Saturday, March 11, 2017


So, here's a few more photos from our trip to the Hamilton Gardens yesterday:

 ABOVE: Silly tart paid for that pose with a sore hip after that!

ABOVE:  These two really are nutters!  Nice nutters though... *smiles*

 ABOVE:  YES, I got in the ornamental pool!  I was hot!  And it was a blue pool!  Come on... I had to.

 ABOVE:  I'm pretty sure she said "Check out my bum!"

 ABOVE:  We were in the 'Italian' garden, so she stuffed her cheeks with tissues and did a really good rendition of The Godfather!

 ABOVE: So many of the theme gardens were entered through a 'gate' or 'door'... very effective visually.

 ABOVE:  Sue # 2 and the Waikato River in the backdrop.

 ABOVE:  Sue W pretending to be Juliet... wondering where Romeo was.  

 ABOVE: No words necessary surely?

 ABOVE:  A Griffin... well I had to take that photo eh?

ABOVE:  Alice in Wonderland, done in brass I think.  Really cool.

Last but not least, I have a little video of Sue W doing a little dance for us at the gardens:

ABOVE:  She really is too funny!

Well, I think that sums up that day out.  
Now ... as for today?

Not sure yet.

Whoops, forgot 'ONWARD'.  Oh well...

Plans for the day are... we are going on a little trip to somewhere we've not been in at least a decade, probably two!  Raglan!

It's a wet, miserable day, but I don't want to be cooped up inside all day.  So... we are off to Raglan for lunch and a look-see.

4.30 pm:  And we are home from Raglan.
We had a really lovely day!  Upon arriving, we chose an eatery and had lunch.  
Blacksand cafe.  Stew, Griffin and I had a 'Kiwi Burger' and Brylee had a kids size Hawaiian Pizza.  Keera chose a carrot cake muffin!  She had bit of our food as well, so it wasn't all cake!

 ABOVE:  This was our burger.  I ate the bottom part of the burger, not the top half of the bun.  It was a delicious burger!  I didn't eat all the fries either.  

 ABOVE:  There were not very many people on the main surf beach... probably because it as a bit cool, and there was bugger all surf.
The Surf Lifesavers were out patrolling the beach.

 ABOVE:  I bet that slide is fun when the tide is in!

ABOVE:  Gorgeous kids.

I have quiet a few more photos, but will post the rest tomorrow.  There's quiet enough on this post already.

It's quiet time now... Stew will be cooking dinner for the kids and himself later on.  I'm not having anything else for the day... something is repeating on me.  Possibly the Diet Ginger Beer.
I really should stop having fizzy drinks, they are not agreeing with me at all right now.

It was the funeral for 'Deidre Barlow' on Coronation Street tonight.  So sad she died ... I know it was a while ago in 'real life', but it was still a sad episode to watch.
Winding down till bedtime now.


  1. Awesome to see you have found some lovely lady's to hang out with mum.

  2. Those Sues sure look like fun!!! Those gardens look amazing, what a great place.

  3. bahahahahahahahaha!!!! Told you we were quite mad!! Life is for living remember.

  4. What cultural dance next time?? :D lol Great day, great fun :D

  5. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Sue is a good dancer ! she has rhythm ! gardens look lovely...

    Cheers Peta

  6. Anonymous1:22 PM

    hahaha shit the bed those Sue's are bloody funny crazy and just yea, seems you needed a bit more crazy nutter in ya life aye Ma lol xx xx they are keepers lol

  7. Looks like a couple of lovely days.

    What's in a kiwi burger?

    1. Ummm....from memory: lettuce, tomato, beetroot, egg, beef pattie, caramelised onion, and chutney on a home made, pumpkin seed covered bun.

  8. Love Keera's glasses. So good to have good fun friends. B and G are looking so grown up. Have a great rest of the weekend.x

  9. Anonymous3:37 AM

    It's wonderful to see you so happy Chris. The Sue's look like great fun. :) The kids are really beautiful looking kids and all of them are growing up so quickly. Love Keera's glasses.

  10. What wonderful pictures. Loved the dance routine

  11. Those Sues are a tonic for you lovely to see some sparkle back in you again! And you're looking fabulous.


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