Sunday, March 26, 2017


All going well... I'm getting a sleep in!
Bex has offered to look after Keera so Stew and I can BOTH sleep in this morning.

This is a 'forward post'... cos really, I'm probably asleep!


What we get up to today will be dependent on the weather.  It's supposed to rain.  So it will be an 'inside' day most likely.  The little kids will be happy to play with each other no doubt. 

Bex and I will be in the sewing room for a little while.  Bex wants to use my rotary cutter to cut out some little bags.

I might... I say MIGHT, have a go at finishing off that little giraffe.  I've not felt like sewing at all lately.  No idea why.
So having Bex here might motivate me to get going again?

And that's all for now!  Zzzzzz.....


Well... we got a sleep in ... sort of.  I woke up every hour during the night with a massive hot flush.
It's SUGAR.  I had dessert last night, and BOOM... hot flushes all night.  So, lesson learnt. Stop eating sugar!
Not rocket science.

Woke with a massive headache and backache.  Took some pain killers, and now, 2.5 hours later I'm feeling ok again.

The kids are happily playing, so Bex went into the sewing room to cut out bags.

 ABOVE:  hard at work.  While she did that, I sorted out a few more photos for the kids.  I came across this one:

ABOVE:  I showed Steve and Bex... it's of Steve when he was about 4.  It looks JUST LIKE DANTE.  Then I showed it to Dante, and asked him "Who is this Dante?"
He immediately said "That's ME!"

It is uncanny how much he looks like his Dad.  It has been really lovely going through all the photos of my kids when they were little.  So many memories.

I hope they treasure and appreciate the photos like I have. 

Time to start handing them out now, I've sorted them all finally!

ANON from yesteday:  As I've said over and over again, if anyone leaves a nasty comment, it will be deleted asap.  So... you wasted your time didn't you.  

Just spent a lovely half an hour out in the garden with the kids... watching them play.  Then a huge cloud came over and within a minute it was pissing down!
So a mad dash to get inside and get all the wide open windows closed.

Stew just took all the security stays off the bedroom windows for me.  I was constantly worried that the kids couldn't escape out a window in the event of a fire.  So now that's done and I can relax about that.

Well... it's now almost 8.30 pm and we have had a very happy afternoon!

Our dear friends Jacqui and Martyn came over from Tauranga with their two kids for a visit.
They ended up staying for dinner, and Jacqui even made dessert for everyone (chocolate self saucing pudding), which was lovely with cream on top.

ABOVE:  Jacqui cooking in my kitchen, such a novel sight!  *smiles*

This afternoon was noisy, chaotic, and totally lovely!  At times even 'naughty'... some of our conversations sure took a twist in totally inappropriate directions!  But it was neat.
They obviously feel very 'at home' here.  *smiles*

After dinner, everyone left for their homes.  The 'C's to Tauranga, and Steve and Bex to Auckland.

Now all is quiet here, Keera is in bed and I'm looking forward to watching Broadchurch a bit later on.

So, time to sign off for the day, after a lovely weekend.


  1. I'm the same with regard to security stays AND deadlocks. I never deadlock my front door unless we go on holiday - too dangerous in the event of fire not to be able to get out. Also with the window locks, my daughter has them (needs them) but has left enough off for emergencies.

    Yes, that photo sure looks like Dante :)

  2. Great that you are enjoying the weekend with the extra family members. We have stays on half our windows, but not all - which allows for some escape routes through the house. Good idea not to have them on all windows.

  3. Bex & Steve don't forget the Adele concert tonight means the traffic from Hamilton all the way to South Akld will be rubbish 😀

    1. Tracy, they didn't leave till late, so hopefully will miss all the traffic going towards Auckland.

  4. Your comment about the hot flushes made me think Chris..... I pretty much eliminated sugar around 4 months ago, and I hardly ever have hot flushes now. I hadn't attributed it to sugar, but I think you might be right 😀

  5. I love Broadchurch - are you on the latest Season? (Three)

    1. Yes we are. And quite enjoying it too.

  6. Replies
    1. Words fail me... but how about SO WET. *snigger*

  7. wow what an amazing likeness between Steve and Dante...

    Great to hear you had an amazing time with friends...the best friends are those that are comfy in your kitchen and company

  8. He does look just like Dante or rather, Dante looks like him. :)


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