Monday, August 14, 2017


So yesterday's photos stopped at the beach.  I have a couple more:

ABOVE:  a nice one of us.

 ABOVE:  I have a 'thing' for waves and water!  *smiles*

ABOVE: The Mount. One day, in the not too distant future, I fully intend walking up that freakin' thing.  I've only done it once before, when I was about 15 years old.

After walking on the beach we headed to Jacqui and Martyn's for lunch.

On our way there... we saw this:

ABOVE:  Been hunting... got pigs!  Brought back memories of when I was a little kid and my Dad went pig hunting.

So, we got to Jacqui and Martyn's, had a very nice lunch, then we all went for a walk on the wetlands.

ABOVE: They live up a really, really steep hill.  And I walked down it, and UP it again.  Sure, I got a bit puffed going up, but so did everyone else! 

 ABOVE:  Taken from the wetlands, looking back up towards their home.

 ABOVE: The two little girls walking ahead of us.
Really cute.

 ABOVE:  I saw a black dog in the water among all the ducks and was a bit worried...

ABOVE:  But he had no interest in the ducks at all... he was playing fetch with his tennis ball.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Relaxing while the kids played in the playground.   We were so lucky with the weather!  It was forecast to rain.  Nope, no rain.

Now... I mentioned yesterday that MARTYN had a surprise for us.... WELL....

Martyn and Jacqui joined Jenny Craig about 6 months ago.  They both lost weight.
Jenny Craig were on the look out for a new person to front their advertising... and they chose:


He's lost 20+ kilos and looks AMAZING!

Jacqui has done exceptionally well too and looks fabulous.
Now when Jenny Craig adverts are on the TV, we will all see Martyn!  


PHEW... that's it for now!
I've got the usual sort of Monday ahead.
Kids to school

Walk at 10.30, then home to do some housework.

Catch ya later.


4.12 pm:  Hells bells, how did I forget to update all day?

So it's gone like this:

After dropping the kids at school I came home and did bugger all!
Then I went on the walk, which I was leading.  There ended up being 10 of us, a good number considering it started raining just as we set off.

I got a bit wet, but not too much.

The pace was fairly fast to begin with, but slowed down eventually, which was just as well as my shins played up.

After the walk a bunch of us went to a local coffee shop for a cuppa and bite to eat.  I had a date scone, which was very average.

Then I came home and did... bugger all!  I am knackered!

Come end of school time, I picked up the kids and came home.  
And prepared dinner.

ABOVE:  I'm trying a vege bake.  I've got it in the oven on about 180 degrees.  Hopefully it will be fully cooked in 2 hours or so.

Well... the vegetable bake was OK... but I wasn't too happy with how it had so much liquid in the bottom?  And I might have put too much egg in cos it was like an omelette with vegetables in it.  Weird, but edible.

Stew and the kids liked it, so all good I suppose.

Time to sign off... it's getting late and I'm still knackered.


  1. Lovely pic of you and Stew x

  2. Very nice photo of you and Stew, love the ohotos from the Mount. ..well done Martyn!! Bice to have that wet lands area to walk in.

  3. Love that pic of you and Stew...
    ......and the water/waves...I have a thing for taking pics of the water too!!

  4. I think you should use that photo of the two of you as your profile pic. It's a really lovely one.

  5. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Your friend Martyn has done an amazing job...Jenny Craig is great...really works when you stick to it and makes it you don't have to worry about cooking and shopping much.


  6. Gorgeous photo of you and Stew. Lovely wetland photos, PROPS for walking up and down that steep gradient. Well done Martyn's fantastic achievement.

  7. Beautiful photo of you and Stew :)

  8. That looks like a fun day!


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