Saturday, August 19, 2017


Today I'm going to watch Stew dismantle Brylee's bed and move it into her new room.

I hope Stew can remember how to take it apart and put it back together!  It's the queen bed with the hydraulic lifting base.

Stew came home with this for me last night:

ABOVE:  It is from our friend Karen Jones, who lives in Wellington.  I think I saw it on her facebook or something, and said it was gorgeous.
Next thing ya know... it's mine!  There's some border fabric that came with it too... so that will be a lovely project to start soon.

Thanks so much Karen... you ROCK.

It's 4.35 am and I'm now sitting up in the lounge.  I woke up at 4 am and that was it.  Coughing, snotting, headache from hell, so no point staying in bed.
I've watched a couple of episodes of The Midwives on You Tube, had some toast and now I'm going to try and sleep again.  
In me chair.  Cos I don't want to wake Stew up by going back to bed. 

He's a really light sleeper and is bound to wake if I go back.


ABOVE:  I might need to start throwing out old 'tights' soon... cos they are not TIGHT any more.  AWESOME.

Awww man do I feel guilty.   Stew thought he could take the headboard off the bed and just slide the base from one room to the other.

There is no room at all to do that, so the poor man is having to dismantle the entire bed.  All because I can't stand the heat!

But, once it's done it won't need to be moved again.  I PROMISE!

I'm feeling marginally better right now.  Panadol Rapid is rather wonderful!  It certainly dulls the headache.

I had some toast for breakfast at around 6 am, then at 7 am I threw the lot up in a bout of coughing!  BLOODY WONDERFUL.

I swear my stomach muscles have a rapid fire trigger when it comes to coughing nowdays.

But I'm not complaining, cos right now I feel much better than I did last night!

Late afternoon and all the rooms have finally been finished.  Brylee is in her new bedroom, which used to be Griffins (lol), and my main sewing room is now in what used to be the spare bedroom.

I hope I don't feel the urge to move stuff around again... I don't think Stew would appreciate it somehow.

He's just fallen asleep in his lounge chair.  Poor man, he's cooking dinner too today. 

Pork chops, roast veges, stir fry veges and so on.  As I'm bloody hungry, I can't wait.

Dare I wake him up?  NAH.... better let him have an hour to so first.

Haven't seen Griffin bar a few minutes today!  He is in his 'man cave' yakking to friends via his Playstation or something.  We never see him unless we drag him out kicking and screaming!  lol

Got the cough, cough, vomit shit going on now.  So annoying.  I'll probably really enjoy my dinner, till it comes up again!

Stew made a wonderful dinner, followed by a little cheesecake and ice cream.  I had some of both... and so far it's stayed down!

Watching Coronation Street now, then bed.


  1. Hope you feel better soon :(

  2. Get better soon Chris

  3. I'm glad you liked it. I saw it at our retreat bring and buy and got it with you in mind. I'm told Green Ginger wine helps heaps with these bugs that are going around. You can get it from the supermarket. It's very nice.

  4. OMG. I was out of town for a few days. Then I check your blog, reading it backwards..... And there is all this drama with Keera's school. Oh. good grief, I hope that is the end of it. I know you are a great family for Keera. Naughty words or not. I can't imagine that this move will be the end of things, knowing you. As you, yourself, said.... You move sh#t. I mean "stuff".

  5. Have you thought of building on a seperate room for sewing on the cold side house? Or a portable room? That you can move around section so it isn't in sun .... Your poor husband hope you feel better soon and it doesn't affect the walking.

  6. Hope you feel much better tomorrow.

  7. Oh mum hope you are feeling better soon. And as for bloody dad having to move furniture again I bet your arms get a good workout.


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