Monday, March 06, 2017


If you give something in good faith, believing what someone tells you, then they do the exact opposite of what they said... you have every right to take back what was given.

Remember, what you say and do can have long lasting repercussions, don't burn bridges unless you have no intention of going back over them.

For someone, that is too late though.  You burnt the bridge with that text. Years of thinly veiled dislike of me/us finally got aired, loud and clear.  I hope it was worth it 'G'.  

SO NOW ... I'M CHOOSING HAPPINESS... and enjoying what is mine again.  No regrets.  


I am off to patchwork this morning.  Our group has moved from the little Red Cross Hall in the middle of town to a much larger venue, which is closer to my home.  And it has way, way more parking too.  Parking was a real issue where we were.  So it will be nice to see the new hall, and how it's set up.

There will be men there to set up our tables and extension cords too!  Nice one.

And on that note, I'm out of here.


Well after bitching about having acid reflux for well over two weeks, I've finally caved in and am going to see the Doctor this afternoon.
I still think there will be bugger all she can do about it except up my Losec medication, but at least I will have done something.

The only 'good' thing about this is that I simply can't eat much!  I am going to get some multi vitamins today, there's not much going in me gob that's going to cover all the bases right now!

It's just so lovely sitting here, it's blissfully quiet, and I can watch the dear wee sparrows on my lawn and in the garden.  
And the temperatures are dropping steadily , so much more comfortable.  

I've got my most favourite earrings on, and I feel like a million bucks! Weird how what you are wearing can lift you up.

1.20 pm:  And I'm home from Patchwork.  I really enjoyed it today!  I offered up my services as 'Communication Person', in charge of sending out news items, event reminders and so on, which was happily accepted by the lady doing it right now.  She wanted to resign.   I am doing everything I can to become a part of this group.

Slowly, slowly getting integrated ... remember this group has been together for over 40 years!  It's not easy to break into such a well established group I tell ya.

There are a couple of younger ladies who I spoke to today, they were so funny.  They thought I was in my 40's!  I told them I loved them.  *smiles*

5.00 pm:  Been to the Doctor's.
As expected, she upped my Losec, in fact she quadrupled it!
And we talked about other things to help relieve it.
Like wean myself off Diet Coke!


Then I agreed to TRY and get it down to one or two glasses a day... but only if she gave me something for the migraines I was going to get.

So she gave me something called RIZAMELT.  I haven't 'googled' it yet.  But I will.  *smiles*

She also told me in order not to get dehydrated, I could drink Trim Milk... it's 97% water and she said it would be good for me... cos I don't mind milk, AND it will help with the reflux too! 

So, let's see how that goes. OH the other thing I can do is add ice to my diet coke, to help water it down... I'm not averse to that either.  Anything to get this acid reflux under control.

While I was there, she checked out my tummy... and saw all the bruises I have.  She was really concerned... and asked me if I was OK at home???  *snort*  I assured her I was fine, just prone to bruising... being a  'bleeder' and all.  You should have seen her face though!  Quite funny.

I'm off to Weight Watchers in 40 minutes.  Might not lose much this week... I feel bloated.

I LOVE MY WEIGHT WATCHERS MEETING!  I'm finally one of the girls there... today's has been awesome.  I got THREE stickers!
THREE.  More on my meeting tomorrow.

For now... it's winding down time.  One eye on the TV, one eye on that BLOODY GIRAFFE!


P.S.  Today started out shitty, but thanks to a phone call ... it got better.
Thanks you know who for that phone call.


  1. Two huge triggers for acid reflux is carbonated beverages and caffeine. I have a bad reflux problem and I swore that I couldn't live without my coffee and Coca-Cola, but I had to give them up and I feel 100% better.

    1. Cathy, did you get migraines from giving up the caffeine? I do if I try to cut back.

    2. When I had to eliminate caffeine I did it gradually instead of stopping it completely all at once. Headaches were a problem at first, but I was pretty much able to control them with over the counter painkillers like Tylenol until they faded away within a few weeks. I know what you're going through because I spent many sleepless nights sitting up in a chair with heartburn so bad I wanted to cry.

  2. I am so glad you are enjoying your new group That was very sweet of you to step up and volunteer.

  3. No baby giraffe as of yet!

    1. No, clearly they have got the dates slightly wrong. Or she wants to stay pregnant forever! She doesn't even look ready to me.

  4. I gave up my diet coke addiction about a year ago.. Bye Bye diet coke. I made raspberry iced tea with a bit of real sugar in it, my "go to" drink. I still have DC if I go somewhere like a restaurant. I also like blood orange soda by San Pellegrino, and Orangina.

  5. It's hard giving up anything you like as much as Diet Coke or for me it's Coke Zero but they're bad for lots of things and for me they irritate my bladder. Growl. I still have one can most days but I don drink coffee or tea for the same reason so figure one can is ok. I love cold chilled water now. Just take it slowly, cut down on one glass a day to start with. Only change each week! Give your body time to get used to it. So glad Cambridge is turning out good for you.

  6. I went to the Dr today too, skin cancer gets out next week 😜.
    Glad you hap a happy phone call today.

  7. Glad you went to doctor that's a start, reducing your DC by one glass a week might help reduce slowly replace with milk etc then dare I say it water!


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