Wednesday, March 01, 2017


So, today is Aqua fit.
Looking forward to seeing all those ladies again... it's fun if nothing else.
Seriously, I don't think I'm getting 'fit' or anything like it doing aqua fit!
I really should stay afterwards and do laps again. That gets the heart pumping for sure.

After aqua fit, I will come home and get on with my sewing.  That first little giraffe is STILL not finished.
I got side tracked with the Sue's and other stuff.

Which was nice of course.

 ABOVE:  Poor Stew was about to head off to bed last night when I asked him to put the basket on my bike.
So he did. It took a while cos he kept having trouble getting a bolt to tighten, but he got there in the end:

ABOVE:  Ready to go!  



I'm down in the dumps.  Every single morning I wake up, have a MASSIVE hot flush and feel sick as a dog.  EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
Then I feel sick for half the morning.

Lately I've been suffering from acid reflux too.  Not just after a meal.  But all day long.  It's doing my  head in.
I can't understand why?

I'm not over eating.  I'm not eating the 'wrong' shit.  

Might be time to see the Doctor again.  

I'm seriously thinking of going back on amitriptyline just so I can sleep at night too.  I had 5 hot flushes between midnight and 7 this morning, so I got bugger all sleep. 

There is nothing worse than getting up in the morning feeling like utter crap.

I REALLY don't feel like going to aqua... but I will... cos that might perk me up?

12.15 pm:  And aqua was GOOD today!  We had an instructor who I'd not had before, so the workout was better.  I even got tired.  

Once home again, I got stuck into some housework, then showered, washed the mop and so on.
And now?  It's just about time to pick up Keera from Kindy.  She only has a half day today.

No doubt she will have her lunch then a 2 hour nap.  I'm pretty lucky!

While she's napping I will get on with my sewing I think.  Or I could hem the last pair of Stew's trousers?  Hmmm... decisions, decisions.

Comment answers:

I already take Losec, 1 a day.  I will probably have to up it to 2 a day.
I have tried a few 'natural' remedies for the hot flushes, nothing worked.
I don't know if I'm gluten sensitive, how would I find out?
I too still had heartburn when I was smaller.  The acid reflux is a fairly new problem (last couple of years).
I have no idea if my hormone levels are high or low!  Another thing the Dr might check out I suppose.
Lucky TED!  It has been suggested I have an endoscope by my Dr in Auckland, but I didn't like that idea!
'Happy Hormones'... just another remedy that no doubt won't work.  The medication I'm already on is supposed to work 100%. YEAH RIGHT.
I've not heard of Nexium, I will ask my Dr about it.
Antihistamines at night, hmmm, might suggest that to the Dr too.

Thanks for all the suggestions, much appreciated. ♥

For now, I am going to stop eating ANYTHING after 4 pm, so I HOPEFULLY don't get acid reflux at night?

There is nothing worse than having to 'sleep' sitting up all night (ha ha, not that ya do sleep). I do that, to avoid this:

The horror and panic when you breathe acid into your lungs when you are asleep!  It is the MOST terrifying feeling not being able to breathe, that and the pain!

That is the thing I am trying to avoid happening ever again.  It's happened 3 times now.
I felt like I could have died from not being able to breathe and choking.

I just fed the family spaghetti bolognese for dinner, and now... bathing the kid and getting her off to bed. 

Winding down... and only have SLIGHT feeling of reflux... so hopefully tonight I will sleep better.  And I'm not even hungry.  Had my main meal at lunchtime.


  1. I still get hot flushes - I sleep with a sheet on and push it on and off through the night. I hate it. Some nights I'm still awake at 2 or 3 in the morning. It sucks.

    I too get really bad reflux, I've got a hiatus hernia (you probably do to, they are extremely common). I find when I cut carbs generally my reflux improves but I still take an omoprezole (Losec) most days. I hate having to take one but if I don't I get reflux. I did find my reflux almost disappeared when I lost more weight and went very low carb.

  2. Have you tried any of the natural remedies for hot flushes. Really feel for you Chris. Lucky for me, I never had them.

  3. I was going to say same as Lynda mum is having very similar reflux put her in hospital twice. But she has changed her diet no acid foods strawberries oranges out and gluten free too so it's a challenge but she is feeling so much better.
    I got her a book can't rember Wat called but will asked it was very good she said lots of things in it right on the ball.

  4. Love that pretty bike! Hope you feel better real quick

  5. ARE YOU GLUTEN- SENSITIVE. DR RODNEY FORD. Name of book mum found very interesting I got it off trade me

  6. Reflux is a definite side effect for being large. Believe me! I've been taking medication for it for 10 years. Prescription medication, too, not the over-the-counter type. See your doctor and get something for it, then make sure you take it every day. It will do you wonders!! Since I've lost all my weight, I thought I'd be able to go off it, but no, I have to stay on it because, believe it or not, I actually GET reflux now! Weird! Plus, the doc says I need to take it because my anti inflammatories can cause stomach bleeding and the Nexium helps prevent that. So, still on them! Good luck!

  7. Are your hormone levels OK ? I am having some issues with mine and when my progesterone levels aren't right, I get more hot flushes.

  8. Chris, reflux is horrid, see your Doctor and get it checked, get medication for it and even ask for a endoscope to see why you are getting it. Ted did and they found a hiatus hernia but since taking prescribed medication has had no reflux!!

  9. Have a look at Happy Hormones on Facebook - natural product, works fantastically for hot flushes and all symptoms of menopause.
    Worked for me and so many others - I'm not selling anything - just know it works and wish I had known about it a lot sooner

  10. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Hi, yes go to the Dr you need a reflux medication, as otherwise the esophagus can and will develop erosion which can cause much worse husband and various friends are on the Nexium...isn't it annoying all these things that happen as we get



  11. I sometimes take a night time antihistamine for bites I get and always sleep through the night I wake up normally with no groggy side affects. If I get a hot flush, which is quite possible I am unaware of it.

  12. I've had endoscopy done once under sedation. I didn't feel any pain afterwards, just a bit of sore throat. After a short rest I get to go home. Some people do it awake. I can't imagine how. An endoscopy can find out if you've been infected with a certain bacteria. It's treatable with antibiotics. It also looks for presence of suspicious stuff and your gastric situation. Sometimes tissues are removed for biopsy. Some people may require stitches for difficult situations. For my case, it was very straight forward, down the throat. No stitches. I had presence of gastric juices which meant my test only ruled out bacterial infection and didn't present me with any solution. Much much later, it was discovered that I had a infected gall bladder.

    1. My gall bladder was removed thanks to having gall stones many years ago. If I have to get an endoscopy, I will ask for sedation too.

  13. Are you still drinking fizzy drinks? When I am battling with reflux fizzy stuff makes me so much worse... even soda water. Its a horrible thing to have!

    1. Yes I am... remember, I ONLY DRINK Diet Coke! Though today I did start to wonder if I may have to cut back and TRY to drink something else? Maybe coffee to combat the drop in caffeine from the diet coke. Last thing I want is to get a migraine from lack of friggin caffeine! Hmmm... coffee. Wonder if I can even drink the stuff? Might try it tomorrow.

    2. I know you hate water but you need it to tone down that acid. Maybe try some crystal light in it or something.

  14. Having never experienced reflux it sounds horrific, yes go to Dr again aloe Vera juice? Organic pure for healing the new kombucha for tummy bacteria etc


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