Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Weigh in last night, and another solid loss of .800 grams.  Taking my total loss to 9 kgs.  Slowly getting the number down.

 ABOVE:  Taught this kid how to sew on a button!  Better show Griffin how to do it at some point too.  Though knowing him he would rather throw the shirt out than sew a button on it!

ABOVE:  Mel, this is the dye and colour I used on my top.  Bear in mind the upper part of the top was not in the dye for the 45 minutes, I dipped it in for a while then hung it out of the dye with only the bottom half still immersed in the dye.

Today if it's not too hot I think I will go for a bike ride.  Then come home and do the housework.


Steady of/off rain here, so no bike ride today.
I've been doing some housework, and now I'm going out to grab some groceries.
Not a huge shop today thankfully.

COLLEEN B: Yes Chick, I do know one meal a day is not conducive of good weight loss or healthy.  I am only doing that RIGHT NOW to bring the acid reflux under control... and it is almost there.
I will be going back to 'small and often' very soon.

11.53 am: I've just pulled into the supermarket carpark. Was about to get out when this girl pulled up beside me... WAY TOO CLOSE.
I looked at her and just smiled, and stayed in my car.

She opened her door to get out, realised she couldn't without smacking into my car with her door... so she shut her door and is now just sitting there playing with her phone. 

Mexican standoff. Who will move their car first? I was here first and am correctly parked.

I will wait. Dumm dee dooo...

Almost 6 pm:  And of course it was busy after I got home with the groceries, so I forgot to update!

Car Park Standoff:  I sat there, playing 2048 on my phone, and SHE kept looking at me like  "When are you going to go?"... and even scowled at me a few times too!

BITCH.  So I sat there and waited for 25 minutes!!!  Then SHE started her car, backed out and parked 3 spaces down so she could get out of her car!


I was determined not to give in. Hee hee.

After she had moved, I casually got out and proceeded into the supermarket to do my grocery shopping.  So did she.  We kept passing each other in there, and the looks she kept giving me were hysterical.  I just ignored her.

Serve her right for thinking she could bang her car door into my car so she could get out!  There were masses of car parks empty, she didn't need to park so close to my car.  Silly bitch.

Dinner is cooking in the oven, chicken thighs in a plum sauce, which will be served over rice and steamed veges.  I will be having dinner tonight, fingers crossed I don't get reflux.  

Dinner was delicious... and NO REFLUX!  Awesome.
First night in almost a month where I've not had friggin reflux.
Long may it last.

Off to bed shortly, there's bugger all on the telly worth watching.


  1. Congrats on your loss. Those losses add up faster than you think!


  3. 9 kilos is awesome well done you.

    Enjoy your bike ride.

  4. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Yeehah well done Chris! George's Mum

  5. 9 kilos is amazing. Who won the car park standoff???

  6. You are doing such a wonderful job! Yea, who won the car park standoff???

  7. Congrats on your loss. It seems like a little at a time is the best and most lasting way to lose weight.

  8. So are you still siting in the car?????

  9. Haha Tracy... I hate it when that happens!! Some people are so bloody inconsiderate.

  10. Congrats on the weight loss. Doing well. Can just imagine the carpark standoff. Why do they do it?

    1. Clearly she didn't want to move! And I sure in hell wasn't going to... She must have thought I would get out and leave my car, then she could get out and bang her car door on my car? Wasn't going to happen, and I made sure of it.

  11. Haha!!! I am so proud of you and how nice that you got 25 minutes to just sit and relax 😀

  12. Now that is super annoying. Glad to hear you won. 2048 rocks.

  13. bahahahaha too funny on the car parking

  14. Slow n steady wins the race on weight loss oh and stubborn and determined wins the carpark standoff.. Lol


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