Saturday, March 18, 2017


I slept in this morning.
Well not really.  There wasn't much sleeping going on.
I've got a headache from hell and Keera has coughed all night long.  So, damn tired now.

Keera is on asthma medication, but it sure doesn't seem to be helping right now.  I'm about to take a pill to kill the headache, then hopefully the day will start to pick up.

Today we will just be around home.  Stew needs to mow the lawns and I need to get a pile of washing done.  All boring shit.

The big kids and Stew are all still in bed, so it's nice and quiet. Apart from the coughing kid.


11.30 am: Things are perking up.
Everyone is up, jobs are getting done.
I went outside and trimmed the 4 standard basil trees (edit:  Thanks Margie, they are Bay trees not Basil trees!  Basil is a little plant!):

ABOVE:  Trimmed, not killed!  I have a bad habit of trimming trees ... till they just need to be chopped down!  Comes from being a bushman's daughter?  lol

Brylee has been helping too... even with a sore shoulder.  As she's left handed, and it's her right shoulder that's injured, she can still do stuff.  Cool.

5.11 pm:  Well it's been a fairly busy afternoon.  I've been going through photos for my Mum's party.  There are not that many of my MUM!  Rather typically, she was the one taking all the photos, so isn't in that many through the years.
She's going to send me a few that she's got too, so hopefully we have enough for a decent board or two.

Stew's had to mow the lawns TWICE as they were too long!  The lawns have been growing like CRAZY.  So, he went over then once at a higher setting, then again at a lower setting.  It's taken him all afternoon, poor bugger.

And it's HIS turn to cook dinner!  ha ha ha... 

1.04 am:  Well a late night for me... but not unusual.  I got engrossed watching some taped tv programmes, and watching that bloody giraffe, April!
She is still hanging on to her calf.  I have NEVER stared at a giraffe's bum so much in my life.
I hope she has it soon cos I've over her bum.


  1. Haha after 2 hours of reading and commenting I'm here I have missed this missed you hope you feel better soon... It's me Blondie

  2. I finally worked out by Meself the facebook app 😀

  3. Anonymous12:55 PM

    hahaha me to..... trim trim trim..... chopped Ops lol, hehe must be same with my driving lol....slow easy..... fast lol Ops

  4. Ummmmmm, are you sure they are Basil trees you trimmed?? From the pics they look very like Bay trees. I am no great gardener though!!!!

    1. Ha ha, you are quite right! Basil trees ... lol, no such thing! Of course they are Bay trees.

  5. lol Just yesterday I saw a meme about faking a pregnancy with the giraffe. I was like wow has she had it yet? nope.

  6. Lol late nite 4 us too Gordy in hospital im heading home for sleep go back in morning

  7. O love the bay trees! That April has not done her thing YET??? LOL


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