Friday, March 03, 2017


Keera has a full day at kindy today, which is good as I have to go into Hamilton at lunchtime.

I'm meeting with the lady who will be making my Mum's 80th Birthday Cake.
I'm excited to be getting the details nailed down, and making sure the cake is going to be EXACTLY how I want it.

I did have another lady lined up to make it, but she was really SLOW with her communication, so I backed out with her.  I don't want any muck ups come May!

If I go in early enough, I will stop at the Avanti Bike shop and suss out a bigger, more comfortable seat for my bike.  There is no way I can keep riding on the seat that's on the bike, it is just too uncomfortable.  Stew got me a 'Gel Cover' for the seat yesterday, but even with that on, my butt hurt like mad.

NOT me girly bits, me tail bone and butt!  

So, that's my day planned out till about 2 pm.

Then it will be home, pick up the kids, make dinner, yadda yadda yadda.


1.55 pm:  And a successful morning.
First up, I got a new bike seat:

ABOVE:  So the new seat is a bit wider, but has quite a bit more 'padding', and it has springs too for added comfort.  So fingers crossed it is better to sit on.

After getting the bike seat, I did a little trip around a couple of op shops.  
I found these:

ABOVE: Two cute little ornaments for my sewing room windowsill.   I  had hoped to find some more clothes, but nope... no luck today.

Good news, NO ACID REFLUX today!  First day in over 2 weeks that I've not had it.
My new regime must be working.

For my 'main meal' of the day, which I had at 2 pm, I cooked myself a potato, and added some baked beans, onions, tomato and grated cheese.  AND a dollop of sour cream.  It was super YUM.

So, I did the same thing for the family at dinner time too.  It seemed to go down well.
Only they got bacon on top too.  I forgot the bacon for mine.  Derrr.

So now, I'm watching Coronation Street, and enjoying every minute of it.


  1. You might need to invest in a pair of bike shorts with padding around that area, they really help and you can wear your outer pants over they top. Your bum will settle down once its use to the new exercise. I've even tied a flannel to my seat to help at times lol

  2. Good on you Chris! I recently dusted off my bike too, and I sympathise with the sore bum, but like Leanne says, it does get better!

  3. Yes, bike pants are great. I wore them when I did my really big bike rides (The Big Coast, all around the Wairarapa etc). Also remember it gets better once you body starts to get used to it. Any seat you try today will hurt because it's still sore from yesterday.

  4. Would you believe I had those little figurines back when I was a teenager??? Those exact ones!! Plus a couple others. I used to collect them. Good news re the reflux too. What a relief!

  5. Anonymous3:14 PM

    I should bike out again one day and join you for a bike ride :)

    1. By the time you got here you would be knackered ya dick.

  6. I really miss banana seats! Remember those??

    1. Ha ha! I sure do, but I never had a bike with a banana seat.

  7. The new bike seat looks very comfy! If you do get bike shorts, don't wear your undies under them, otherwise the seams get all caught up and its very uncomfortable. Sounds yuck, but seriously, proper bike shorts are made to be worn commando :)

  8. Omg is that a little spinning wheel ???? And good for you out on ya bike.

  9. A good bike seat makes all the difference. Yes, your butt will still hurt as it takes getting used to being on it, but cushioning is key. Enjoy!

  10. Hello Chris! Sorry to be absent for so long! I'm working 40 a week now and I don't get to spend as much time blogging. You still crack me up! Hope the new bike seat is working out better! Hey, I got something on f/b saying that we were connected on Message. Did you send me anything? Take care. Hope the birthday is fun for all! Liz

  11. Ha! i just got a new bike seat for the same reason! Mine looks the same too! AND I got a new gel cover to put on it.

  12. Well the new seat looks awesome I agree bike pants padded ones I too have those but after awhile ya butt adjusts.


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