Saturday, August 12, 2017


So I had a walk booked this morning... but as there was only 3 of us going, it got cancelled.

Now I have to either jump on another walk, or wait till Monday, when I have another one booked.   I'm still deciding.

If I don't go walking ... I will suggest to Stew that we do the grocery shopping.  That way I don't end up having to do it all on me own.   

We all know how much I  hate grocery shopping, so having him along makes it more bearable.

We don't have any plans for the weekend at all.  I'm starting to miss having heaps to do ... well, except for the housework!

There are not many 'projects' to do around this house/yard at all now.  Kinda boring really.

Though.. I AM wondering if I should put net curtains in the lounge.  From the road that room looks cold and dark, naked with nothing on the windows.    Perhaps I can look at net if we go out today.

On that note... which is saying bugger all really!... I'm off to get some washing on.


ABOVE:  And yeah... very glad I'm not out walking this morning!  I think I would get drenched! 
It's really iffy out there, sometimes we get the downpour, and sometimes the weather ducks around us and we don't get a drop!

But something tells me it's going to RAIN.  Like, lots.

ABOVE:  My lovely daffodils and jonquils are getting a hammering from the weather.  But some are still standing.

ABOVE:  I'm really excited about this tree.  All year long it just looks like a messy, twiggy tree.  But now it's starting to bud... and those buds turn into the most gorgeous blue flowers.
I can't wait to see it bloom in my garden for the first time.
It was already in bloom when I bought it last year. 

Stew and I are heading out soon to grab a few groceries, then it will be a blob out day.  I will be doing some more sewing/housework... just the usual sort of saturday.

ABOVE:  What an excellent idea to take Stew with me to choose net!  He zeroed in on a perfectly plain, but nice net... and Spotlight were having a sale so we got 40% off!  I got enough net for the entire lounge for well under $100.

If it had been left up to me I would still be there trying to decide which one to get!

After that we went and got some groceries...

ABOVE:  this had to be our SMALLEST grocery shop ever!  I tend to stock pile groceries, so this time I decided to only buy what we had run out of.  
It felt weird only having a tiny amount I tell ya!

Now home, and about to start cutting net, ready to hang.   There might be finished photos tomorrow.  

The sewing machine got a work out this afternoon.  I got all 4 nets cut, hemmed and hung before dinner.

Dinner!  Stew cooked mock whitebait fritters, OMG they were to die for!  He's not made them in years I reckon.  Well worth the wait.

Now... it's relax time.  Master Chef is on right now, and later.... Coronation Street.  


  1. What's the name of the tree with the blue flowers? I love blue flowers.

    1. I'm pretty sure it's this one:
      Blue flowering native plant shrub California lilac (Ceanothus 'Julia Phelps')

    2. lol OR it could be this one:
      Ceanothus Dark Star

    3. Thanks, Chris. I'll see if I can get them in Melbourne.

  2. Hells bells woman that is a small shop lol, at least it won't take long to put away did you go for a walk or use the treadmill? How the Xmas bags coming along.

    1. No walk or treadmill... I spent my time today sewing up the net curtains for the lounge. Xmas bags will be continued on Monday/Tuesday.

  3. What are mock whitebait fritters? Recipe please

    1. Stew makes a batter, then he grates raw potato into it, adds grated cheese, some herbs and salt/pepper them spoons them in to hot oil and fries them. Super yum!


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