Saturday, August 26, 2017


Well it took over 7 hours, but we finally got the internet back at home late last night.  Such a relief... relying on your phone to do updates and check emails etc is a right pain in the butt.

So it's back to many ways.

I felt so happy to get back to the walking group last night. I chose a SLOW walk, and that worked out really good.  

ABOVE:  Our walk photo.  

I am thinking of going for my next walk on Monday night, another slow one.  I don't want to push myself too fast and end up back in bed recovering for longer.

Slow and steady eh.

Both big kids are 'out' this morning.  Brylee is on a date with her boyfriend, they just hang out in town most times.
And Griffin is on a meet up with a group of friends... I think they are going bowling?

So it will just be Stew, Keera and I at home this morning.  I'd like to think it will be nice and quiet... but nah.  It won't be.  Keera has a motor mouth.  It never stops.
She likes the sound of her own voice.

Such a shame Dante and Archer don't live here... they keep her amused and then she doesn't bug us constantly.  *sigh*

I don't have any plans for the day... just taking it easy still.  I don't plan on having a relapse!
I still cough heaps, but don't feel so dreadful now.

Right, better go and get the washing on... we have heaps!   I really haven't done much housework these past 11 days or so.  


So... I had an awesome sleep last night, very little coughing and NO vomiting.  Such a relief.

Stew, Keera and I did the grocery shopping this morning... one big job done and dusted for a fortnight.

Once home, we unpacked it all, had lunch, then went to Mitre 10 to get some planks of wood to lie along the 'dog fence line', to stop Coco from digging her way out.  She's done that a few times lately.

Hopefully that will stop her.  Stew just has to cut them to fit, then lie them down.

ABOVE:  I gave Coco a Denta Stick.  And she's carried it around the house for almost 3 hours now!  She's had them before and usually eats them pretty quickly.
I think now that she doesn't have to worry about it being taken off her, she can take her time.

After several days of the most gorgeous Spring sunshine, it's pouring down again.  Poor Stew is out there in the rain.

I forgot to take a photo of the dog proof fence line... will have to do that tomorrow.  Stew didn't take too long to get it done, it was a fairly straight forward job at the end of the day.

It's been a quiet evening.  Stew's watching rugby and I've watched Coronation Street and am about to head off to bed.  Looking forward to another good night's sleep.
You don't realise how much you rely on it till you don't get it.


  1. Must be a girl thing miss 6 is the same......nana, nana, nana, I want, never stops from the time she opens those big blue eyes lol

  2. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Coco reminds me so much of little Polly George's Mum.

    1. Awwwww. I hope George is doing well mate.

  3. Glad you are feeling better slow walking will ease you back in.. Hope the big kids enjoyed their day and Spring rain is ok I guess just in small doses.


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