Thursday, August 31, 2017


Today I have an 'appointment' with Keera's teacher, bright and early, before school starts. It's to discuss 'where to from here' in relation to her obvious learning difficulty.

She's struggling to recognise words and letters.  She's excellent with numbers and oral language though.

Because of the resent issue with the school, Stew is coming with me, as I don't want to be put in a one-on-one situation again.
That way there's two pairs of ears taking note of what's being said.

I'm told the meeting won't take very long, which is good as poor Stew is crazy busy at work. 

After the meeting I will be coming home to do the housework and so on.

Nothing riveting going on today really. 

 ABOVE:  Dante last night. 

It will be nice to see him and Archer on the weekend,  AND the puppies!  OMG I am going to meet our new puppy on Sunday.  I only have to choose which of the three girls it will be.   And that might not actually happen on Sunday, as they are still far too young to be displaying their personalities yet.


10.00 am:  And the meeting with Keera's teacher went OK.  No major revelations at all.  She's behind in reading and word/letter recognition... but bearing in mind she's only been at school 5 weeks I'm not going to be pushing any alarm buttons right now.

If she doesn't start picking up soon, they will shoot her into a 'pre' Reading Recovery programme.

I'm so glad Stew was there, it showed we are a united front, and also that Keera is happy, loved and secure with both of us. 

Stew is now at work, kids at school and I'm here... FREEZING!

Seriously, it's a lovely sunshiny day, and I'm freezing?  I can't seem to warm up at all.  My hands are like blocks of ice.  Weird.

1.20 pm:  And I whimped out and turned on the heat pump for a couple of hours!  Feel much better now.

I went out and bought some batteries for the doorbell, then a new collar for Coco... her old one was too tight (happens when her coat is a bit long), then I stopped and talked to a neighbour up the road who's recently had an addition put on her home.

She had to fill out various permits and consents too... but not a Change of Land Use one?  And her permits etc only took about 3 months.

So. The lady at the council might have had her facts wrong on length of time it takes.  But never mind, I'm now waiting for our area to be re-zoned Urban.  Not going to pay through the nose if I don't have to.

Man it's quiet today!  I feel like doing nothing... my hips are sore.  It's almost like how I felt right back at the start of the walking challenge.  Hopefully my hips stop hurting soon. 

TRACY:  I am going for another walk this evening, 7 pm. 
But right now, I'm taking Coco for a walk. 

Griffin's bedroom is only about 10 meters from the family room, but when I want him to come out for dinner, or just to talk to him I have to yell... and yell.... then I give up and go bang on his door and walk in to talk to him.  It does my head in.

So I thought of something over night, and implemented it this afternoon.

ABOVE: I put the door bell ringer in his room, and I have the control by my chair!  Now when I want him, I push the friggin button ... and in his room, the ringer chimes loudly and flashes a bright red light!
Let him ignore THAT!  He can't say he didn't notice it, even with his headphones on!

OMG I could have some fun with this thing!  Like waking him up in the morning when he's trying to get that extra 10 minutes before school... hee hee he.  I'm evil.. yes I am.  *smiles*

8.45 pm:  home from my latest walk... a bit sore but all good.  I'm now only one walk away from being all caught up again.

Coronation Street will be on soon, so I'm signing off for the day.

I walked a total of
168.83 kms this month.


  1. Good to see the meeting at the school went well. Maybe you're feeling the cold cos you're losing the weight?

  2. It's only five weeks - I'm surprised they are saying anything at this point. Cole has been at school all year and is a "slow learner" - still can't read anything other than "the" etc, easy words. I'm sure he'll need some sort of extra tuition etc but no point us stressing right now.

  3. I didn't find out my daughter couldn't read until half way through year 1. Her new teacher picked it up and tried so hard to get her up to the proper level, but alas, she had to repeat year 1. Her reading has always been below standard but she gets by now (she's 20!).

  4. Different kids learn & comprehend things at different rates, you know that, you have lots of kids & grandkids and seen it all before :-). I am sure Keera will be fine and things will just click with her, she is a bright wee thing. At least if the school are looking at her now then if there is an actual problem it might get picked up sooner.

    Hope you warm up soon - you might have to go for another walk!!

  5. I agree that it's a bit premature to make any major calls re: Keera's learning and they are all so very different. But, yes, she has you and Stew in her corner which is the best thing x

  6. I love the ringer haha, bloody teenagers

  7. Keep warm. Have loads of fun with the ringer.

  8. I just text my kids and my house is small lol

  9. My goodness, he is the spitting image of Bex!

  10. just caught up on yesterdays post too, the door bell idea is pure genius. I'm with the others, can't believe the school is mentioning any reading / letter recognition issues so early in the piece. My goodness, a friend of mine is a new entrant teacher in Tauranga where a large number of children are Polynesian / Maori, and it would be unusual for new enrolments to have letter recognition upon starting school. In same ways I guess its good the school is keeping a close eye on things like that, but still surprised it has been mentioned after only a few weeks at school.

  11. Did you get your warm blanket sorted? You are powering ahead with your walkd so pleased for you. Griffin and his room just dangle food in the doorway... Keera is so inquisitive and energetic I'm sure she will catch up soon good on the school for recognising early.


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