Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Months ago I started a giraffe soft toy.. remember it?

Well, I took it to patchwork class yesterday, hoping to get some help with it, as the instructions were doing my head in.

Well. Donna helped, but by the time I left the class yesterday I was going to get home and throw that bitch of a thing in the bin!

I had struggled with it all morning, and had come to the snout part... darts, darts and heaps of complicated instructions.  I gave up.

BUT... when I got home I decided to give one last chance to come together, both physically and in my head.

And once I stopped trying to make the instructions make sense, I finished the bloody thing!


So, without further ado... here's that friggin giraffe:

ABOVE:  Isn't he GORGEOUS!   No one is getting him, he's mine.  He took me hours of blood, sweat and tears.  lol  

Now... back to today.

I'm off on another walk this morning, another repeat.
Our group Organiser has just posted the first three new walks that start on the other side of the river, in Leamington.

The first walk for the new sections start next Monday.  I've already booked myself into one next Tuesday.  Yaaa.

When I get home from my walk I am going to get into the sewing room and move on with another project.  And (*sigh*), I will get some housework done too.

Cos that shit never ends.


10.30 am:  home from me walk... tired.  Glad to be having two days 'off' now.
The shins played up again today, so I had to slow down a bit, that helped.
Still LOVING this walking group.  
I'm hoping like hell it doesn't just end once we have done all the streets of Cambridge!

I've managed to get a crock pot of beef stew on for dinner, it's already smelling lovely.   It was a bit of a rush this morning, getting the kids to school, get the dinner on and get out in time for the walk though!

How the hell do mum's with a full time job do it!  I am in awe of all of you!

Sure, I've worked outside the home and raised 6 kids too... but not for a long time.  I reckon ya have to be young to juggle that many balls in the air and not fizzle out!

Getting cold just sitting here, might just get moving and do some riveting housework! 

The giraffe has a name... ALICE!  What else?!  Funny, while making it, in my head it was a 'he'... right up until this morning. lol

Well...   the rest of my day has gone fairly normal.  Bit of housework, some farting around in the sewing room and so on.

Picked up the kids from school, home... dished up dinner... bla bla bla.

Watching Master Chef... nail biting stuff.

Looking forward to some quiet time now Keera's in bed... she's been 'on form' this afternoon!  Noisy.  Singing, talking, talking, talking... my ears !  


  1. He is very cute! Well done on all the walks - you are rocking it!!!
    Pinky aka lisa

  2. The giraffe is sooo darn cute. Glad you finished him. Once you decide to toss it in the bin, it kind of opens up finishing it in any way possible, because worst case scenario it goes to the bin anyhow. He looks great. Nice photos too. The background blurs and the face is crisp. Nicely done. I am envious of your walking group. It sounds like such a cool idea!

  3. That giraffe is so cute, well done!!! I can only imagine how fiddly it would have been... If you (ever) want to look at more toys to make, I really like Jodie Carlton's patterns, she calls her blog Ric Rac (she is from Oz and her posts are usually very funny).

  4. He's adorable! I'd keep him too!

  5. He, or is it a she giraffe, is drop dead gorgeous. Well done. Helen in sunny hot France!

  6. That giraffe is beyond words! What a beautiful job. You're a true artist.

  7. Oh he looks awsome well done didn't you get a few patterns that day haha. Have a lovely day xx

  8. That is the cutest giraffe and you KNOW you will need to make more - they are always easier once you've done it one :) I love the colours too, gorgeous.

  9. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Well done on finishing the giraffe - glad he didn't end up in the bin, he is definitely a keeper. Audrey from Rotorua

  10. Wow he is so cute. Well done o finishing him.

  11. That giraffe is far too cute not to create a family of them ☺

  12. Are you kidding, I wonder how the hell you do all the runny around and looking after your family while I'm just sitting here. Maybe call you giraffe Friggin!

  13. So cool! I hope your project is going well and you can proceed w/ o the permit as she said. Here I just got a small deck done and the permit was only a bit over $60 so not so bad.

  14. Haha I always prepare casseroles night before everything whack it in fridge in morning early pop in crockpot on high then turn down low.... Call the giraffe "who the fuck is Alice" haha

  15. LOVE the giraffe, they are my favourite animals (along with zebras) as they both really the the most comical animals to look at. My head still thinks its funny that two animals that look like they should just be cartoon characters, actually exist. In regards to getting stuff done and working, there is no way in a million years I can do both properly (ie, to a high standard) which means my work gets priority as that pays the bills and everyone just has to accept that if they want clean washing, they need to 'hunt for it' in the 'clean washing pile'. The only time I fold stuff and put it away is at the weekends, and even then it can be hit and miss as the floors, bathrooms etc takes priority over laundry. Ocassionally (ie, maybe once every 3 months) I have used a cleaning company to come in for 5-6 hours. I get them to do stuff like clean windows, clean the oven, wipe down all the aluminim joinery (inside), so hopefully we can semi keep on top of it.
    At the beginning of this year I re-evaluated life and decided to cut my work hours down from 45 to 25 per week. Unfortnately that was easiler said then done, but hopefully things are now in place to be able to actually do it (finally). I'm looking forward to have a lot more time on my hands to do all the things I've slowly given up over the years.

  16. I have been leaving comments on your blog for the past several days using Feedly, but they don't seem to have been working. Now I'm using my browser.
    The giraffe is beautiful!
    Your days are getting longer and warm weather is coming!

  17. LOL you are too funny. Glad to see you conquered the giraffe. Looks lovely by the way. I'd love to have your winters. We have reach the apex of summer +30 with humidity and rain. The days have shorten considerably........WINTER IS COMING. Keep up the good work with walking, and WW.

  18. LOVE the giraffe. Alice is just beautiful. Congratulations on finishing the project!

  19. awww he's so cute!

    Have you tried different shoes for your shins?


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