Sunday, March 05, 2017


It's going to be a total family day today.

For a start, we have Kelly and Lacy (and Rena) coming for lunch.

I shall be cooking scones, with jam and cream.

Sadly, Amanda and Andrew (and kids) couldn't come, they had prior commitments.

Then later on in the day, Russell and Ange are coming for dinner.
I've not decided what we are having yet!

Better get something out of the freezer for that.

Keera is going to be very happy to see her Mum, she's not seen her in a while. 

Now... that bloody giraffe!
I've not had a chance to check on her yet... I bet that girl is still in one piece!
I spent HOURS checking on her yesterday!  I mean HOURS and HOURS.  
I kept my YouTube page open and kept checking.  NOTHING.
How can you get sucked into watching a friggin animal just standing in her pen???  It's NUTS.

Yet I keep watching.  If you want to get  hooked on watching her too, here is the link:

And YES, the damn page is still open... waiting for me to go look.  I will be pissed if she spat her baby out while I was sleeping!


And ... April the giraffe did not have her calf overnight.  Great.  Now I have to watch her all day today... well on and off all day!
Can't stay glued to the computer when I have stuff to be doing.

I've just been mucking around in my lounge... and shrunk the dining table and put a new cloth on it...

ABOVE: How does that look?

 ABOVE:  I think it's bright and cheerful... perfect for going into winter.  Not everyone's taste I'm sure, but I LIKE IT.  😄😉💙

AND just to be a typical ME... I saw some other fabric in me sewing room...

ABOVE:  And now I'm thinking this is better?  A bit less IN YA FACE.  lol

I just asked Griffin to go out and gather up all the tomatoes and bring them inside.
He stood at the door and said "Um... where is the TOMATOE TREE?"
What a dick.  Clearly he does not keep his eyes open when he's outside.  OH HOLD ON!  He doesn't go outside unless it's to school!

TREE?  Shit that boys needs some education.  

We have too many tomatoes now... so  I will be freezing some.  

Ha ha... had some fun with the girls taking 'selfies'... well photos with ME in them... using my remote.

 ABOVE:  Seriously?  Two twits.

 ABOVE:  I like those two photos.

ABOVE:  Such silly girls.  What's with touching my boobs?  😄😖😕

Dinner with Russell and Ange went well.. they are always lovely to have visit.  I've told them next time it's at their house! 

My day went to shit late afternoon, but we are going to rise above it.  It helps having a clear conscience.


  1. Yea I wish April would hurry up hahah and your lounge /our bedroom looks good 😊 lol have a lovely day xx

  2. Oh I love that bright pink! Matches the print and really brightens it up!

  3. Yes, I like the bright pink too as it pulls from the picture and makes the candles pop. But that room is so beautiful - you just do what makes you happy! We love it anyway. The giraffe is so pretty!Who will hatch first - the live one you are watching or the One you are sewing or did I miss that somewhere????????????

    1. No I've not had a chance to get back to making that giraffe yet!

  4. I lovvved the pink Chris. Blends in with your picture on the wall and is not "in your face".

  5. Definitely the bright pink 😘

  6. I love the bright pink tablecloth too :)

  7. I love both tablecloths…but the pink really brightens up the whole room.

  8. That damn giraffe is driving a lot of people crazy!! Maybe the tomato tree is beside the money tree, lol.

  9. Ugh I've wasted hours on that giraffe today!!!!

  10. That link you gave is not "live". Apparently there are lots that are streaming but not up to date. This is the live one:

  11. Love the bright pink tablecloth

  12. The love the pink tablecloth :O)

  13. Loved the pix of you and your girls. Thanks.

  14. I loved the hot pink table cloth, goes with your art work, but then you know me I love bright colours!! What gorgeous photos with your girls.

  15. Fun pics with the girls :)

  16. The pink has to be pink. You 3 look so great lovely pics was giraffe watching you?


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