Monday, March 13, 2017


So... I dyed my new white dress last night.  I dipped it in the dye, then hung the top half out of the dye, so there was a bit of colour variation through the length.  It didn't work that well... I should have spent more time slowly raising it up out of the dye.  But it's not bad for a first attempt.

ABOVE:  I am thrilled to bits at how the lace detail took up the dye!  Totally rad.  The colour is very pretty too. Very happy with it.

We went out yesterday to look in a furniture shop in town for a new shelving unit for Griffin.
The shop was closed, but we did look in another new furniture shop, and I spied a lovely cushion:

 ABOVE:  It is so bright and happy looking, I really wanted it, so Stew got it for me.  I'm a bit spoilt, considering how many cushions I've bought (and made), over the years!

 ABOVE:  As you can see, it 'goes' in our lounge beautifully.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  we had a mini working bee late yesterday afternoon.  Trimming the agapanthas.  What a  shitty job!

ABOVE:  You cut them and they weep this horrible, sticky shit!  It made me all itchy.

ABOVE:  The lone survivour of our fig tree cull is abundant with fruit.  I have no idea when they are ripe, but I picked a few...

ABOVE:  The green ones are really soft, so I picked them.  The birds are starting to peck at them, so they must be ready?  Now to try them, somehow.

Brylee and Griffin are home today, it's a 'Teacher Only' day at their college.  Keera still has kindy, so it's kinda a normal morning for me.  


2.00 pm:  And it's been a so-so day up to now.  I went into Hamilton to look for a shelf for Griffin's room at a couple of Op Shops, no luck though.
Came home and blobbed watching a couple of tv shows I'd taped, and fell asleep!

Derrr.  It's finally stopped raining, and now it's stinkin' hot.  I'm feeling blah, utterly blah.

Got Weight Watcher's tonight.  Might have a small loss.  Seems even though I'm only having ONE bloody meal a day, the weight is not dropping off!  That sucks.  Can't be bothered even thinking about it right now, just *sigh*.

9.20 pm:  Ok I've perked up, sorta.
WW went well.  I will tell you my loss tomorrow.
I totally love my WW group now.  So relieved I stuck it out.

After WW I came home and had corned beef and potato with cheese sauce for dinner.  Ate too much... now have reflux.  I'm a bloody idiot.  I should have had it for lunch tomorrow.

After dinner, I went to my Patchwork group.  That was nice, had a good chat with one of the long time members.

Now I'm home and drinking milk.  It's going to be a long night.  Dammit.


  1. Yes pick figs when they're really soft. You can eat them just like that or boil them up with sugar for compote or even make jam! I miss our fig tree! Get the kids to eat the soft ones right from the tree!

  2. Anonymous5:12 PM

    grrrrr trying to leave a comment but something keeps fucking out grrrrrr, stuff the one meal a day shit Ma, 5-6 small healthy snacks a day and I mean healthy and that might work, been told that ages ago and it makes sence..... now to get this dam comment published before it fucks out again grrrrrr

  3. So envious of your fig tree! Nice cut into quarters with a bit of goats cheese

  4. I LOVE that colour you dyed your top!! Is this one of the fabric dyes you get at the supermarket? Could you post a photo of the dye you used and tell me the colour. I have a white top that would look fab the colour you used. I still have that pile off WW books for you in the back of my car. will make an effort to get them to Bex this weekend. cheers, Mel

    1. I got the dye from Spotlight, our local supermarket didn't have any. I will post the details of the dye I used tomorrow... hopefully I can find the packaging!

  5. You are doing the one meal a day for your reflux, yeah?
    Good luck at WW...

  6. Hope WW went well 😀

  7. I'm glad you had a loss! any loss is a good one. Eating one meal a day is totally the worst way to lose weight. You have to feed your body or it shuts down. Eat fruit, yoghurt, a handful of nuts, a few crackers. Keep the food coming in but have one main meal. Have soup for dinner. If you don't feed your body it won't like you for it. Oh, another tip, protein orient your meals. Choose high protein foods over carbs. Works a treat! Good luck xxxx

  8. With one meal a day your body shuts down because it thinks it is starving and it will try to save itself. It is much better to "graze" a wee bit throughout the day.

  9. Do people not read the one meal is until the medication kicks in sheesh, I love figs fresh figs omg yummmmmm


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