Sunday, March 19, 2017


Towards the end of this year I hope to finally get a 'front door' entrance made. I've been playing with ideas for a while, and something like either of these two will be 'it' I think:

ABOVE: Ignore the colours! Very limited options on my computer. But you get the gist.

I really want this done because it will give shelter from the rain while standing at the door, and it will add some desperately needed street appeal to our home.

Stew quite 'likes' the triangular option, whereas I prefer the square one.

I have a couple of other plans for the section, but it all has to wait till after June.

We have my Mum's party and our Wedding Anniversary to afford first! NOT to mention Steve is turning 30 in April too!

Shit, all the kids are getting VERY grown up all of a sudden.

Today we will be going SOMEWHERE... only we haven't decided WHERE yet! I will be back later with more.


AND.... we have decided to visit Hamilton Zoo. We haven't been there in over 20 years! So, about time we checked it out again.

I wonder how much it has changed?

Last time we were there we found it rather boring, except for the bird aviary that you could walk through.

Stew has gone to rouse the teenagers... so hopefully we can get there before it gets too hot.

Re: the front entrance detail... I thought the square one would STOP anyone from parking their car too close to the front door?


 ABOVE:  birds. Derrr.

 ABOVE:  A very cute baby chimp, and one that looked like me on a hot afternoon.

 ABOVE:  I think I managed to photograph this big cat the only time in moved all day.

 ABOVE:  There are 6 male giraffe at Hamilton Zoo, all progeny of the breeding pair in Auckland Zoo.  They have no plans to ever have a breeding programme at the Hamilton Zoo... bugger!

 ABOVE:  My favourite animal, the Rhino.  Brylee on the phone with one of her girlfriends, for about an hour!

 ABOVE: One lone meerkat. 


 ABOVE:  Kune kune pig... just pigging out.  

 ABOVE:  "NO, I don't want to stand here and get my photo taken with the bloody giraffe!"

ABOVE: My second most favourite animal, the giraffes.  They are magnificent animals... magical right up close.

Round up of our zoo visit?  Nice, the zoo has heaps of shade, which was much appreciated on a day like today.

It's changed heaps since we were there last, which was easily 20 years ago!  Lots more exhibits, but you simply don't get to see that many of the animals because they 'hide' from the sun.

We will never take Keera again.  She has ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in the animals AT ALL.  She wanted to leave within about 5 minutes of arriving!  Seriously.

She bitched and moaned the entire 2 hours we were there.  I would have stayed longer, but not with her in tow.

After leaving the zoo, we went to the mall and had a late lunch then came home.  It's another stinking hot afternoon, so we are chilling out inside in front of the fan.
Too hot to do much else right now.

Kinda to be predicted, our late afternoon and evening has been nice and quiet.
Broadchurch was on tonight, really enjoying this series too... lots of red herrings.
Off to bed in the next hour or so. 


  1. I like the square one, but I'm not sure I have the right perspective on the triangle one from the picture. I'm guessing either one would be very nice....a good idea.

  2. Leigh9:24 AM

    the triangle one as the extra pole of the square one will be in the way if you have heaps of cars parked in the drive and also I'm sure someone would scratch a car on it or even drive into it etc at some stage! The triangle one looks nicer too.

  3. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Hi the front door idea looks good, you could have it directly attached to the house so you would only need two poles on the ground, still in the triangular shape ?

    Cheers Peta

    1. Bob the Builder will work it out for us!

  4. O wow - what beautiful ideas! Does that mean Steve will be the creator???? LOL

    1. Yes our very own builder will do it for us. We have a lot of credit with him! *smiles*

  5. I like the triangular option no sticky out bits to run into or walk into ohhhh fairy lights! Enjoy your day it's stunning down here.. Today sun sun sun I have been sunbathing 15mins a day and actually have nice colour in MY BIKINI. Yip bikini....👙😉

    1. You are brave! Really, really hot here too. No bikini in sight though.

  6. Great quality zoo photos! Was that a phone or camera? I brought my son to Disney Land - and he had no interest!

    1. Photos taken with my Canon EOS 70D camera.

  7. Mia loves the zoo we had 5 hrs at orana park last time we went talk about exhausting lol

  8. I like the triangular option!!!

    1. Yes, I am coming around to that one too.

  9. I sunbathe from 9.45am till 10am then 10am till 10.15am been doing that for 3 weeks ish from next week it will be 20 mins then 30 mins week after I need to colour up before April 18th!! Have family coming I love Hamilton Zoo

  10. Oops forgot to add or yes it's too hot otherwise or I sunbathe at like 5.15 and 5.30 etc once worst of heat is gone... I'm the whitest Maori out I kid you not.

  11. I like the square version, you seem to have a huge driveway, so the extra statement at the front door shouldn't cut into the parking too much... whichever option you go with will look great though, and you're so lucky to have Steve to do it for you, he's awesome!

  12. We used to get annual zoo passes for the Auckland zoo when the kids were small, that way we would just go for shorter visits sand not feel like we had to cram everything in one visit.

    The best times are first thing in the morning oe later in the day when it is not too hot, the animals tend to be more active when it is cooler.

  13. I love our little zoo. Good time to go is first thing in the morning when the animals are getting up and having their breakfast. You got some beautiful photos Chris.


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