Friday, March 17, 2017


Well I've got clear plans for today.

1.  Kids to school and kindy.
2.  Bike ride, hopefully further than last time.
3.  Into Hamilton to get a few things for my Mum's party, like boards for photos, attendance book and so on.
4.  Lunch with Stew.
5.  Home to pick up Keera and the big kids.

So, that's me day organised.

We have a small notebook on the fridge door, where people can write down things we need next time I go grocery shopping.

 ABOVE:  Not much of a list I must say!  Brylee wrote Weetbix and Spagetti.

Griffin wrote 'A Life'... I presume he meant Brylee needed one?  Yep, pretty sure that's what he meant.  Rather funny.

ABOVE:  I saw this amazing sculpture on a tv programme yesterday.  I would LOVE to do something like that one day!  Must learn to weld first though!
Hmmmm.... better not go there, or I'll have to buy an arc welder!  OH hang on!  I just checked on TradeMe and they ain't that expensive!  WHOOPS.  Shouldn't have looked.  ha ha!

Right, I'm off to get the day started.


PHEW! What a morning I've had.

First up, I went to the Warehouse Stationary for the cardboard project boards, to put photos on for the party.  Then I spied this:

ABOVE:  Keera has NO IDEA about 'yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week' and so on.  So she is going to be taught.  She can start counting down until her Great Grandma's party.  She thinks it's TOMORROW... every day!  *sigh*.  So, let's see how long it takes to sink in that it's still ages away!

After grabbing that... I wandered some more and saw something else... which was just too good a price to pass up!

It was down from $659 to .... $297!:

ABOVE:  This awesome shelving unit for Griffin's room!  He is going to love it I'm sure.

BRYLEE already has a beautiful Rimu Shelving Unit in her room... just IN CASE SOMEONE suggests she is missing out.  

After the shop staff put the unit in my car, I went over to the supermarket to get a couple of things I needed for dinner tonight.
And bugger me if I didn't see another awesome money saving deal!

All bottled wine, buy more than 6 and you got 20% off!
As I needed to get quite a few bottles of wine for my Mum's party, I decided to grab some right there and then.

ABOVE:  I'm hoping that's enough for everyone to have a drink to 'toast' my Mum!  I still have to get orange juice and some fizzy yet.

AFTER that... I had lunch with Stew and came home.

I've now learnt how to get the tow bar off me car... so I could get the shelving unit out!
That was a bit of a struggle, but I did it!
I had to... if I wanted to pick the kids up after school!  There was no room for kids in the car with the shelving unit in it.

And now it's done, and in his room.  Won't he be surprised when he gets home!
I'm now taking a break for a while, before it is time to go and get said kids.

NO REST FOR THE WICKED... Just got a phone call from college.  Brylee has dislocated her shoulder while swimming ... so I have to pick up Keera early from Kindy, then the big kids and go up to the hospital I suppose.   

4.54 pm:  And nope, we didn't need to go to the hospital.  By the time I got up to the college the nurse had re-located the shoulder, so I took her to the local medical centre.  From there, we were sent or an x-ray, then back to the medical centre.
The Doctor has sent a letter to the orthopedic surgeon who saw her back in July (2016), and we expect to hear from him within the next week or two.

If this keeps happening she will need shoulder surgery.  What made today's incident a bit of a worry was that it happened while she was swimming in the school pool.  Not exactly the safest place to suddenly be in immense pain with an immobilized shoulder.

Now we are home, I've managed to get dinner prepared and NOW I'm taking half an hour to cool down before cooking the dinner.

Proud of tonight's dinner effort.  I made a beef salad like the one I had at the Hamilton Gardens Cafe. 

Mixed lettuce leaves, tomato, shredded Parmesan cheese, and pistachio nuts all tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing, with medium rare beef strips on top and basil pesto on the side.
I also added a small bowl of potato wedges for everyone too.  Everyone loved it!

I'm now watching Coronation Street and enjoying some down time.  It's been a busy day.


  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    yea untill it's the other way around

    1. ??? What are you referring to? If it's Griffin saying Brylee needs a life, well silly you! Kids banter amongst themselves all the time, it could have just as easily been Brylee who wrote that about him. No biggie. And it would have still been funny either way.

  2. Love the colors on the shelving unit!!

    1. Yeah, not my colour, but I know Griffin will love it.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and pulled off quiet a lot!

  4. Haha our shopping lists end up like that sometimes too - everyone in my house is a comedian. It also ends up with a lot of stuff which I ignore but I commend them on their optimism (they can buy their own fancy caramel coffee sachets at $ 15 a pop).

    Hope Brylee is okay, poor thing.

  5. Bargins galore! Hope Brylee is ok and thry get the shoulder put back in. Been there done that so I feel for her. Scary that it dislocated while she was swimming.

  6. Ouchies! I hope Brylee isn't in too much pain once it's put back in. Sending hugs xx

  7. OH NO. I was loving this post and the new cubby for Griffin until... Is Brylee ok? Did it fully dislocate or pop back in place??

  8. Love the shelf! Hope Griffin likes it and hope Brylee is feeling ok. My husband had to have the shoulder surgery,his got where it would pop out if he got out of bed wrong. Was painful afterwards,but he was glad to have it done.

  9. Hi Chris. I had recurrent dislocation of the shoulder from 14 to 19 years old. Got to the point that it would come out when I rolled over in bed. The only thing that fixed it was surgery and it has been fine ever since. Wish I hadn't waited so long to get it done. Fingers crossed that Brylee is ok. Karen

  10. Hi it's me Blondie xx lots to read I have figured out Facebook app!! All by Meself some days a list just doesn't cut it and you always spy great bargains go you . I concur shoulder surgery I have had it 25 yrs ago best thing ever ... Right I have lots to read and catch up on!!!!!


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