Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I virtually NEVER win a thing.  I think I've won 'something' maybe 5 times in my entire life!

Last night I won the fruit and vege draw at Weight Watchers!
Everyone brings an item of fruit or veges for the draw, then we pull a name out of the 'hat',  and someone wins the lot at the end of the meeting.

I won last night!

ABOVE:  my winnings.  Stew hates silverbeet, so that is all mine!  There's two HUGE marrows there... anyone know what I can do with them?  I've not cooked them before.
I think in another, earlier life they were zucchinis?  lol

I gained .400 grams this week, so have to try harder to resist rubbish!  I had some chocolate this weekend, and a few other things I really shouldn't have eaten.  Serve me right for getting a gain.  

This morning Brylee sees the Orthopedic Surgeon about her shoulder, so we will be going into Hamilton once Griffin and Keera are at school/kindy.
And I will be picking up my sewing machine too.

It better be there!  

After Brylee's appointment, we will probably have a girly lunch together before coming home.

And that is all for now... catch ya later.


Well it started off as ONE OF THOSE DAYS.  Last night at 11.30 pm my internet connection failed.
When I got up this morning it was still not on.  So I rang SPARK, who made me jump through hoops to get some sort of connection going again.

So right now I've got my laptop directly connected to the modem, as our WiFi is down.  They don't know why.

So.. for now I'm having to sit right beside the modem in the lounge so I can use my computer.

Fun.  NOT. 

Onto Brylee.  Got to the specialist on time, and he was on time too!  A... mazing.  Anyway, upshot of that visit is she has to have a dye injected into her shoulder and a special scan done to ascertain if there is any injury to her shoulder from the dislocations/or causing the dislocations.
If not, the specialist said she just have to mature some more and her ligaments and so on will 'toughen up'.  Till then, she might have more dislocations.

She has very 'mobile' joints apparently, thus causing the dislocation.  Oh well then.. it's just a wait and see exercise.  The scan will take place when we get an appointment, apparently that mighty take some time as there are not that many technicians qualified to do it in the Waikato.  

Sewing machine:  got there and my machine was there!  I expected the service to cost aroudn $100.  WRONG.  'Normal' services cost $140.  Mine?  $208.  I queried the cost?  It had to go to a specialist repair person.  I said what a rip off... so he took of the $8.  Whoop.   

He was nice enough to carry my machine out to my car though, cos it is a right heavy beast!

Brylee and I are now home and taking a break before heading out to pick up G & K.

APRIL THE GIRAFFE:  very restless today... and her udders are filling up... EXCITING!  Baby can't be too far away now surely???????

10.55 pm:  So it's been a fairly usual afternoon/evening.  I cooked macaroni cheese with bacon and onion for dinner.  I had a small helping and now have reflux... obviously too stodgy for my stomach.  Grrrrr.
Slowly learning what I can't eat if I want to stay reflux free.

Thanks for all the ideas for the zucchini!  I think I will try one where I bake it in the oven.

We started watching a new series tonight, 'The Missing'... it's been a bit confusing as it keeps skipping forwards and backwards in time.  But... it looks like it will be an interesting programme to watch.

Time to sign off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Uses for large zucchini: You can 'zoodle' them, ie make them into noodles using a julienne blade or a spiralizer. You get long noodles that you then lightly toss in butter or oil to cook and use just like pasta. My favourite use though is to grate them, squeeze out all the water and make zucchini fritters with grated cheese, onion, etc. You can also use the grated, drained zucchini in a no pastry quiche. If you google you'll find loads of recipes! Zucchinis are low carb so you'll find loads of great recipes online.

  2. I like to slice them lengthwise, put parm on them, and broil until the cheese melts.
    Hope the appointment turns out well for Brylee.

  3. For the marrow make up a tasty mince mixture (spaghetti bolognaise type sauce or savoury mince then split the marrow in half lengthways and fill with the mince mix, top with cheese and bake until marry soft & cheese melted.

