Monday, August 21, 2017


This should be my last week of feeling sick as a dog.
I am totally over this shit...  I want to get back to my walking!

Luckily there's been no new walks added to the list ... so far.  I've got 5 walks to catch up on, so not insurmountable.

I'd 'normally' be going to the Cambridge Patchwork Group this morning, but obviously I can't.  There's too many ladies there who really don't need to catch this bug.
I'd feel dreadful if I passed it on.

So, another stay at home day  for me... expect for dropping and picking the kids up from school.

On that note, I'm outta here... need panadol asap!


Our new puppy is due in the next day or two... Cuba has been showing some signs of early labor, digging and panting... so getting EXCITED!   Her owner is nervous as hell...her first litter.  Precious.  I can still remember how I felt when Coco was having her first litter too.

I can say with 100% experience that sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG in a Lazy Boy Recliner chair is very comfortable!

I tried getting to sleep in bed last night... but it was impossible.  I kept coughing till I threw up, so at midnight I came into the family room and settled into a chair.
And I finally stopped coughing and fell asleep at around 2 am.
Didn't wake up till 6, so yaa!  4 hours sleep.

My eyes feel like they have sand in them... and look even worse.  Not a good look I must say.

But.. BUT.... I think I don't feel quite so bad today!  Sure, I spent a good half an hour this morning coughing up phlegm and dry retching, but now?  I feel a bit better!  The end might be near.  lol

Dare I say it looks like it might be a nice day out there too?   It has been raining, but the sky is blue and the birds are chirping.  

THE PUPPIES ARE BORN!  And there's 3 girls and 3 boys.  'J' was only expecting 4!  Clearly the x-ray didn't show up the other two.  They are off to the vet's in a little while as there is a retained placenta that needs removing, other than that... all is well with the pups.

edit:  they got it wrong.  There's 4 boys and 2 girls.  The Mother dog is doing well now and all puppies have been examined by the vet and are all healthy too.

I've been in bed all day!  Slept too, so hopefully I am finally on the mend too.
Time to pick up the kids, so I'm off outta here.

As I was feeling a bit better this evening, I took myself off to my Cambridge Weight Watchers meeting.
It was a nice meeting, we learnt how to make sugar free sweets... which was actually jelly with gelatine added, and poured into little moulds.
Very nice, and if you add some fruit even better I reckon.

Home to a very distressing phone call from the new Puppy mother.  The smallest puppy, who's a true runt, is passing away.  I could only offer her comfort in the knowledge that these things happen, and she has done nothing wrong.  It's very upsetting that 'J' is having to go through this with her first ever litter.

Nature can be tough.


  1. Ooh exciting, new puppies!!!!

    Keep resting as much as you can because I gives your body a chance to fully recover, if you jump back into things too quickly you will relapse (I did earlier this year) and that is really really frustrating.

    1. Don't you worry mate, I am doing NOTHING until I feel 100% again. This cold/flu has knocked me for six!

    2. Good Girl, I know how much you hate to not be doing something, anything!!!

  2. wow, coughing and vomiting sounds just awful and to have it so long, plus not sleeping. Horrible. Sure hope you feel better soon. Rest up and take care. xxx

  3. Been scrolling through photos and WOW does your house look busy! I hope you feel better very soon!

  4. Do you know you always seem to get this cough vomit around pollen time? We got heaps down our way.... Puppies yay


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