Monday, August 28, 2017



After dropping the kids at school, I'm popping into the local Council to get the rules and regulations on car ports/pergolas and so on.

We are still in the planning stages of getting one or the other out the front of our house to cover the cars.

Then I will be coming home to do some housework... and I'll no doubt fluff around the house doing bits 'n' bobs for the rest of the morning.

I have Weight Watchers this evening, I go to the local meeting, but weigh in on Friday in Hamilton.  I don't want to lose touch with all the lovely ladies I've met here.

Then straight after the WW meeting I have a walk to go to.
Again, it's in a SLOW group... as I'm still building back up after being sick for a while.

It's weird, but I almost never actually FEEL like going on a walk, but once I'm doing it, and afterwards, I feel GREAT!  Powerful things endorphins!

So that's pretty much my day in a few brief paragraphs.

What are YOU DOING?  Anything really interesting?  It's gotta be more so than mine surely?



10 am and I can already say it's been a good morning.
I went into the Council and made an appointment to see the Town Planner first thing tomorrow morning.
Then I got home and decided to re-arrange Griffin's room.  It was doing my head in with no wriggle room anywhere.

Now, it's looking much better, and there's ROOM to move in there.  

It also gave me an opportunity to tidy it up.
That boy has masses of wardrobe room/drawer room and shelving unit room, YET HE LEAVES SHIT ALL OVER THE BLOODY FLOOR STILL!

I'm gunna start fining him, $1 a day for leaving shit all over the floor!  There's just no excuse for it at all.  Grrrrrr. 

I'm really happy now... I can relax for a little while... jobs done.  Well... I do have to hang some washing in the garage, but that's all. 

Ever wanted to KILL A COMPUTER?  I have been going mental trying to get my laptop, down in my bedroom, to load and print some photos.
In the end I gave up and got Brylee to drag the PC back into my room so I could use it instead.

I am so, so angry right now!  I HATE that bloody laptop!  If I ever see the message: 'Google Not Responding' again, I will throw it out the window.  Well... after I get all my photos off it of course!  I mean, it kept saying 'Not Responding' for over half an hour!  Kill it I say.

I think I need to bring the printer down to the lounge... that will avoid that problem again.

I've got to get dinner ready soon, then take off to WW's, then on to my walk.  Busy, busy.

WW's meeting was good.  Then my walk got cancelled as it is raining.  Cross, but nothing I can do about it.  Obviously some people melt in the rain.

So, home and I'm baking an apple and tamarillo pie... cos I can, and I'm now crabby.


  1. Anonymous6:56 AM

    I'm having breakfast, ready to go to work.... :( but wish I was at home. Got a crap week ahead with horrible work things happening but have to be strong and get through it. So proud of you and your walking. I wish there was a group here in Onehunga... I am very lazy and need a boost from others.


    1. "horrible work things happening"... that doesn't sound good mate! I hope it's not as bad as you seem to expect. {{{HUGS}}}

    2. It'll be alright though...not me really but it'll cause a shitstorm.

  2. About to get up & shower then off to work. Enjoy your day 😀

  3. Well today I'm dropping Rena off I'm dropping my granddaughter off I'm going to pick up my brand new dresses I bought online and then I'm going to go book my flights.

  4. We still waiting for monday here in south africa, but got tough week ahead, I work in a radiology department and we can see 250 patient a day. Luckily I'm only work a 4 and half day this week as I'm. Working till 12 on friday, so nice to know that my weekend will be a little bit longer.

  5. I got up at 5am walked then went swimming made lunch up for work tomorrow threw dinner in crockpot then bank got hair trimmed sunbed delivered motorbike wheel had lunch with friends went to work did 30 mins paperwork!! Got home 1.15pm I'm currently laying down texting I have TeReo class at 3.30pm..... That's my day so far

    1. Ok... so you are obviously bat shit busy!!! But I have to ask... SUNBED? WHY?

    2. Ha I have my he phew engagement party this sat I have a particular dress I want to wear and need to look browner ..,.

  6. It's been another day rushing from a to b thru to X y and z. At the pool with kids it's home time at 6 tea is in crockpot and this old girl is having an early night. Mum 80 birthday celebration all last week dropped her out at darfield this afternoon she being pick up tomorrow to head back home to TWIZEL. I'm hoping for some quiet days this week.

  7. I know how you feel about the computer. I have a tv in the kitchen & for some reason it has decided to not play tv3 at all and intermittently play other channels and tonight was the last straw - the bloody thing nearly had a pumpkin thrown at it. Possibly PMS possibly just husband, kids & cat annoying the shite out of me the second I walked in the door 😠 Biding my time til wine as I only have a bit left & am tempted to scull the whole lot. And that is my rant, thank you for "listening" lol 😂

    1. First, that would be the best way to use a pumpkin! Horrid things pumpkins.
      PMS and family... yep all can drive you mental. And I hope you did skull the lot... rants are good for the soul.


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