Sunday, August 13, 2017


Yesterday's mission was to  hang some net in the lounge, to give us some privacy from anyone standing outside, and to enhance the look from the outside.

The lounge looked dark from the outside, and the windows looked

 ABOVE:  The before photo was taken in the morning, the after in the early evening.
But you get the gist.

ABOVE:  Top photos BEFORE, bottom photos AFTER.  

Now when sitting in the lounge we don't feel like goldfish in a bowl.  *smiles*
I really like the net.

Last night's dinner was a rarity... no meat.
I'd like to do more dinners without meat, we have far too much meat in this house.

So... any ideas people? 

I have on my pathetic list:

- mock whitebait fritters
- macaroni cheese
- corn fritters
- baked potatoes
- omelettes with cheese/tomato/mushroom

Not much eh?

As a side note, we have tried stuffed aubergines and didn't really like them much.  That's the only other one I can think of.

Moving on... we are heading over to Tauranga/Mount Maunganui today.... just to have a nice outing for a few hours.
And it would be lovely to take a walk on the beach... if the weather is nice enough.

We are planning on having lunch with our dear friends Jacqui and Martyn too.  We love catching up with them.

So, that's it for now... catch ya later.


4.15 pm:  home from Tauranga/Mount Maunganui... we have had an awesome day!
I am going to go through the photos then post a few, and more tomorrow, as I took HEAPS.

Coco missed us, so much so, that she did her business AND pee'd all over the floor! She's in the sin bin (in the garage) musing on her misdemeanours now.  So frustrating, and so unnecessary, she has easy access outside and never does it inside usually.  Grrrr.

And before you ask, DOGS are not permitted on the beach at the Mount, therefore we could not take her with us.

Thank you for so many awesome non-meat meal ideas too... I am certainly going to be trying some of them.

RIGHT.... time for a few photos of our day:

ABOVE:  Heading up the Kaimai's, on the Waikato side... FOG.  No idea what the weather was going to be like on the other side.

ABOVE:  It was gorgeous!  Not that many people on the beach though.

 ABOVE:  A photo of a home with a very interesting facade.  I really like it.

ABOVE:  We headed onto the beach, and took a walk onto Moturiki Island, all the way to the end and back.  It's beautiful!

ABOVE:  Happy family snaps.  A nice lady took the one of all of us.  So nice to be included in some photos.

ABOVE:  On the island, looking back towards Mt Maunganui.

ABOVE:  Far north end of Mount Maunganui Beach, looking towards Moturiki Island.

ABOVE:  We couldn't have asked for better weather today.  Perfect for enjoying the beach.

Keera loved the beach and running around.

After our walk on the beach, we headed over to Jacqui and Martyn's, where we had a lovely lunch, then we all went for another walk on the wetlands, which are a short walk from their home.

I will save those photos for tomorrow... there is a little surprise from MARTYN tomorrow!  

And on that note, I'm outta here.  Got to do a few jobs ready for tomorrow.  I'm leading a walk with the Fat Bottomed Girls tomorrow.

40.24 kms walked this week


  1. Stirfry veges, just heaps of veg with whatever sauces you like, satay, soy etc.

    Vegetarian lasagne

    Soup & toast



    Toasted sandwiches

    Vege bake - veges in cheese sauce, add breadcrumbs & slices of tomato on top.

  2. Your new nets look good Chris. I know what you mean about the "fishbowl" effect. I hated not having nets on our front windows - plus I reckon it can make a house more appealing for burglars if they can see what you have through the windows. re meat-free meals, I found this website very helpful ... Enjoy your outing today :)

  3. The nets look great. Makes a big difference. Have you tried vege curries, or vege stews..they are good. Hope you have a great time over at the Mount and old stomping ground!! Maybe you could have a walk around the base of the Mount, always good to do.
    Some interesting things here too

  4. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Hi I made some zucchini balls last week with tahini sauce, you could try pumpkin, sweet chilli sauce and onion quiche. Potato and cashew nut curry made with coconut milk...zucchini slice . Lentil burgers (you can buy them frozen). Meals with nut meat. There is this really delicious thai pumpkin soup recipe on Burke's backyard if you google that.


  5. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Baked califlower parmigina is delish! (any method from google works)

  6. Chicken stir fry....chicken is not meat it is poultry ๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. Would your family like falafel? You can buy it premarital in balls. I usually cut it up and either dry fry it or fry it in a little bit of butter, just to warm it and give it crunch, then serve it with salad, yoghurt and cucumber dip, grated cheese and pita breads. If you like garlic, you could bush the pitas with melted butter and garlic and bake for a few minutes. Feels like takeaways but relatively heath?

    1. OMG premarital balls.... got a good laffff

    2. And Yes, we love Falafel. Stew and I always have them in a kebab.

  8. How about other pasta dishes. We don't eat beef or pork and hardly any lamb. I developed a meat intolerance some years ago and they give me the worst guts ache ever, followed by vomiting and No 2's. Nasty. I probably have to much chicken and fish ( about 4-5 nights a week) but the other nights we quite often have other pasta dishes such as vegetable lasenge ( the usual but with layers of sliced vegetables, its really tasty, and with a nice side salad and maybe some home baked fries, we don't miss the meat with this one at all. Another is pasta and vege stir fry, with some garlic bread or a big oven dish of roasted veges ( chopped into strips) with a green salad. I know it sounds like a double dose of vegetables, but the yummy roast ones, go nicely with a coleslaw as well as a green salad. Also enjoy a broccoli salad, which is chopped small, throw a tin of kernel corn in, then a chopped up block of feta, and 1 tbls spoon of mayo per person. ( so 4 people = 4 tablespoons of mayo) mix thru. tasty, normally have this with chicken though, so there is a meat aspect.

  9. we try to do Meat Free Monday around here. The kids are surprisingly into it.... try burritos with lentils and red kidney beans (taco seasoning and salsa etc).... fried rice with no bacon ie: just peas, corn, eggs and soy sauce, it's so yum and filling (use brown rice for extra points!), quesadillas with flatbread, red beans, avocado, salsa, sour cream yuuuumm, oh and I also do a "chicken" schnitzel using eggplant. Eggplant parmagiana my FAVE xxx

    1. Off to google Quesadillas! No idea what that is.

  10. cauliflower fried rice (with egg or without egg) is great

    1. ohhh and I love the difference the net makes too

  11. Looks good! I have a couple pasta
    Dishes that are meatless I'll have to find the links for you

  12. You're so lucky with the weather. It's been atrocious here again today.

  13. Oh Keera you look gorgeous as always xx and the rest of you are ok too hehe xx #jailbird

  14. Great photo of all of you Guys! So cool. ๐Ÿ˜

  15. Awesome photos, what a lovely day out :-)

  16. Lovely photos .... especially the one of the five of you - and you're smiling Chris!! Love it! :)

  17. Cook up a tray of roasted vege (cut up small). Mix through some spinach leaves while the veges are hot so they wilt. Grease a baking pan, pUT the veges on, crumble feta over the top. Beat 6-8 eggs with a bit of cream,pour over, add salt & pepper & bake. Serve with salad & whatever sauce takes your fancy (we like sweet chilli or bbq)

  18. Great photos of you all at the Mount, remember when Marineland used to be on the Island?

    1. Yes I do... went there when I was a kid. We walked around the area it used to be at yesterday.

  19. The nets look great and make a huge difference. Lovely photos of you all. What a neat day you all had

  20. Beautiful photos of you all Chris. Absolutely! Glad you had a lovely day together.


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