Thursday, August 10, 2017


FAR OUT... which is a very polite way of saying "FUCK IT".   Seeing as I'm not that polite... fuck it!

Feeling rather crabby right now. Had a very unsatisfactory 'conversation' with Lacy late yesterday.  She's in 'flux' again.  Still going to her course, but her 'relationship' has gone belly up.  NO surprises there then.

I'm not 100% sure what happened, but controlling behavior and verbal abuse is a factor from observations by me and other family members.

Hopefully there was no physical abuse this time.  

She's no longer living with him, which is good. I don't want to get any more cryptic or nasty texts from him.

God know's where she is living though.  My mind boggles.  Under a bridge?

At least she's not in her car!  She ain't got a car anymore.

That's one consolation I suppose.

I JUST WISH for once she would make some good MAN choices!  She seems to stumble from one bad 'un to another.  She's 37 and has never had a good relationship.  That's pretty sad.

Perhaps it's that old saying 'Like attracts like'?
Act a certain way and you will only ever attract those sorts of people.

*sigh*   And she can't seem to understand that I still care, and want to know where she is, that she is safe and well.  

Our conversation ended badly, cos I got really angry after a while.  It's her life to fuck up... she's doing a really good job of it, if nothing else.


I'm leading a walk this morning, starting at 10.30, so I have plenty of time to get some housework done first.  And hopefully, my shins will warm up too.

It looked like the walk might be cancelled due to low numbers last night, but it's looking more positive now (thanks Robyn C and a couple of other girls).  Rain puts lots off... but NOT ME!
I'm mad... I love walking in the rain.

And as this walk starts and finishes outside a cafe, a hot chocolate will be totally on when we finish.


*** shit commenter:  There is 'ENABLING', and then there is doing what is BEST for one's grandchildren.  I CHOSE to do what was best for my grandchildren, and I will NOT sit still and allow anyone to bag me for that.  

Waiting to leave for my walk this morning, all I could see outside was a huge BLACKNESS!  I seriously thought it would get cancelled, or we would be walking in pouring rain, thunder and lightening, cos that's what was forecast!

Couldn't have been more wrong.  We had gorgeous sunshine!  And a nice even 8 of us walking... it was just lovely.

ABOVE:  Our walk photo... it was quite hard finding somewhere to 'stage' our photo that was innovative/artistic/brave or different, so this had to do.  It came out quite good I think.

Home now and cooling down, I got really hot.

Once I've cooled down I'm going to do some sewing, there's three bags 'almost' finished, so I will get on with them.

Well... I got a bit of sewing done this afternoon... then fed the kids left overs on toast for dinner.
Stew is out at a work function (staff only)... pfffft.

I shouldn't complain, there's not too many of them.

Time to wind down for the day and watch some mindless TV, just relax till bedtime.


  1. Lacy needs to just be on her own for a bit, keep at the course & keep a regular job. Everyone deserves someone who treats them well.

  2. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Thought you said they were flatemates? Or was that to keep winz out of the picture?

    1. They were flatmates with benefits for a little while, then JUST flatmates. Not that it is any of your business.

    2. Anonymous10:47 AM

      It is my business when I once worked for the MSD convicting people such as your daughter.

    3. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Hmmmm look's like some one has nothing better to do that have a bitch about people who they no nothing about, so go on Miss or Mr annon, have you're little say.

    4. Anonymous1:39 PM

      You 'once' worked for MSD, not any more so butt out, and no one is breaking any law's so pull you're head in.

  3. Anonymous9:37 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Just when you wish that you left comment approval on !!!

    1. The ANON comment deleted was pure nasty, and not necessary. I'd rather delete those sort of comments.

    2. Anonymous10:40 PM

      cor blimey! there's always drama with lacey. you're right attracts like. but really, she's 37 and still not got her head straight? blinking 'ell. i hope her kids don't take after her, right?

    3. Anonymous7:09 AM

      Oh go jump, oh I forgot, you're just perfect in every way aren't you, and of course you can judge her right, I'm mean you know her don't you.
      Get a grip

    4. Anonymous3:26 AM

      I don't need to know her. Her track record speaks for itself. The more you excuse her behaviour, the more she will dump problems on others. Her children are lovely and Chris has done a wonderful job but that does not excuse her behaviour! You don't have to agree but at least listen to other opinions. Telling Anon to go jump solves nothing. Lacey needs to grow up. Full stop!.
      Sue Parks, York, UK


  5. Hey, hope all works out for Lacy, no matter their ages or situations you do always want the best for your kids.

  6. That is a great photo Chris! I am so impressed with your walking endevours!!

  7. Love the "walk" picture 😃

  8. Your walk photo is so cute.
    Looks you have fun with your walking.

  9. Love the walk picture! So fun!

    Kids are always going to be your kids even when they are being shits. Learning that one well lol.

  10. I LOVE the walk photo. It turned out great. Good Luck to Lacy, I hope her course and everything works out well!

  11. I love the photo. Very fun and whimsical :)
    You are a good parent, you can't control what adults do and you support her emotionally - that's important!

  12. Good on you for walking and love the walk photo, yes like does attract like but the course should help make some positive decisions..,,,


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