  4. Oh, another cliffhanger. I can't wait to hear about Brylee's shoulder and if the sewing machine is actually fixed!

  5. What a great idea the fruit & vegetable raffle/draw is! Congratulations on your win :) Here's a healthy lunch idea for the marrow ... https://mrsjacksoncooks.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/easy-healthy-lunch-stuffed-marrow/ (I have tried it - and it is yummy!)

  6. I like making the zoodles too, much tastier than pasta, and better for you! I also make a zucchini gratin, which is even better the next day...
    Zucchini Gratin
    1 teaspoon each of Garlic, ginger and chilli
    ¼ teaspoon Turmeric
    1 Onion
    1 tablespoon Butter or coconut oil
    2 large Zucchinis
    4 Mushrooms
    1 cup Cream
    ¼ cup Chicken stock or white wine
    Salt and pepper
    1 tablespoon Whole grain mustard

    Sautee onion, garlic, ginger and chili in coconut oil.

    Thinly slice zucchinis, mushrooms, and onion.

    Mix together thickened cream and stock, whole grain mustard, and salt and pepper.

    In a baking dish layer zucchini onion and mushroom slices, garlic/ginger, and turmeric.

    Pour cream mixture over each layer, the cream should cover the zucchini when you have finished layering.

    Top with grated cheese and bake for around 40 minutes or until the zucchini has softened and cream mixture has thickened
    Servings/Yield: 4

    Calories: 249

  7. Surely they should have advised you it had to go to a "specialist" repairer and that it was going to cost $ 60+ more than a standard service.

    Hope they sort out Brylee's shoulder.

  8. Chris, when Guy was 5 he was diagnosed with joint hyper-mobility and low muscle tone. He's very floppy! He has long, thin limbs and gets tired easily. You can read more on it here:


  9. I knew your sewing machine was special but THAT special? Sheesh.

  10. Well,,,,, I am glad that your machine is "fixed" but the fact that they can do something and not give a quote is really nasty. And then if you want the machine back, you have to pay the "mystery price". Same with car repairs and even health care here in the USA . It will be interesting to hear the dye test results for Brylee - hopefully it doesn't happen too often. And I forgot about April - she also qualifies as a cliffhanger.

  11. Fair Go last week (TV One). If you are charged more for a service, without being notified first, you are not obliged to pay.

  12. lol I am wondering if that giraffe is even pregnant at this point!

    I'm really sorry Brylee is having such a hard go of things. Hugs!

  13. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Your large zucchini - use your new green potato peeler, the end with the small blades which will turn it into zucchini "spaghetti", your peeler will make it so easy, needs very little cooking time, great with olive oil, garlic,grated tasty cheese and tomato/beef sauce or what ever is your preference. Let's know how you cook it and if you liked it. Heather

  14. Geeze that a shocking price for service what a laugh knocking the 8$ off. Hope Brylee gets a positive outcome for her shoulder other than she will out grow it.

  15. What are the green things in your prize, fejoias ? I think I spelt that wrong. My computer isn't picking up wifi, it's not even 2 years old, I'm not impressed

  16. Yes they are feijoas. WE LOVE THEM! Do you get them in the States? Bummer about your computer issues too.

    1. I'm in Australia Chris. We do get them but they aren't common. I tried them but didn't enjoy them

  17. What channel was The Missing on?

  18. I've watched The Missing. I'm still so angry over the ending.

  19. Loved 'the missing' but blink and you miss the clues. Ending odd and disappointing, or did I blink!!

  20. I was shocked how much it was the one time I had my machine serviced. It's just a simple thing too, not computerized. When it broke recently we figured out how to fix it ourselves thanks to you tube. Would have been cheaper to buy a new one than get it serviced again lol.

  21. I love zoo fled and have done the stuffed marrow before, long ribbons in a lasagne are nice instead of pasta. Nice winnings there

  22. That meant to say zoodles


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