Saturday, August 05, 2017


I made the first 'Christmas Bag' last night, and I'm very happy with it:

ABOVE:  I chose this fabric for a little child... it's bright and colourful, and bloody cute.
Probably for one of the little grandsons.

The next one is in the same fabric, only I will use a lilac fabric on the top, so it can be for a granddaughter.

I hope that over the years the bags get heaps of use, and the kids come to really enjoy opening them to see what's inside from their grandparents.  *smiles*

I will be making smaller bags as well... for bigger kids who only want MONEY!  lol

It will be so neat not to be wrapping presents.  And I can pop things in their bags during the year, so there might be lots of things in them!

Moving on... I've got a walk booked this morning.  It's the one with the bloody steep hill again!  I know, I dread hills.  But, I want to do this one again as it's a challenge, and it's only a shortish distance UP.  Once up it, the rest of the walk is flat and easy.

Once home, I shall be doing some housework, then sewing.

So me day is planned.


12.09 pm:  Today's walk was excellent.  I got up 'the hill from hell' without stopping this time... though I was still massively out of breath at the top!
Glad I did it though... personal challenge that one.

Now... I'm going to continue with some sewing.  I started the 2nd bag before I went on the walk, and only have the ties to make and it's finished.

We got a couple of nice photos of our walking group this morning:

ABOVE:  Notice our purple FBG's t-shirts are starting to creep in!  Soon we will mostly all be wearing them when it's warm enough.  Though, I find it warm enough already.  *smiles*

There were several groups of our girls and dogs out walking today, everyone is trying their hardest to finish all or most of the sections on the Eastside of Cambridge before tomorrow.

Tomorrow we have our Mid Challenge Get Together.  I'm looking forward to that.

Stew cooked dinner tonight, roast chicken with home made stuffing, roast veges and cauliflower/broccoli in a cheese sauce and rich gravy. OMG delicious.

Then we went out and picked up some visitors, brought them back here and yakked for a few hours.  Was lovely.

Will show you who tomorrow.  *smiles*

Time to sign off... 


  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    OMG - Love the bag - you can add a name tag so it is there's every year.
    You are very clever - I can't sew to save myself - altho must admit I haven't really tried (LOL)
    Hope the walk went well
    Lisa aka Pinky :):)

    1. These bags are super easy to make chick! The walk was great!

  2. Well done on getting up that hill...great to beat a challenge! Love the bag.

  3. Love the bag you made. Will the kidlets be willing to give them back after Christmas? Congrats on the walk and conquering the hill! Have you seen the blog local-kiwi-alien? She has lived in Greece for over 40 years but is originally from Hamilton, NZ. She said that she reads your blog.

    1. No but I will check her out. 😁

  4. Well done on the hill, goes to show how much fitter you are getting 👍🏼

  5. Lovely Xmas bag as always you so arty crafty. Your walking is going so well and yes your getting fitter yay.

  6. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Yea Ma that 2nd pic is so neat, you look so happy and can definitely see a difference, shit I'm so happy for you xx #jailbird

  7. WTG on the big hill! That reminds me I wanted to make some draw string bags too!


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