fingers crossed the result isn't too bad!  My scales were nasty this morning!

So, I'm sitting on my chair last night, wrapped in my blankie.  Coco joins me, and I wrap her in my blankie ... then dang!  I need to pee.   I figure Coco will get too hot really soon and jump down, so I leave her there... and wait... and wait...

ABOVE:  and wait..... for over an hour!  Then she finally gets down and I can go piddle!  Phew, such a relief.

She did look so warm and happy there eh? *smiles*


2.04 pm:   And today is going well!  Did bugger all in the morning, but usual household stuff, then I headed into Hamilton for weigh in.

AND... I lost a WHOPPING 100 grams!   I know, I know... it's a loss so I should be happy right?  But 100 grams?
Yeah.  Moving on.  Will do better next week I'm sure.

The Friday midday meeting surprised me.   I fully expected it to be dominated by women dashing in during their lunch hour and then leaving again... but NO!
There was a nice number of ladies who stayed for the meeting, some who have been going for years, and some new ones.

Two young mums with tiny babies, so cute.  So I really enjoyed the meeting and will be happy to attend that meeting from now on. 

Home now, killing time till I pick up the kids. 

'Silly Bugger' dinner tonight... in other words... I'm not really cooking!  Sausages, Bubble 'n' Squeak (hash brown's with veges added) and spaghetti.  Our usual Friday night fare.

Looking forward to a nice evening... might even drag the exercycle into the sewing room and watch Coronation Street while pedaling.   I've not done much exercise today and I feel sluggish.

Well... I stayed a slug.  But... I did go in the sewing room, and I sewed!
I started a bag at around 8.30 pm, and finished it at 10.35 pm.  Not bad!
First one down, only 20 or so to go.

Off to bed shortly, got a walk in the morning.


  1. Naw so cute. Molly does that too.

  2. Aww Coco looks so cute, I do the same with Indie, if I need to pee or move I resist so I don't disturb the cat!! The same cat that has no qualms about jumping one in the middle of the night or sleeping in the middle of the bed so I don't have much room :-)

  3. 100 grams still a loss again don't be disheartened you are getting fitter meeting people and improving your health Win Win

  4. Losses may get less but with all the exercise you are doing you will notice it in your clothing getting looser. Muscle weighs more than fat.... you are building those muscles back up :)

  5. Christmas? You must be the first to mention Christmas!
    You can tall a lot about a person by the way they treat animals, you're #1 in my book!

  6. The Christmas bags are going to be darling, But I think the recipients are going to want to keep them. I use gift bags from the dollar store so it doesn't matter if they disappear or not. Then again, I don't sew.... AND I can't wrap. I would covet one of your fabric bags though....


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