Tuesday, August 29, 2017


First up for the day... kids to school, then off to meet up with the Town Planner.
I've got two things to discuss with her.

One.  The proposed carport.  I need to find out just what we can and can't do.  I'm pretty sure we CAN put a carport in front of the garage, it's within the boundaries/building lines etc.
But I still need to get all the info.

Two.  I want to discuss with her if I need to get a permit to have more than 2 dogs on the property, if I need a permit to become a 'Registered Breeder' and so on.  I have no idea on that score.  I might find out I'm not even allowed to do it?  Dunno.

So that's first up.
After that I will come home and muck around here for the morning.

Then after lunch, I HOPE to go on a walk.  Knowing my luck, it will rain and be cancelled.  That's starting to piss me off.  If it is cancelled I will be getting on my treadmill.  I'm over not getting my exercise!  It just means I won't have anyone to yak to.  *sigh*

There is no Patchwork group in Hamilton today, the tutor/shop owner is away teaching somewhere.  Can't remember .  Shame, cos I missed last week too.

So, that's me for now....


Because our property is zoned RURAL, these are the steps required to get a carport OR pergola put on our property:

1.  Get a Resource Consent  $1,000.

2.  Get a Permit $500.

3. Get an Assessment of Environment Effects for the Landuse Consent Application.  (no guarantee it would be approved, and can take years!).

4.  Get written permission from 'affected' neighbours.

5. Get plans,drawn to scale, by a Draughtsman ($300 approx).

And THAT is all!

If ... IF we were zoned URBAN, we would only need the permit and plans.

In the future, our area will become URBAN due to future housing out this way, so once that happens, we can get a carport, as boundary issues will dissolve.  That could be in 2-3 years, or up to 10.  The Town Planner did not know the specifics.

So for now... NO CARPORT anywhere.  No PERGOLA anywhere.  


As for breeding puppies on the property, and how many dogs we are allowed on our property... we are ZONED URBAN !!!  Because we have other houses around us, we have to abide by URBAN rules.
So... this is where it is actually OK... All I have to do is apply for a permit to have more than 2 dogs on my property and pass a property inspection, and pay $27 every 3 years.
BOOM!  So we can have Coco, a breeding girl and a breeding boy with no problems.

ABOVE:  Today's walk photo.  I knew it was going to be hot, so I wore shorts.  I still ended up with a beetroot red face!  I wish I didn't go so red in the face when I get too hot.. but it is what it is.
It was an easy, uncomplicated walk today, and we did it in just over an hour.  I had just enough time to get home, have a shower and get back out to pick up the kids.

I'm now having a break before sorting out dinner.  

Dinner done... did a super easy dinner tonight of saveloys/baked potatoes and spaghetti!  Everyone loved it.

Now going to chill out then go to bed.  I'm only coughing every now and then now, so relieved.  And sleeping all night too.  Almost over it... yaaa.


  1. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Instead of being pissed off about it why don't you just do the walk by yourself if it's cancelled? Doesn't make sense to be annoyed when you can easily fix the issue yourself.

    1. Oh didn't I just say I would get on my treadmill and do a walk if it was cancelled? Yep, I did. As for last night.... it's not actually SAFE to walk on your own at night eh.

    2. Hehe, Harvey's rock lol

  2. Fee's, permits and survey's and certificates!!! Our reno is nearly finished and I'm starting to add everything to see how it shakes out. Do you know we paid over $29,000 in certificates and surveys etc and the Council Development Application. It went on and on and ooooooooon. Our build has been quite problematic and I can see why people advise against a huge renovation. At least we had the luxury of moving out, which a lot of people haven't got..... xxxx

    1. Wah, it's Christy on the above comment. My internet is playing up yet again! Sigh.

  3. So you are zoned Urban & Rural depending on how much money the council can screw out of you. I am not sure that you can actually be zoned both, tell her that you want to swap them - for the carport issue - change to urban & for the dogs change to Rural - problem solved. Surely if the council are allowed to pick & chose which zoning they want to apply then can you :-).

    1. Yep, seems we are both depending on what I want to do. It doesn't seem 'fair', but there's no point arguing the point with them... they would win.

  4. Lordy and someone always holding out there hand for more money what about poles and shade sails? For now is that permissible?glad to see you got a walk in...,.

    1. nope! NOTHING IS PERMISSIBLE it would seem.
      A shade sale is deemed a 'roof' ... therefore not allowed... and it MIGHT impact on a neighbour... god forbid! Totally over it now. Not going to happen. YET. One day this area will change to Urban, then we can get a carport!

  5. What a hassle for a carport!

  6. I must say if you take the exchange rate 1 to 1 it sounds very cheap. Not sure what the exchange rate is of New Zealand $ is to the South African Rand? Our country had become very expensive to live in and to survive, even the middle class is struggling to survive these days, the average town house would cost about ten thousand Rand in our money, which is a lot of money. The average salary is about 15 thousand rand which many people don't earn. Even people with an good education like having a degree are struggling. From been a good affordale country had become a burden, many people are working 2 jobs to survive. If you are lucky like me born in the 60's and provided for your self you are lucky. I feel sorry for many children of today, I really hope their parants have provided for their future.


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