Saturday, March 04, 2017


Today we have NO PLANS what so ever!
Stew will probably end up mowing the lawns again, cos they are growing like nobody's business!

Yesterday I finally spat the dummy at our bog roll holder in the family bathroom!
The bloody thing keeps falling over, so I decided to sort out another option.

ABOVE:  Useless.  Anyone have any idea what I can use it for now?

Anyway, I bought a new bog roll holder yesterday, and put it on the side of a small unit I had in the sewing room:

 ABOVE:  It works for me, and all the kids think it's awesome.
Win win.

ABOVE:  When we moved in, there was nothing in this bathroom to hang the paper on... I reckon those two holes are where they had a roll holder, but it fell off or broke?

So, another job in the house sorted out. There really aren't many things to do with the interior of this house now, but there are a few small holes in some walls that need sanding and painting.  I could do that this weekend.

I have no plans to paint new colours though, I'm not keen on changing what's already here.  It works for me.

THOUGH... I do have dreams of knocking some walls down!  But, that is for one day way, way in the future I think.   If ever.  Cos Stew would probably have a fit if I actually did it!  

Sometimes I wish I wasn't always thinking of things to do!  I wanted a big carport out the front, but lucky for Steve, I've actually changed my mind.
Now I just want a front door 'porch', so I can unlock the door without getting wet.  
So, I spend a lot of time looking at pictures on the 'net... getting ideas.  So much time wasted doing that I can tell ya!

Sheesh... I'm rambling now.  I better get the friggin washing on, kid's uniforms won't get done by themselves.  *sigh*


Well it really has been a slow day so far!
I made waffles for everyone's lunch, they were nice, but not delicious like I remembered.
Oh well... that's my meal for the day done and dusted.

I saw an article on STUFF about a live feed from a USA zoo, showing a giraffe that's about to have her calf.  So I clicked on the link, and am now hooked on watching the friggin giraffe pacing around her pen!

Such a time waster.  But now I want to see her birth her calf!  Grrrrr.  Like waiting for water to boil.. lol.

Stew is taking the kids to the Warehouse.  Don't know why.... 
... and then he took the girls to the Hamilton Gardens for a walk.  Griffin and I stayed home. I really didn't feel like a walk.

And now?  The bloody giraffe has laid down and gone to sleep.  I tell ya.  Talk about falling down on the job.  Pfffffft!

7.25 pm:  And now I smell like a dog.  Cos I bathed Tallulah.   Coco gets away with no bath, cos she doesn't stink!  She thinks she is getting a bath... cos she's keeping right away from me!  lol

I trimmed around Tallulah's eyes, and managed to cut her just under her eye... now I feel really bad.  I hate it when I cut one of them.  I haven't done it very often, and that's why I take them to the groomers!  Luckily she seems to be just fine, running around like a mad dog.

But I will worry now till it is healed.  Should only take a couple of days.  Dogs heal really fast.

Coronation Street is on tonight, so yaaaa.  Stew has 'retired' to the lounge to watch rugby, no Coro for him!  YET, he does come in sometimes and ask me questions about him or her... and I just tell him if he's that interested, he should watch it!   And pigs can fly.

Ending my day now.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Not sure about that toilet holder there - did you try in on the other side by the shower? Then you'd get a nice view into the bathroom still.

    1. The unit would not fit on the other side very well.

  2. That older is cute - maybe line it with peat and put a vine in it for outdoors? what about a thread holder? hummmm???

  3. It's addictive watching April (giraffe), waiting for her to have her baby, poor thing, it's taking forever :)

  4. Have been watching the giraffe all week, just like watching paint dry but I keep checking back. Just my luck she'll have the baby when I'm not watching!!

  5. Hahahaha I have been watching as well wouldn't no why but can't stop haha been off and on the live all day. Although I wanna see a baby xx

  6. Hasn't she had it yet? I was watching it during the week thinking birth was impending! Lol

  7. I've just had an idea - being as clever as you are, why not make a base for that wire loo stand? You could secure it to a nice white piece of board and it would be secure and never tip over!!

    1. No, not white, just looked at your tiles. Maybe make a base that matches your tiles?

  8. Toilets giraffe birth makes for random reading the Internet is and can be a huge time waster we all can testify to that.


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