Thursday, March 02, 2017


I have the bike.
I have the helmet.
I have the basket to hold me 'stuff'.

Now I am ready.  To go on my first 'proper' bike ride in over 28 years!

Last time I rode a bike was when we lived in Te Awamutu, before Mike was born!

I used to ride most mornings, until I kept getting harassed by dogs.  That stopped me riding.  Nothing worse than having dogs try to bite you when you are riding a bike eh?

So, hopefully there are NO DOGS where I'm going riding!  That would really piss me off!

Where am I going?

ABOVE: Here.  It's a cycle path that goes all the way to Lake Karapiro.
I am going to drive to Leamington (outer suburb of Cambridge) then ride from there along the path.  It's dead flat all the way, and super safe.  
Safety is important to me... no way am I ever going to ride on the road with cars!

I have no idea how long or far I will manage to go!  But, no matter how far, it will be a start.

Once I get back to my car, I will drive the distance I rode, so I know how far I went.

So, wish me luck... and fingers crossed I don't fall off and break something!  

On a different note, Kelly and Gordon had a flood in their house, and so I asked them to take before and after photos of the damage:

ABOVE:  There was damage done to the laundry, bathroom, toilet, and three bedrooms.
It took a while to get it all ripped out/up and replaced.
Yesteday the carpet finally got laid, and they could put all the furniture back in the bedrooms.

ABOVE:  Rena in the lounge before all the furniture went back!  The family had been sleeping in the lounge while the floors were being replaced.
I bet they are all thrilled to bits to finally have their home repaired!


Well... I. DID. IT!

I got on that bike and I rode.  It was a foggy morning, so PERFECT for riding.  Not too hot.
Unlike now (10 am) and the fog has been burnt off and it's stinking hot again.

ABOVE:  Thanks Lynda, I did indeed use Map My Run to chart how far I went today.  I will do that every time from now on.

I was surprised just how far I did go!  I fully expected to only get about 500 meters up the road before turning around.

My butt isn't going to forgive me in a hurry though.  I could have gone so much further if it hadn't been so bloody uncomfortable.  I will have to get a BIGGER seat!  

ABOVE: Look at that!  I even managed to get a little video of me on the bike, 'proof' if you will.

Now... I'm off to get the washing out... 

OH!  I forgot to say:

I DIDN'T FALL OFF!  Yaaaaaa.  *smiles*

The rest of my day was uneventful.  My butt is still sore, so tomorrow I might investigate a new, more 'generous' seat ... as well as having the gel cover.

Time to sign off for the day.  Stinkin' hot evening here.


  1. Good luck with your bike ride. Remember that no matter how far you go you have to turn around and ride back again! Hope it's not too hot today.

  2. No need to drive the route to see how far you have been! I use Google Earth, it has a "path" feature so you can easily map your ride or alternatively log in to "Map my run" and work it out that way. I always do this when I go for a new walk. Good luck, I have a bike too but only ride at Matarangi - I wouldn't dare in Auckland!

  3. Go you!!! Well done on your inaugural bike ride :-).

  4. So proud of u Chris go girl x

  5. Well Done. Can't believe it was foggy. Cloudy up here and pleasant temperature.

  6. Go to The Warehouse.. they have GEL seat covers for your bike that fit right over the top of your existing seat. Not expensive either. One is $10 the other $30... on ya bike, go and get one!!

    1. Stew just bought me one! *smiles*

    2. Fantastic - my daughter has one and loves it :)

  7. Anonymous1:50 PM

    haha shot Ma, and nice videoing lol

    1. Anonymous6:14 PM

      Why do you speak like you are from the ghetto Lacy?

    2. Anonymous7:58 PM

      Why do you comment like a idiot Anonymous. People can speak like they want ��

  8. Yea! Chris. I am so glad you did not get hurt. Just do not over-do and get too sore and get discouraged! Make it something you look forward to.

  9. Good on you Chris! That's a pretty decent effort for your first ride in years :) If the gel seat doesn't work out, I highly recommend you get a proper womens bike seat from a bike shop. They are about $60 but are moulded to fit our lady parts in the middle. I wouldn't be without one now, I never get a sore tousch these days when I ride. We do 15+km rides, and I probably weigh similar to you these days!

    1. Yep I will be getting a more 'generous' seat tomorrow I think. My butt is bloody sore, not the 'lady bits', the back of the bum/tail bone bits!

  10. I haven't rode my bike in forever, need to get back to that!

  11. Good for you filming while riding, omg multi tasking award is all yours!! Looks like a good flat spot for cycling.

  12. PS: that new and improved seat looks way better by the way.

  13. Wow. What a project going on at Kelly's house. I bet they are happy to get back to normal! Congratulations on the biking. I have not been on one in years. I use Map My Walk, it's a great program. I imagine your ap is about the same. I wonder if you have ever heard of an "instant pot" it;s like a slow cooker / pressure cooker combination thing. People seem to love them so mine is arriving tomorrow. Also, there is a giraffe cam going viral here in the USA. the website is . She is very due to have a baby any day now.

  14. I too got the widest seat available and gel cover clearly my fat bum padding wasn't enough lol. Great effort.


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