Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Well.... once I get the kids to school 'n' kindy I will be coming home and making a start on sorting out those photos.

In the process I will find more photos of my Mum over the years, for the photo boards for her birthday party.

And basically, that is about all I have planned for the day.

I am bound to take breaks and do a few odd jobs around the house too.  Washing/ vacuming/ bit of this 'n' that.  As ya do.

I didn't go to Weight Watchers last night.  I caved and started drinking diet coke again... and OMG... I GAINED 4 kilos in a week!  WTF is with that?

FLUID RETENTION.  Pure and simple.  I knew it was happening... I could SEE IT in my face!
Totally devastating.  So I'm taking a fluid pill today and will no doubt pee out half of that in one go!  Yep, that's how much I've got 'on board' right now.

I'm going to water down the diet coke with ice, so I'm not drinking so much.
The milk?  Just can't keep drinking it... not helping with weight loss at all.

I feel like I take two steps forward, then one back... so bloody sick of it.  But, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP. 


Two things have derailed my plans so far this morning.
Firstly, I decided to type up the new, revised Patchwork Group list, and another list to give everyone, with just names and phone numbers on.

So, I'm halfway through doing that when I realise I NEED to still be watching the friggin giraffe April, so I do this:

ABOVE:  both computers going... so I can keep an eye on that bloody giraffe!

Next thing to derail my morning... I go to check my emails.
And for the umpteenth time this year (already), I'm locked out of my email account!
I am so angry at this point, but start to go through the steps to 'recover' my account.
Only... I can't sign into my 'recovery email account' either.
So I have to create yet another account, so I can be sent the friggin code to get into my primary account.
This has taken me almost an hour to accomplish.

I thought anti-viral protection was supposed to stop this sort of shit from happening?  Grrrrrrr.

Moving on... I have now finished both 'tasks', and can get on with the photos.

Thanks for the suggestions re: photo timelines, scanning etc.  I will give it some thought, but if it's going to be a mission for me to work it out, I will be giving it a miss.  I am over computer crap!

I am crabby as hell right now!

Well... it's now 8.09 pm and I'm still sorting photos!
I did stop a few times to do stuff like pick up kids from school/kindy, cook dinner and so on.
But really, I've been at it for hours!

ABOVE:  I think I've made a dent in it!  The bins are photos for each kid.  Then there's ones I'm keeping, ones for other family members, ones for the party... and on and on it goes!

I will be very happy once it's DONE... but for now... it's wind down time.


  1. Unfortunately Diet Coke has a lot of sodium. Hope you find something that works on all fronts!

  2. Have you thought about scanning the pictures into your computer and making a slide show? You could have it running on a loop during the party and it would be easy to save them to cds or memory sticks to share.

  3. I like bjn idea of scanning photos and doing a slide show. I wish I had photos of my mum to do that for her 80 party in August might ring my Aunty and see if she has any photos. Sadly the Aunty that might has ve got my grand mothers albums has also passed so not sure what would have happened to them. Time to play detective me thinks. Oh joy just more things to do. Y I decide to take on these tasks beats me

  4. Anonymous11:40 AM

    It's really hard giving up DC. Really hard. I have done it time and time again sometimes I slip but I will continue to give it up every time I slip. You know in your heart you have to give it up, imagine what it has in it that is causing you to retain that much fluid!
    As you might remember, I am doing Michael Mosley's Blood Sugar Diet which has been remarkable in reversing Type 2 Diabetes and I am on a forum on FB for people who have completed a round already. I thought of you when I read this comment from someone (edited for relevance).

    "...I decided that as my mum had switched us all to skimmed milk & introduced fat free yogurts in the early seventies when we were all told to do so I'd test that. I drank 2 pints of skimmed milk on Thursday. Blood sugars 7.6!!!!! Up 50%!!!!!! No wonder other diets with skimmed milk, fat free cottage cheese & fat free yogurts never worked for me! No wonder I was fat for decades! I sent Jason my results - his reply yes, he seen this and it's why he says only full fat dairy. I tested full fat milk. Impact on blood sugars = NONE!!!!"

    So maybe that Trim milk you were drinking would have been crap for you anyway.

    If you are really sick of two steps forward, one back you will have to do as I have done and mourn the loss of things you love and stop eating/drinking them. I have had to admit I can't have added sugar at all without cravings that last for days and are virtually impossible to ignore. My limit is a teaspoon of coconut sugar in my morning mocha. If I have brown or white sugar it sets off some craving in my head and I am on a mission to get more sugar!!!
    It has been the hardest thing I have ever done.
    But I feel better physically and mentally.
    I have noticed a real change in your blog, Chris. You seem more determined and more happy, putting yourself and your family at home first. Good on you xx

  5. Anonymous1:03 PM


    Maybe you are just properly hydrated now ? and it is not a true weight gain ? I drank heaps of coke zero and lost 14 kilos in 4 months. I now drink the lightly sparkling water and a couple of cans of coke zero and water. It probably is not a good idea to take fluid pills unless you have a heart condition of course, as they play havoc with your electrolytes and kidney function..not good for you. I think you have done great with your weight loss and it will probably be back to normal in a day or so...


  6. Omg are u with spark I went to log in and got a message to do whatever great go to setting none of the passwords worked tried live chat they ditched me because I couldn't get to my emails to get my account number -like that was my fault- then I tried phoning the message said go to xtramail did that chose can't remember password great things were looking ok till I had to remember the lets name yeah right so I then rung finally got someone to help first question what's your account number yip was over it by then but he obviously could tell by tone of voice lol so helped me so far so good we have email but no names to the ph numbers in my cell phone grrrrr why can't people just leave well alone

    1. Yes I am with FRIGGIN SPARK!!!!!!

  7. We stopped using the email provided by the internet provider years ago. I use gmail only and any mail from the old account got forwarded to my new address until everyone caught up with my new address. Best thing we ever did because it means we can easily change internet providers (which we did last year as it was INSANELY cheaper) and not worry about having to change an internet address. By the way we moved to Slingshot (from Spark at the beach house and Vodafone from home) and saved about $80 a month... crazy.

  8. Ha I'm with gmail but ask me how to operate my new oh yeah nah that's an awesome idea bins of photos!!!


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