Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Monday night at Weight Watchers:

One of the ladies told a little story, it went like this:

Sitting in the car outside the service station on Monday night last week, she sees ME go into the service station.

I don't see her.

I proceed to the ATM, take out some cash then stroll over to the freezers that hold the ice creams.  I look and look, and look some more... I pick up one, put it down, go to the other side of the freezer, look some more, then I straighten up, and walk out of the shop.

Heading to my car, I change my mind, turn around and go back into the shop.  Straight back to the freezer.  I look at the ice creams again, dither....sigh, and leave, get in my car and drive away.

She sat in her car and clapped her hands at me! 
Totally impressed she was.

She happily recounted that to everyone at the meeting on Monday night!

Me?  Felt very proud of myself.  Wish I'd known she was sitting there watching me though!  I could just as easily bought the bloody ice creams!

Another story:  Again, Monday night, I am about to go to Weight Watchers.  Keera demands her dinner, I tell her 'NO, you will get it when Granddad gets home in 15 mintues'.   So she packs a mental at me, then stares me down as I leave for my Weight Watchers meeting.

20 minutes into my meeting, and I get a text from Brylee.  "Keera is eating the candles in the lounge!"
WTF ?    I get home and yep, she's sunk her teeth into 4 candles, totally ruined them!  Little shit.  Why?  Cos I wouldn't feed her, and then I had the audacity to up and leave for my meeting!  

Consequence?  No special food treats for 3 days.  Candles?  Binned. 

Moral of the story?  Feed the bloody shitty 4 year old, or she will pay you back by ruining your candles!

Today I'm going to Aqua Fit.  After that I'm going to re-aquaint myself with McDreamy, my gorgeous sewing machine.


Pissing down with rain this morning... so I'm wavering over whether to go to Aqua or not.  But I did.  I got there a good half an hour early, so I got into the pool and swum laps till everyone else arrived at 9 am.
And I gave it my all and feel FANTASTIC for it.  Tired.  But happy.

It's till raining.  I don't mind at all!
It's cooler.

It has been so hot and humid lately I've actually felt sick most days.

Maybe today I will finally feel normal?

We saw a new product being advertised on the TV last night... so I'm heading off to the supermarket to see if I can find it.  More on WHAT it is later. 

THE MISSING:  well now, after the two comments overnight, I'm left wondering if I should even bother watching it? Sad.  

New Product on the market:

ABOVE:  No holds on this blog!  How does this stuff look?  It's supposed to stop the stink in the bathroom!  We will soon know if it works... Griffin always 'goes' when he gets home from school.  lol

Keera only had a half day at kindy today, so we will both have a nap this afternoon I think.  I'm really tired from lack of sleep and the heat.

7.39 pm:  Well no nap today... for either of us.  Keera was a box of birds... full of energy.  She still is, but sadly for her, it's bedtime.  She's gone down the hallway bawling her eyes out.  Oh well... I know that in 5 minutes she will be out like a light!

It should be a quiet evening here.  It's been raining all day, so the heat level has dropped and I'm not feeling ill.  Long may it last.


  1. I'm sorry I couldn't help but laugh at the story about Keera!

    I am still doing Aquafit - all because you set such a good example! Today I went to a daytime class and it was all grannies who were a bit bullying because I stood in their place!

    Might just stick to my night time classes.

  2. Good on you for resisting the ice cream! One of the joys of small town living - you never know who is watching you 😀

    Keera is so funny - stubborn little ratbag that was so naughty but so hilarious.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Series 1 of the missing was excellent and a good watch, it was series 2 that left me baffled.
    Please don't let my comment put you off, series 1 is well worth a watch.

    1. We have seen Series 1. It ended a bit weirdly to. I will continue watching Series 2 and hope I enjoy it.

  5. Anonymous12:18 PM

    omg go Keera, how did they taste miss 4 xxxxx

  6. Hey Chris, Youtube live is working for me again - maybe try it again if you haven't already.

    1. Yes I check it every so often and have found it working again. Thank goodness... I was watching via CBS DENVER who did a slightly delayed 'live' feed of her. But now back to AAP's live feed. Yaaa. I'm sure she's only a few days off having baby now. Saw her having some 'contractions' today.

  7. What about the poo spray?????

  8. Oosh defiant much, lol little people strong wills they have. I do hope your machine is fixed. On the subject of Brylee how did her teeth end up all done? Re shoulder Homeopathy do a liquid tincture arnica symphytum for ligaments tears sprains and muscle strength may help in and around shoulder the bone one is pulsatilla I think ( dont quote me on that though)

  9. I've just sent you an email Chris.

    Well done in leaving those ice creams. You are stronger than me.

  10. I have bought a similar poo spray called Poo-Pourii. It's silly, but I think it works. I just watch April at, but that doesn't include any of the online chatting that happens if you find a feed on facebook.

    1. I don't like the live chats, so just watch the video and hide the chat.


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